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So, rated Pg13 for it's reasoning. It has some course language that can be suited for a pre-teen, but it's the fact that seeming how Alec is part of the Volturi, and the Volturi wouldn't mind if the Cullens were dead, so Alec does have some threats to kill Alex come out of his mouth.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy the story.



I do not own the Cullens, they belong to Stephanie Meyer. Alex, however belongs to me. The plot belongs to me. The pairing of Alex and Alec was my idea, though it does not belong to me, seeming how it has one of Stephanies original characters involved. The Cullens, woves, humans and setting all belong to Stephanie.

I only own the characters of Alex and Melissa and Raychel. Please ask me if you want to use these Characters. If I give you permission please note in your story that these three belong to me.

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I looked into his eyes. Gold. Like my family. I forgot for a moment that anyone else was there, forgot my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, my cousin. I even forgot about the squirming boy in my arms. Only the man who wore those gold eyes. They used to be red, before he changed to my families ways. My dad and grandpa made him change.
He didn’t change much. He was tempted for the blood of human still. Maybe even more so than uncle Jasper. But he kept to his promise. For him to stay, he had to go, vegetarian, as my grandpa often put it.
He even left his coven, dropping the only way you would tell he was part of it. He goes by the last name of Cullen now, to keep up with the human charade my family puts on in public.
If you were to tell me that I would find love in this man standing before me two years ago, I would have laughed at you. Or attacked you.
Two years ago, I never would have guessed I would have fallen in love with Alec Volturi.

Unwanted Love - Click and Scroll

After the Volturi leave Forks, from confronting the Cullens about Renesmee they don't really trust the Cullens anymore. So Aro sends Alec and Jane to Forks to keep an eye on the area.
Alex is the other, unknown hybrid, daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. She is not the easiest to get along with, so when Alec and Jane show up, she isn't to happy. She stays away from them at all costs.
The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Alex behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.
After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Alex start talking, Alex see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi.
Over the next few weeks, Alex notices that, without her control or permission she has started to love Alec. Her parent's hate it, and when they find out, they try to keep the two apart.
What will happen to Alex after all this?


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 Unwanted Friendship -  Click and Scroll

Alex is now dealing with her moms death, the best way she can, and that is proving to be very difficult. With the fact that she killed her mom, to bring her best friend back, which did work, but things between Melissa and Alex are different. For starters, Alex can barely look at Melissa, without remembering that Melissa is the result of the death of Alex's mom.
Melissa is different too. She's not human, and she's not a vampire. She's a corpse. A living, dead body. So she must be a zombie right? No. A zombie is a mindless, gross walking corpse. Dead, but walking. Melissa is still very smart, and keeps clean. There's also the fact that she is neither dead or alive.
In this installment, you see Alex trying to figure out what exactly Melissa is, struggle with confusing feeling about Alec, deal with her dads over protectiveness, and try to get over her moms death, in a respectful way.
If you liked Unwanted Love, then you wont want to miss it's great sequel Unwanted Friendship, where everything has changed.

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Unwanted Regrets - Click and Scroll

**Will fill this in when Summary is completed which will be at the end of Unwanted Friendship
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 ..............................................................................

Meeting Melissa Adams - Click and Scroll


We all know Alex's story, but what we don't know is how she met Melissa. We all thought they met at school, which isn't entirely true. Melissa has a backstory of her own, which she had forgotten, until she died, and resurrected.

Melissa originally forgot, because it was to dangerous for her to know they truth, what walks with the humans. But now that she's back from the dead, she remembers.

This is Melissa's story.

She isn't as innocent as you had originally thought.

Table of Contents:

Prologue ............................................................................... Page Fourteen

Chapter 1 .............................................................................. Page Fourteen

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What a complicated situation for Alex with all those conflicting emotions clashing within her!  Can't wait to see what will happen next!

Exactly. Next will be up soon (:

Here is the next chapter!

Chapters will be up sooner now that I have internet (:

Chapter 13

The angry kiss lasted only a second, but felt like forever. But once we realized what was going on we each pushed the other away, all anger gone, replaced by confusion and surprise.

What-” Alec started, before I turned around, hurrying to my car, embarrassment and nervousness filling me. I locked the car doors, before pulling away, and driving off, tears filling my eyes again. Not ones mourning Melissa but confused ones.

I pushed him away too, but why should it hurt me, that he did the same to me? Why should it hurt, the feeling of rejection? I was eight years old, so confusion filled me, and so did fear of what he would think next time he saw me. Would he push me away again? Why did I care? I was so confused.

