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This story is about a 17 year old girl named Kendra who ends up moving to La Push to stay with her sick grandmother . Jacob meets her in school since Jake wanted to continue his education . He only sees her as a spoiled rich girl at first , but when the two actually meet for the first time , he imprints on her ! How will this relationship end up ? Read on and find out ! :)

Chapter 1
(Kendra POV)

I mentally said goodbye to the city i've lived in my whole life : San Diego , California . The "U -Haul" workers had just finished packing everything of ours into the big moving truck . The reason why mom , dad , and I are leaving our beautiful city is because my grandmother is very sick and we think she is gong to pass really soon . So we wanted to stay close to her for as much time as possible . This was mainly daddy 's idea because that is his mother . I guess it does make sense , instead of driving to La Push everyday to check up on grandma , we should just buy a house there . Yes , we are moving to the boring , rainy town of La Push . I won 't say a lot of bad things about it though , considering thats 's where my family is from . I 'm just really upset that I have to leave San Diego . My life here was practically perfect ! I had my awesome best friends , my title of cheerleading captain , and my amazing boyfriend Steven . We decided to break up because of the long distance . We didn 't want to make things hard on ourselves , so we decided to stay friends . But best of all , this year I was going to be a senior ! I aleays dreamed of going to prom with my girls , and have Steven as my date . But sadly , all of that was changing and I had to go to school on the reservation . I knew mom and dad were gong to miss this place too . Mom was a teacher at the local middle school . She was also apart of a book club with 5 of her good friends . She was born and raised here just like me . Dad was a surgeon at the hospital . He was originally from La Push , but he moved here for collage and decided to stay in San Diego since he loved it here so much . We all had so many memories here . "Kendra honey , we're
gonna start leaving now " , mom shouted from the car window bringing me out of my thoughts . Mom and dad were going to take the Mercedes and I was going to follow behind them in my light blue convertable . As my parents slowly started to drive away I sighed , threw my purse in the passenger seat , turned the car on and took one last look at my house , then drove away .

So thats chapter 1 ! I hope you guys enjoyed it ! Please give me a lot off feedback and constructive
critisism since this is my first fanfic . Thank you everyone ! :) oh and bare with me because im doing all of this on my phone because i had another account on here but it got suspended for some reason so yeah . Sorry if there are typos ! Oh and in the attachments there is a picture of what
Kendra should like :)

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love it ******new reader****** post more soon and keep me updateed please!


Chapter 3 Kendra POV
Once i arrived at La Push high school I already felf out of place. Every car in the parking lot looked like they needed a ton of work. The paint jobs were also pretty bad. Meanwhile, Madonna stuck out like a sore thumb. I eventually found a parking space; I grabbed my bag and got out of the car looking down at the concreate. I felt peoples' eyes starring at me and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I wasnt a generally a shy person, but I think if dozens of eyes were staring at you, you'd be pretty unfomfortable .
I made my way into the school and luckily , the main office was right infront of me. One less room i'd have to worry about finding! I opened the door that led to a big yellow room with a desk right in the middle . An elderly woman sat in the desk with piles of papers scattered on her desk. "Hello sweetheart may I help you with something?" She had a voice of a sweet , gentle grandmother. "Oh, uhhh yeah. I'm Kendra Villa and im a new student here," I told her . "Yes Kendra i have your schedual right here honey. Oh and by the way , if you ever need anything my name is Mrs. Bright", she said with a smile. "Thank you so much, ill keep that in mind", i told her . Mrs. Bright handed me my schedual and we exchanged smiles then I left . I felt my phone vibrate in my bag. I grabbed it to see that Kristee had texted me. Im at school meet me in the front the text read. I did as she instructed and made my way to the front of the school. I found Kristee leaning on the railing on the stairs waving at me. "Oohh oohh ooooohh let me see you schedual", Kristee exclaimed taking my schedual from my hands . After a moment or two she eyed me skeptically. "AP calculus and spanish" she asked. " I love mathand ive been taking spanish since middle school", i said proudly . She rolled her eyes and then chuckled. " come on, first period starts in 5 minutes. Let me show you where your classes are", Kristee said grabbing on to my hand.
After finding all of my classes i realized that it was really to get around this school. And luckily, i had lunch with Kristee so at least i would have someone to sit with! The first bell rang and Kristee and I went to our first period classes. There were a lot of students around me as i was walking to my class. I felt like everyone was staring at me because im new. I sk felt really over dressed because everyone else was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. At my old school all the girls would put a lot of effort into their outfits. Now i just felt even more out of place. When i got to my history class i just sat in a random seat in the back of the classroom. I didnt need anymore people to stare at me. Ironically , i saw some of the guys that i saw at the beach yesturday. They were sitting in a little group like 4 rows away from me. I noticed something
I hadnt caught yesturday: they were really cute! There were three of them in this class. I wonder how many ill have in my other classes !
At the same time the late bell rang the teacher walked into the room. He was really short and he had a bald spot in the middle of his head. He had to be in his late 50's; his grey hair made me assume that. "Hello class welcome tp 12th grade hostory. My name is Mr. Fellows and before i get started with my introduction to this course i'd like to ackknowledge a new student." Oh Jeeze...."Her name is Kendra Villa, why dont you come in front of the class and tell us a little about yourself". Everyone turned around to look at me. Since i was under pressure i just got up and walked to the front of the class. The only noise you heard was the clicking of my boots on the floor. I just gave a breif summary about myself. "Um hi guys, im Kendra. I moved here from San Diego and I'm an elite cheerleader slash gymnast, well i was. And thats basically it". I made my little speech short as possible that way i could sit down faster. I half ran back to my seat and looked down at my desk. "Its very nice to meet you Miss. Villa. Now about history...." Mr. Fellows went on. I wasnt really laying attention because he was just going to talk about the basic back-to-school topics. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed one of the boys i saw at the beach kept staring at me. I really didnt understand why though. I couldnt really ready the expression on his face either. It almost looked like he was looking at me with discust. I don't understans why he wouldnt like me considering ive never spoken to the kid a day in my life. I stopped glancing at him and tried to focus on what Mr. Fellows was saying. But i couldnt concentrate, i kept thinking about the look on the guys face.

(A/N well after about three weeks here is chapter 3 ! Sorry about the wait guys !! Ive been really busy with )homework and cheering and i didnt get around twriting this story. Im gonna try to update as much as possible ! Please review and give me a lot of constructive critisism and give suggestions too. Im open to anything ! :) just message me if you have suggestions though so that no one else can see them . And leave critisism and stuff below . Alright that is it for now . Thanks guys ! Byeee :)
add me and send me a message when u update
amazing. Please continue :]

great updat please continue!

Attention readers !!!
I know you guys are wondering when im going to update and im wondering the same thing but i really havent had time to write so i am going to put this off a little while longer and start writing again in december . I hope you guys understand where im coming from and if you have any questions or comments you csn just messege me . Thanks guys :-)


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