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So, rated Pg13 for it's reasoning. It has some course language that can be suited for a pre-teen, but it's the fact that seeming how Alec is part of the Volturi, and the Volturi wouldn't mind if the Cullens were dead, so Alec does have some threats to kill Alex come out of his mouth.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy the story.



I do not own the Cullens, they belong to Stephanie Meyer. Alex, however belongs to me. The plot belongs to me. The pairing of Alex and Alec was my idea, though it does not belong to me, seeming how it has one of Stephanies original characters involved. The Cullens, woves, humans and setting all belong to Stephanie.

I only own the characters of Alex and Melissa and Raychel. Please ask me if you want to use these Characters. If I give you permission please note in your story that these three belong to me.

That is all. Thank you.


I looked into his eyes. Gold. Like my family. I forgot for a moment that anyone else was there, forgot my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, my cousin. I even forgot about the squirming boy in my arms. Only the man who wore those gold eyes. They used to be red, before he changed to my families ways. My dad and grandpa made him change.
He didn’t change much. He was tempted for the blood of human still. Maybe even more so than uncle Jasper. But he kept to his promise. For him to stay, he had to go, vegetarian, as my grandpa often put it.
He even left his coven, dropping the only way you would tell he was part of it. He goes by the last name of Cullen now, to keep up with the human charade my family puts on in public.
If you were to tell me that I would find love in this man standing before me two years ago, I would have laughed at you. Or attacked you.
Two years ago, I never would have guessed I would have fallen in love with Alec Volturi.

Unwanted Love - Click and Scroll

After the Volturi leave Forks, from confronting the Cullens about Renesmee they don't really trust the Cullens anymore. So Aro sends Alec and Jane to Forks to keep an eye on the area.
Alex is the other, unknown hybrid, daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. She is not the easiest to get along with, so when Alec and Jane show up, she isn't to happy. She stays away from them at all costs.
The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Alex behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.
After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Alex start talking, Alex see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi.
Over the next few weeks, Alex notices that, without her control or permission she has started to love Alec. Her parent's hate it, and when they find out, they try to keep the two apart.
What will happen to Alex after all this?


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 Unwanted Friendship -  Click and Scroll

Alex is now dealing with her moms death, the best way she can, and that is proving to be very difficult. With the fact that she killed her mom, to bring her best friend back, which did work, but things between Melissa and Alex are different. For starters, Alex can barely look at Melissa, without remembering that Melissa is the result of the death of Alex's mom.
Melissa is different too. She's not human, and she's not a vampire. She's a corpse. A living, dead body. So she must be a zombie right? No. A zombie is a mindless, gross walking corpse. Dead, but walking. Melissa is still very smart, and keeps clean. There's also the fact that she is neither dead or alive.
In this installment, you see Alex trying to figure out what exactly Melissa is, struggle with confusing feeling about Alec, deal with her dads over protectiveness, and try to get over her moms death, in a respectful way.
If you liked Unwanted Love, then you wont want to miss it's great sequel Unwanted Friendship, where everything has changed.

Table of Contents:

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Chapter 3 .............................................................................. Page Fifteen
Chapter 4 .............................................................................. Page Sixteen

Unwanted Regrets - Click and Scroll

**Will fill this in when Summary is completed which will be at the end of Unwanted Friendship
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 ..............................................................................

Meeting Melissa Adams - Click and Scroll


We all know Alex's story, but what we don't know is how she met Melissa. We all thought they met at school, which isn't entirely true. Melissa has a backstory of her own, which she had forgotten, until she died, and resurrected.

Melissa originally forgot, because it was to dangerous for her to know they truth, what walks with the humans. But now that she's back from the dead, she remembers.

This is Melissa's story.

She isn't as innocent as you had originally thought.

Table of Contents:

Prologue ............................................................................... Page Fourteen

Chapter 1 .............................................................................. Page Fourteen

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thanks, im half way through.

Chapter Five

It turns out I can’t lock my door, in case my parents needs to get in the room, in a hurry. I don't like this. It means Alec can get in if he so much as wants, whenever he wants. I am upset. 