I drove home, clearing my mind. When I got home, I went upstairs, to go to bed, suddenly exhausted. I got changed, and went to bed, hugging the ugly sweater, all I had left of Melissa, close to me, and fell asleep.

Alex?” I turned around I was in the middle of dreaming of a bunch of random stuff, when I heard the familiar voice.

I turn around, and smile, before going to hug her. “Melissa! Where have you been? The show’s about to start!”

And then my dream takes us to my room, a big TV in the middle of it, with Melissa and I on the couch.

Alex!” She says, looking at me.

I look at her, confused. “What?” I ask.

You can bring me back. There’s a way.” Melissa says, looking at me, leaving me confused. Bring her back from where.

You’re sitting right here Melissa. There’s nowhere to bring you back from.” I reply.

Alex! I died, remember?”

But you’re right here. OH! That reminds me! Alec and I kind of kissed, but I don’t know what to do about it. He’s really hot, but really, really bad. I don’t know what to do! My dad’s going to kill me.”

ALEX!” Melissa interrupted me, causing me to look at her confused.

What?” I ask.

Listen, I’m dead, I have been for a month. Sadie has a message for you, she knows how to bring me back, but it has a big price. Bringing the dead back is complicated, and she needs a sacrifice to do it.”

Silly you! You’re right here, you can’t be dead!” I say, laughing.

Stop that! Act your age Alex!” Melissa says, and I smile.

I am. I’m only eight years old. You should know that! You’re my best friend!”

Find Sadie, she’ll bring me back for good.” Melissa said, before disappearing, leaving me in my room as it got really dark.

All of a sudden, I saw Sadie’s face, next to the mental image of Melissa’s body being chopped up, dead.

I sat straight up, screaming. It took a few seconds to calm down. I looked around. My room was dark. I sat there, trying to catch my breath. It was only a dream. Just a dream. I told myself. There was nothing to worry about.

I looked up, as I heard my door fly open. I narrowed my tear filled eyes, as I saw that it wasn’t my dad, but Alec who ran in.

What do you want?” I ask, looking at him, frowning.

You shouted.” He says.

It was a dream.” I reply.

You shouted for about an hour, before a piercing scream filled the air. I was told to stay away from you before everyone left to hunt. Leaving you and your cousin here, sleeping. I wasn’t to wake either of you, but let no one but your family come in the house.”

I looked at him, shaking my head. “I told you to leave, all of you.” I said, looking at him.

I am not going to leave, because you told me to. I have a job to do.” He said his voice not as hard as it normally was, when bringing this up, instead it was soft. Gentle. There was also a little pain behind the gentleness.

I don’t care. I want you gone. I -” I was saying before he put a finger on my mouth to stop me from talking.

Your cousin is still sleeping, don’t shout.” He says.

Where are my parents?” I ask, glaring up at him.

Your family went hunting. I said that already. They should be back around dawn.” He says, standing there.

What time is it right now?” I asked, before looking to my clock, which wasn’t working.

Around midnight.”

I looked up at him, and sighed. “Why are you still here?” I ask, unable to sound as I wanted to, and I didn’t want to sound too nice, I was afraid of sounding nice.

I was trying to figure out what happened earlier. And then you screamed, I’m hoping you can explain to me what happened.”

I was mad.” I didn’t look at him, not wanting to see his face. I knew he’d bring it up, I’m glad my family isn’t here though, that would be, difficult.

As was I, I do not appreciate being assaulted.” He says. “What I meant was what happened, to make you run away, after-”

I needed to be alone. I just wanted to be alone.” I said, hoping he did not notice the falseness in my voice.

You are lying. I should- … What is it about you that makes me, care?” He asks, honestly curious. “I have never cared about the lives I took when feeding. I have never cared about hurting someone. I have always gotten what I want, and if not, I would threaten whoever, to get it, without guilt. It is the only way I remember. I do not remember what it means to be human all I remember is living the life of a bloodthirsty killer. I have not cared for hundreds of years. I am, confused. Why now? It is you, but I do not know what it is about you that make’s me, care.” He says, looking at me, honestly confused.

I looked up at him, surprised by what he was saying.

