The Twilight Saga

For thirty years, Vampires had a easy takeover of the human world. That was until a new race appears that call themselves Werewolves. They become a formidable opponent because of their abilities matching the Vampires. The Vampires are scared they'll lose their reign, so they fight back. This is the start of the First World War, Vampire/Werewolf style!


Important Rules & Info

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1. Please make one boy and girl, limit of characters per player is six.

2. No making a couple of your two characters.

3. Gifs is preferred, but you can have non-gifs.

4. Be nice to other players. It's not that hard!

5. Can make a hybrid, but message either ChelseaDanay or Nyx first.

6. More than two lines on the replies.

7. Have fun! :)


- Twilight Relation: Vampire and Werewolves.


- This is a collab RP between ChelseaDanay(: and Nyx.

- Form:


Full Name // Age // Species // What Side Are You On? // PB

Short Bio.




Arianna Marie Knight (called Ari sometimes) // Sixteen // Vampire // Vampire // ChelseaDanay

Arianna is the younger sister of Erik Knight and a vampire. She stands firm in thinking that the vampires should win and absolutely hates werewolves. In all reality, she only wants to protect her family which now only includes Erik, Arianna, and Rilee, their sister, and their grandother Marie. When is fighting a person, she becomes very 'mean-girlish' and tends to call people darling, sweetie, ect. If she likes you, she's a nice person and very sweet. Arianna has great faith in her and others abilites. Arianna is very afraid to fall in love which is why up to now she hasn't had her first kiss.


Erik Knight // Nineteen // Vampire // Vampire // Nyx.

Erik can a tough vampire, and is willing to fight for what he beilives in. Though when he isnt fighting he is a sweet boy, and he will kill anyone who tries to harm his sister.

Tyler Anthony Erikson // 19 // Vampire // Vampire // Misshapen Hearts

Tyler is a very creative guy. Although he's very quiet, he's also very smart and quick to make decisions. He's very strong and thinks that there should be peace, but the vampires to still rule over.


Lauren Paige Vail // Nineteen // Vampire // Vampire // its just hannah nbd

The perfect child who went on a downward spiral basically covered her human life, but that's in the past. She remembered getting turned, and she locked the memory in the back of her mind. She prefers to live in the moment, because the past isn't interesting. She's quite strategic with her fighting and arguments, always placing a nicely done comment and generally getting her way. She wants the peace between werewolves and vampires, but since her kind came first, they should stay in charge.


Brodie Berton// Nineteen // Vampire // Vampire // Insanye (Felecia and Company)

Brodie is the lazy, laid back, dazed kind of guy. He was never one to do work in school as a human, and he still doesn't, even now. You'd probably think he was the quitting type (which he is at times) and just, well, not smart. But the thing is, Brodie has an IQ of over 200. He's in fact, seriously smart, and is very good with stratgy, and battle combat. He hasn't really put out his imput on Werewolves and Vampires, but he feels they could possibly be at peace with one another, but isn't getting his or anyone else's, hopes up



Dakota Alexandra Colton // Nineteen // Vampire // Vampire //  ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™

Dakota was always a good person, never dishonest or disrespectful, she was brought up to be a lady. But that was when she was human, a good life infront of her, so much to look foward to. But when she was turned, and she discovered what she was, what she had became during the chaos, she turned off a switch and became something like a weapon, something powerful, useful, but is just an object, no emotions what so ever. And now that she has no feelings, she's just a mass destruction, an outstanding fighter to others, but they don't know her story. Deep down on the inside, she wants to find herself again.





 Lucy Rose // Seventeen // Werewolf // Werewolf // Nyx

You know that one mutt in the pack that always has her tail between her legs? That's Lucy. She is jumpy and pretty much scared of anything and doesnt know why she is a wolf. She fights because she is scared not to.


Jacob Nathan Safrit // Nineteen // Werewolf // Werewolf // ChelseaDanay(:

Jacob is one of the front line soldiers. He is a nice person and believes that there should be peace between the vampires and the werewolves. That's why he is fighting.


Elizabeth Maria Maye // Nineteen  // Werewolf // Werewolf // Misshapen Hearts

Elizabeth is a very good fighter, although she really hasn't ever fought anyone, just because she's female and she has an overprotective family... or, use to anyway. When she turned nineteen, she left them and started living on her own. She is a very nice and caring person. She usually helps out with the injured people on the battleground. She doesn't believe there should be peace between werewolves and vampires because her little sister- at the age of ten- was killed by a vampire. When she shifts, it's into an arctic wolf.