But it is the first day of summer and I had planned on spending the day with Melissa. But her family is still here and she needs to stay with the family. This disappoints me, because the first day of summer, I am left alone, fending for myself.

I am about to leave, for a day by myself when I am stopped. Alec wants to know his way around more. Alec wants to see the town. Why me? Why has he chosen me to torture? But of course, if I say no, he might just kill me, so I agree.

I walk out to my car, and Alec is trying to get in the driver’s side.

"No. I drive." I say. "Or you walk around." I then wait for him to move. He won't.

I sighed.

I decide that if he won’t move, I will take my bike. I have a bike and a car, talk about money, and I have, er, I mean my family has it. Then he won’t bother me. 

I wait, he won’t move, so I make my way to my bike, and he is there before me.

"I drive my car, you don't." I tell him, hoping he will get the message. "Or I won’t bring you around." I don't want to anyway, but he's being annoying about it.

But still no luck, I sighed. I had my keys, if I turned around, and walked off without him, he might get the hint. So I start walking away, and within seconds he is in front of me.

"Why can't you leave me alone?" I ask, frowning.

"Because Jane and I were sent to watch over the, hybrid," Alec seemed to avoid hurting my feelings.

"And it turns out there’s another one. So Jane is watching over the other, and I got you." He says, and I slightly frown at this, not wanting to deal with him all the time.

"Why though? You made us explain about who I am, why haven't you explained?" I ask.

"Because, I, don't have to answer to you, now I'm driving." He says, and I narrow my eyes.

"This is my car, I am driving, sorry, but it's that, or you're staying here." I say, crossing my arms. Yea, if you haven't guessed yet, I have my mom’s attitude and my dad’s stubbornness.

I stood there, my arms crossed, not moving too much, aside from breathing and then he sighs, and moves so I can drive. Thank God, I really want out, and can hopefully trick him into leaving me alone.
Melissa, I could use her, I can go and meet her family, where as she probably won’t let Alec in, since she doesn't know him that well. But, who's to say Alec won’t try and get himself in?

I have to find a way, to make him leave me alone.

But how? That’s the question.

I got in my car, and the whole time driving, I was thinking of ways to ditch Alec. Stuff I can do, not just random stuff, like rip his head off, that will get me killed.

So I was thinking, hoping to find something soon, or I'll be stuck with him. What do I do?

And then it came to me. My cell went off, so I answered it. "Hello?"

Melissa was talking. "Hi Alex!" She says, enthusiastically.

"Hey Melissa. What’s up? How’s the family?"

"They left already, so we can hang out!"

My silent prayers are answered. There’s no way Alec is going to go anywhere near Melissa. I won’t let it, she's human.

"Sure! Now?" I ask.

"Yea! Hurry, before my mom comes up with Chores I have to do."

"Alright. I'll be there in 10." I say.

I hang up and smile. "I'm going to hang out with Melissa, and you’re not coming. I don't want you eating my friend." And with that, I get in my car, and drive off to Melissa's.

But luck was not on my side. Alec was standing in front of the car only half way through the driveway. I sighed. He wouldn't leave me alone that easily. That’s what his posture was saying, I guess.

Looking at him, I frowned as he got in the car.

"Not so fast. You aren't getting rid of me." he says, looking at me. I frown at this.

"Melissa is not going to want you around." I say.

"She will just have to... how does your generation word it? Deal with it." He says.

I looked at him, crossing my arms. "I don’t want you around." I say.

After the look he gave, I sighed, remembering I had to be nice if I wanted to stay alive. So I decide to shut my mouth and drive. “I still don’t want you to be there.” I say, under my breath. But I know that nothing will change his mind. He is not used to changing his mind.

He then starts asking me useless questions again. This time they are about Melissa. Why is she my friend, how I resist her blood, what I do with her. He asked if her blood tempts me. And to just keep things calm and rational, I go along with answering. I don’t want to anger him.

I pull up to Melissa’s house. She is waiting outside, and comes up to the car. I roll my window down.