Not once have I ever felt guilt or apologized for killing. I have hurt many people, and have laughed about it. I have threatened many, and not thought twice about it. And here you come around, and I feel bad about threatening you, I feel bad for hurting you. I feel bad for killing your friend. I apologized, I do not remember the last time I did that. I do not understand what it is that makes me care. And when you ran away earlier this afternoon it, hurt? I do not know why. I want you to tell me why it hurt me that you ran away. I am confused, and I do not like it.” He says, looking at me, both angry and confused.

I … I don’t know.” I say, looking down.

Stop that! Don’t look away from me!” He says, and I could hear the pain in his voice, as he tried to cover it with anger.

I don’t know! I don’t know why you care, or why it hurt you! I don’t know!” I yell, frowning.

Make it go away. Make the caring and the pain to go away. I don’t want to hurt, I don’t want to care. I want to go back to normal!” He says, angry now.

I flinched. His words felt like a slap in the face, but I wouldn’t admit it that he had the power to hurt me with words.

Stop that! Stop making me feel bad!” He yells.

I’m not doing anything!” I replied.

Yes you are! It’s your eyes! They make me care, hurt and feel bad! Stop that before I rip them out!” He yells.

He honestly didn’t know what was going on, he honestly thought I was to blame. I did nothing to him, why is he blaming me. I didn’t even notice as my eyes widened in fear. And before I knew it, he left he was the one to run away this time.

This was a side to Alec that I didn’t know, that I don’t think anyone knew. He was afraid of what he was feeling, and honestly didn’t know what was happening.

I didn’t know what to do.

poor Alex :( I wonder what the way to bring back Melissa is, hopefully Sadie or someone else, might spill the beans without wanting to.

I tried to make it where Melissa came in, and communicated with Alex somewhat, and also needed to bring in that line from the summary..

"The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Alex behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.

After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Alex start talking, Alex see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi."

So, I altered that a little, but I wanted to show that other side of Alec, I needed to, to go forward with the whole Sadie plot. So, now I can. Things will definatly grow in their relationship...Whether they want it to or not.

Now Alec is the one who feels confused!  Does he have a shot at redemption?

I wonder about Alex's dream.  Is it real, is it wishful thinking, or is it a trap?  Sadie is supposed to be very dangerous.  Why would she help Alex bring Melissa back?  What is going on here?

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Oh, lets just say, that, um, Sadie has a lot of history, and bringing Melissa back, may or may not be true, but to do it, Sadie is going to have revenge, on someone. Someone who has wronged her in the past. Um, how do I explain this, without giving too much away...

There's going to be a new character, and there is going to be more death. I mean, Sadie is extremely powerful, when she wants something, she gets it. You will see more of her past, and this up coming chapter, you will find out, what Sadie wants, and what she is willing to do to get what she wants.

And you know, Alex, no matter how hard she tries to be strong, she is only eight years old and just lost her best friend, and is starting to have feelings she doesn't understand, when it comes to Alec. She is very vulnerable, and will honestly consider whatever Sadie wants, so we will see more inner confrontation, more Melissa dreams, it's going to start the climax.

I am planning on writing a sequel after this one is done, so I hope it turns out well. So, we will have a lot to take in, in this up coming chapter.

Can't wait to readddd

it's gonna get interesting.

Ok, so I have to put this chapter up now, because I just love it.

I feel so bad for Alex in this chapter, but it is the very start of the climax. and Because of the events in this chapter, further chapters, will not be in Alex's point of view.

Enjoy (:

Chapter 14

I woke up the next day, confused. But I didn't think about it, I just got up, went through my morning routine, before walking down stairs. I looked around the empty house, well, almost empty. The air telling me that the family went out, only one person kept back. That was one person I did not plan on running into.

So I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and looked in the back, frowning slightly. All the prepared bottles of blood for emergencies were gone. Sighing, I closed the fridge, and was about to walk out of the kitchen, when I heard a voice.


I sigh, and try to ignore it, before walking out of the kitchen, and to the living room, sitting down, I grabbed the remote, and turned the TV on, trying to get my mind off of everything, really needing it. I had just accepted, and got over the death of my best friend, thinking my mind could take a break when I ran into Alec at the mall yesterday, and well, it gave my mind more to focus on, or not focus, or whatever.

Right now, I needed a distraction, so I was sitting on the couch, flipping through channels. I finally settled on some stupid reality show. There was a big fight going on at the moment, and made me wonder why keep shows like this on the air. It was stupid. But it got my mind off of everything, so I was watching it.

Why are you watching people fight?” I hear, but ignore it, trying to watch the show. I didn't understand it, but that didn't matter, I continued to keep my attention on the TV screen. “Why are there beeping noises when they are yelling?”