Isaac Daniel Dare // Nineteen // Werewolf // Werewolf // its just hannah nbd

The thoughtful and quiet kid who only speaks up when he feels his opinion is needed, Isaac is far more wise than he really believes he is. He's also a good fighter, and when he finds a cause worth fighting for, he'll give it his all. When it comes to peace, he thinks that it would be best to have. He's for voting, and he thinks that they should all live in peace to the best of their ability.


Tess Pierre // Seventeen // Werewolf // Werewolf // Insanye (Felecia and Company)

Tess is a strong willed, fierce and sometimes sarcastic. She's a pretty good fighter, but lacks in some skill here and there, but her determination makes up from most of what she lacks. She was raised into believing that the vampires are the enemy and will always will be no matter what.


Hunter Broody Harris // Nineteen // Werewolf // Werewolf // ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™

Hunter was the kind of guy that would sit in a corner all day, reading a text book or a novel for hours and hours out of his day. He wasn't popular, are sociable  just that quiet nerd in the back row, only speaking when he had an answer to a question in class. But things had changed when he started to shift. He was stronger, faster, somehow smarter, and he gained muscle, something that he thought he'd never have. Hunter suddenly was the most talkative person alive, and he quickly became a complete opposite of himself. He became really outgoing, kinda cocky, and a real jokester.


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"Fine then" she said as she got up and and fixed her tajoer before she turned and walked off into the woods
Erik watches the girl leave. He looked at hi sister. "Stay here" he said and jumped down and went after he. He grabbed her by the arm and grinned

Lucy turned around and looked at the guy with wide eyes. She jerked her arm away and backed up ready to phase if needed
It was then that Jacob smelt the bloodsucker. He growled when he saw the male's hold on Lucy. Hopping right up, he stomped over to the pair and tore Lucy from Erik's grasp and pulled her behind him. "What are you doing here?! This is wolf territory last time I checked." Jacob spat, glaring at the dark haired vampire.
Arianna watched everything transpire, wondering what the heck got into her brother. She was ready to take down any wolf if needed to be, but she was going to stay out of it as long as she could.
Lucy held on to Jacobs shoulders as she looked over at the vampire. She was scared. She hide her face in Jacobs back and tried to calm herself down

Erik grinned "I don't want trouble. I just want to talk mutt" he said and grinned as he put his hands in his pocket
Jacob narrowed his eyes when he felt Lucy burrow her head into his back. He reached back and rubbed her back soothingly. "Yeah, right. And I'm not a wolf." He said sarcastically.
Arianna still stayed put. It hadn't really gotten out of hand right at the moment, so she had chosen to stay where she was.

Erik grinned at the girl who was hiding. "{IS the little mutt scared?" he asked and bared hi teeth and growled which made the girl scream. He laughed then looked back at Jacob "Im serisous"

Lucy clung on tighter to Jacob and closed her eyes when she let out a scream

Jacob glared at Erik. "You can leave her out of this." He said, taking his hand back to his side. "Answer my question... What are you doing here?" Jacob demanded.

Erik smirked "i smell puppy love" he said and laughed again "and i told you im here to talk mutt" he said and glared at them

Jacob realised he wasn't being sensible and sighed and calmed down. "What do you need her for?" He asked calm, ignoring his earlier statement.

Erik smirked "She's hot" he said knowing it would get under his skin. He didnt give two flying flips for the girl and well orginally he was gonna force her back to the vampire territory with him to give the wolfs a reason to come there

Arianna jumped down finally after she had enough of sitting around. "That's just mean, Erik. Maybe you should be nice sometimes." She turned to the wolves and smiled a bit. "Hi, I'm Ari. Sorry to intrude, but we're only doing our job." Normally Arianna would be cold to the wolves, but there was something about this bunch she liked, but she didn't know what. Once she liked somebody, she liked somebody no matter what species.


Jacob was a little confused by the girl's statement. He gave her his name with a grunt before pulling Lucy into a sideways hug. "I'd like for you guys to leave my friends and I alone."

Erik looked over at his sister "What has gotten into you sister?" he asked as he raised a eyebrow. She hardly ever acted like this.Then he turned to look back at Jacob and the girl "I bet she taste good" he smirked, he liked scaring people. He rolled his eyes and looked back to his siter

Lucy put her arms around Jacob and hide her face when he felt tears start in her eyes as she shook her head


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