And it kept going. Him asking random questions, which I heard, but ignored.

What are they even fighting about?”

I've had it, so I eventually answered, while rolling my eyes.

If you stopped asking questions, I would know, but you wont shut up.” I said, none to nicely, while trying to watch the show. But the fighting and everything about the show got annoying, so I changed the channel, to something with a plot line, settling on the show The Big Bang Theory. The nerds with a girl who didn't understand anything, in my point of view.

I barely got to see any of it, before I had to change it, as the air told me my family was back. Rolling my eyes, I turned the TV off, stood up, and walked upstairs to my room, frowning, since I couldn't think of any other way to get my mind off of everything.

I sighed, and looked out my window, seeing the cars come up the dirt driveway. I went and sat on my bed, frowning slightly. I didn't feel like socializing, with anyone today. At that thought, I felt bad, feeling like I should. But I didn't want to, that was the problem.

Why did you run right up here?” I was asked, and sighed.

Just leave me alone. I want to be alone.” I wouldn't look at him, refused to. So I looked at the wall, wanting to remain calm, knowing I would be full of confused guilt if I looked at him. He killed my best friend, yet my mind betrayed me when I was near him. Melissa didn't see any good in him, and she knew something bad would happen at his hands.

I couldn't face my family after what happened yesterday, so when I got home, I cleared my mind, thinking of the stupid sports game I was watching with my dad before I had left. I couldn't face my family after what had happened yesterday. And last night made it even worse.

I want- no. I need to be alone. Leave me alone.” I tried to make my voice hold anger, though it held only shaky confusion. “You scare me. And not the horror type. I am scared by the way I feel. Last night you went on about how it confused you by the hurting, and caring. Well it scares me. I should hate you for killing Melissa. I know I should. But I don't. I can't. Even if I wanted to. And it scares me, so much. I ... I-” I couldn't finish

I closed my eyes, as tears started rolling down my face. I needed to be alone. I hated crying in front of anyone. And I refused to cry in front of a member of the Volturi.

I stood there for a few minutes, trying to stop the tears, when I hear my phone go off, So I angrily grab it. Only Melissa and my family knew the number, so why would my family text me when they are home, and can come up to talk to me.

I unlock my phone, and read the message, completely confused.

She's waiting. If you want to bring me back, meet Sadie in my bedroom. -- Melissa.

This made me angry, how was Melissa communicating with me, when she is dead? My dream last night, and now a text. I stood there, staring at my phone as a thought crossed my mind. Sadie. She's doing this, it's not Melissa at all, It's all Sadie. I needed to find out what was going on.

I turned around, and noticed Alec was gone, though I knew this already, hearing him leave, but not knowing how far off he was. I then looked at my window. It would be the best way, but I am scared of heights, and being on the third floor, well, it would be hard. I also knew that I also had about ten seconds before Edward caught into my train of thought, so I ran to my window, opened it, and looked out. I climbed on the window sill, and took a deep breath, and jumped.

I looked up at my window once I landed, and strained my ears. They were almost to my room, so I quickly ran to the garage, and got on my bike, and took off down our driveway.

I need to do this Edward. She's using Melissa against me, and I need to find out why. I'm sorry, and please don't let dad be mad at me for breaking a rule. I'll be back in an hour.

I sent the thought to Edward, knowing he would hear, just before I got out of his own hearing range, and sped my bike up down the highway.

I sped through the back roads of town, all the way to Melissa's house, and when I got there, I got off my bike, and looked at it. Many memories filling my mind, and I frowned, but got off my bike, and walked up to the front door. I took a deep breath, before knocking on the door, standing there awkwardly.

I looked down, frowning, as the door opened, I looked up, seeing Melissa's mom, which made me frown more. What was her family going through? Melissa died from a vampire, because she was friends with one. I took a deep breath.

Is it true?” I ask, frowning. “I saw it on the news today. I don't want to believe it.” Before I knew it, tears filled my eyes, as much as I tried to keep them back, they were there.

I'm sorry Alex, I don't want it to be true either, but it has happened, and there's nothing we can do about it. Why don't you come in, I can get you something to drink, water, lemonade? Coffee?” She says, gently pulling me in the house. Something wasn't right. Mrs. Adams didn't agree with young people drinking coffee, said there should be an age limit, just the same as alcohol, since caffeine is no better for you than alcohol.

No thank you. I'm fine.” I say. Even though something was clearly wrong, my mind didn't register it, it was grieving Melissa all over again.

Oh, I insist.” She says, standing up, and walking off to the kitchen. Dammit!

I'm really not thirsty, or, hungry.” I say, standing up. “I'm actually here, because Melissa had a lot of my stuff, I lent her, and wondering if I could get them, then I can go, and leave you and Mr. Adams to your grieving, and funeral planning.” I say.

Sit!” The command came from the kitchen, taking me off guard. That was not at all the voice I remember, the past four years. The voice of Melissa's mom, looking out for both of us, wanting us both safe. The loving voice who wanted her daughter happy, who saw me as another daughter. This voice was full of anger, hate, it was nothing like Mrs. Adams' voice at all. I jumped back in fear.

I'm sorry, Alexandria. I forgot. You're so young, and children are often so vulnerable when they lose someone they care deeply about, to death.” Mrs. Adams voice was calm again, as she came in with a cup steaming from its warm contents. My stomach dropped as I realized what it was. “It's exactly how Melissa was, when she lost her mother, eight years ago.” She said. “But I managed to convince her, it was all just nightmares, that her mom was safe, I mean, do I look dead to you?”

I watched, memories coming back. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, and come downstairs, as Melissa's mom was sitting, awake and motionless in her arm chair. How she never looked any different, from pictures of when Melissa was ten, and now. My eyes widened.

Oh, I know all about you and your family.” She said, and stood in front of me. I tried to push her away, stand up, move, but I couldn't. I couldn't move anything, all I could do was watch.

Don't try to call out to your family. They cant hear you, cant trace your scent. Cant see your future.” She says, smiling, her eyes shining black, as I watched, my eyes narrowed.

What are you?” I ask. “You cant be like me, or my family, you're defiantly not human. What are you?” I ask, eyes narrowed, to which the person laughed.

Oh, child, there is many more creatures hiding out there. I am just one of them. A formare mutante Latin for Form Changer. Someone who can wear someones face only after they die. I wore your mothers face, sometimes you would get her, sometimes you would get me. I couldn't keep her face on, because she isn't fully dead, she still walks around. I wore your face before. A part of you, the vampire part, was born dead, though it is extremely difficult to put your face on, and I can't keep it on for more then an hour. Why do you think Melissa's girlfriend and mom were never in the same room as her? Never spoke when the other was around her?” She asks.

And then something happened. The person changed, now looking just like Melissa. Then changed again, looking like mom, then dad, then me. And her final change, she looked like the girl who Melissa and I picked up at the airport last month.

Raychel.” I spat the name out, glaring at her, hating her for what she did to me that day, the fact that she got information on my family, by wearing their faces.

That's not my name! My name is Sadie.” She says, eyes narrowing.

Melissa introduced you as Raychel, always ever talked about you as Raychel, and when I met you, you were Raychel. I know you as Raychel, not Sadie.” I said, glaring at her, but refused to meet her eyes, afraid she would make me feel sick again.

Foolish, since I am much more dangerous then Raychel. You insist on seeing the weaker person, well I have gained my strength up, I am much more dangerous now. I wouldn't deny me of what I want, child. That would be very foolish.” She said.

I can bring Melissa back, for a small price. Well, I lie, the price to pay is large. See, it's a life for a life really. A death, for someone to come back from the dead. A simple spell a five year old child could manage to do. You just need a picture of your sacrifice, and a picture of the one you want to bring back. The blood of the sacrifice must be poured out, over both pictures, and the name of the one whom is coming back, must be chanted over and over until they are back.”

I shook my head. “It was Melissa's time to die. I wont let you kill anyone because I want her back.” I said.

Raychel smiled, an evil, dark smile, that scared me. “I wont be the one who does the killing. You will.” She says. “And you have no choice of who the sacrifice is.” She said.

When I was young, I had an older sister, and she lost her best friend just like you did, and she knew of this spell. Under the compulsion of grief, she killed our mother, to bring her friend back. She was hateful to herself when she realized how selfish she was. A spell like that, bringing back the dead, it causes the youngest member of the family to be taken over by a darkness so powerful, the human within is erased. I was taken by the dark, when my sister killed our mother. To bring your friend back, you must kill my sister.” She says.

I don't care if you lost your mommy when you were young, I still wont do it for you. And even if I would, how am I supposed to kill your sister when I don't even know who she is, where she is? She might already be dead.”

But she's not dead, and you do know her. You see, it's actually much more simple then you might think. This may come as a surprise to you, but my full name, it's Sadie Cathleen Hale. My sister is the one who gave birth to you, your mother. It is so nice to finally meet you, my niece.”

*** *** ***

After Raychel dropped that bomb on me, she walked out, claiming to let my mind come to that realization. Mom never told me about having siblings, or bringing back her dead best friend. Raychel was muttering something about history repeat itself, within each generation, every first born in our family lose their best friend dieing, because of what mom did.

It took about half an hour before she finally came back in, but this time, looking like a young girl, who looked a lot like my mom.

“This is the human in me, that had died. This was me, before your mother cursed me into becoming dark, twisting me out of shape.” She said. She must have been no more then three years old, walked over to me, and put a photograph in my sweater pocket.

“Will you kill my sister, to bring your friend back?” She asks.

Unable to talk, I shook my head. I wouldn't kill my mom, I couldn't do that to her.

Raychel frowned. “That's a shame. I guess I'm going to have to make you do it.” She said, frowning. With her, looking like this, it was hard to say no to her, but I had to. I shook my head again. “But you don't have any choice.” She said. She looked up at me. She changed again, to look like Melissa. She then touched my head.

“You wont remember this meeting. You just came to give you're respect to Melissa's mother. It wasn't Alec you saw kill your best friend, Melissa, it was your mother, Rosalie Hale. You fear your mother now, fear she will kill you. Everything I tell you, you will believe, and you will obey every order I give you, without hesitation. You will remain in this trance-like state until I walk out of the room, and your memory of this meeting will be wiped.” She says, pulling her hands back. She then looked me in the eyes. “What do you feed on?” She asked.

“Animal blood. I can eat human food, but it isn't the most appetizing thing to eat. And taking blood from humans is wrong.” I replied.

“What a shame, Human blood is the best. How about this ...

*** *** ***

I was sitting in Melissa's living room. Her mom had left the room, saying to stay put, she would be right back. So I sat there, patiently waiting, not moving from my spot on the couch. My thoughts wandered, frowning. Being in Melissa's house brought back her death again. My mom, snapping her neck, right in front of me, but I didn't tell anyone it was her, afraid she'd kill me if I did, so I left the conversation alone, though I tried to keep away from my mom now, afraid. She killed my best friend without-

Here, Melissa would have wanted you to have this. It's the scrap book she made, of the two of you. I want to thank you, for being there for my daughter, when no one else was.”

I looked up at her, smiling slightly. “She was my best friend, I would have been there for her even if not, I don't like seeing people get picked on.” I said.

Stand up. You don't feel comfortable sitting down in front of me. It's rude.” She says, and everything went black for about 5 seconds.

Mind if I stand up? I don't feel comfortable sitting in front of you, it's rude.” I said, standing up, offering a smile.

She smiled back, though there was something about her smile, something off. I couldn't figure it out, before she spoke again. “You need to go straight home. It's getting late.” She said.

I need to get home, sorry. It's starting to get late. I don't want my parents to worry.” I say. “Again, I am very sorry for your loss Mrs. Adams, Melissa didn't deserve to die. Call and let me know when the funeral is?” I asked.

She smiled, and nodded. “Of course, have a good night dear.” She says.

I got down the steps, and put the scrapbook in the side holder of my bike, and got on. I waved goodbye, and started off. The back of my mind, I heard Melissa's mom say to get ride of the motorcycle when I get back, it's to dangerous.

*** *** ***

I got home, and left my bike out on the curb. Melissa was always afraid to ride it, and until I left her house, I didn't realize how much I hated the thing until now. I needed to get rid of it. So I left it by the curb, key in the ignition, letting someone else take it for themselves.

I walked into the house, and the first person I see, I wasn't surprised he stayed back. “I need to talk to you.” I say, looking at him.

Very disturbing!  This Sadie is more dangerous than anyone could imagine.  I hope Alec and/or Edward can help snap Alex out of her trance, or won't they find out what Sadie put in her head until it is too late?  Can't wait to see what happens next!

Exactly. But not even Alex knows if what Sadue did, ir who she is. So it wont be found out lright away. But hints will be dropped on how she talks, how she axts around Rose and even feeds.
Like Sadie said, Alex is foolish for thinking she is Raychel since Sadie had to weaken herself to become Raychel, but has gained strengh.
Lets just say its about to get really interesting from here ob out.


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