“You have to get in the back.” I say, trying to hide the annoyance, since I really don’t want Alec in the car.

Melissa looks confused, than must have seen past me through the window.  She has seen Alec, sitting in her spot, and then gets into the back seat behind Alec.

“Are you guys dating?” Another thing about Melissa, she is very blunt. If I was driving as she asked me that, I sure would have swerved, in shock.

“No.” I say, at the same time Alec does, though Alec does not sound as sure to me, like he does not know what dating is or something.

Melissa does not pick up on his tone of voice, and shrugs. “I just thought, because he showed up the other day with his sister, showed up yesterday when it was just the two of us, and now he’s in the car, in my spot.” She says.

I am driving now, and see why she would think we are dating. He barely has left my side since he got here. And trust me, I do not like it.

I than pull up to the mall, and look at Melissa. “He won’t leave us alone.” I say, obviously aiming it at him, though, again, Melissa doesn’t pick up on the fact.

“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t mean we have to acknowledge him.” She says, and come to think of it, she hasn’t done that since she got in the car. She must not like him because even though she is gay, she still acknowledges guys she doesn’t know if they say hi to her. She only doesn’t if she doesn’t like them. She won’t say it to their face, but she’ll make it known.

“It doesn’t matter with me. Just think of me as a body guard.” Alec says.

I am aware of the slight sight of Melissa rolling her eyes. I need to ask her why she doesn’t like him. Probably to make it look like she doesn’t think Jane is hot. I don’t know why, she’s got a goth look, and if I was gay, I would not find her hot. But Melissa has her taste in women I guess.

I get out of the car, and lock the door, and start walking to the main entrance of the mall. I look back. Alec looked good, but did not fit into today’s culture. I then pull out my phone and text Melissa so he would not know what I am saying.

Shop 4 clothes 4 Alec? He needs them. I don’t know y or where he got the ones he has.

And it is no longer than five steps inside my phone indicates a text. I look at it.

Ya. Guys h8 it, and he needs it.

I look at Melissa and smile, nodding. I than look back at Alec. “You’re getting a new wardrobe.” Is all I say, before walking off with Melissa, looking for a store that sold guys clothes. By the time we left today, he would go from not-so-hot to somewhat-hot.

What’s wrong with my brain for thinking this, I don’t know, but I do know, if he is following me around all the time, than he is not going to look like he does.

*** *** ***

Alec did not like getting new clothes, but co-operated and accepted them. Melissa and I made him change as soon as we left the store. Which gave me some alone time with Melissa.

“Why don’t you like him? I don’t either, but he’s following me around to get used to the town since he’s going to be here a while.” I say, looking at her.

“I don’t have a good feeling or something. It feels like he could kill me. I know, it sounds crazy, but I can’t help but think he wants to kill me when I’m near him. I don’t like it, but if you want to hang out with him, that’s fine, as long as I can hang out too, so I know you’re safe. You’re family or I. I don’t want you with him alone.” She says.

I nod. If only she knew. His eyes go black with thirst when she is around. I don’t want her dead, and if it means to not hang out with her as much, I don’t know what I would do. She’s my best and only friend.

Alec comes out than, and I turn. Ok, I know this is bad for me to think this, but modern guy clothes looks really hot on him. Now I will mentally punch myself in the face, because I do not want to have my brain thinking things like this without permission.

I then look away and look at Melissa. “Are you hungry yet?” I ask. We spent most of this morning, getting Alec a whole new wardrobe. I just let the cashier know that aunt Alice is my sister. She then nods knowingly. Aunt Alice is in here all the time, getting new clothes for all the guys in the house.

Melissa nods, and I watch. “What do you want?” I ask. She thinks.

“Subway.” She answers. I nod, and we head for the subway part of the food court.

*** *** ***

What a long day.

I decided to head home, once I saw Alec’s eyes start to darken from thirst. Yes, when Melissa nods, or shakes her head, it’s the curl’s that holds the scent, and sometimes it’s hard for me to hold back. But I don’t drink human blood.

The faces of my family, and Jane as Alec walked in the room, was priceless. I just shrugged. “I’m not having him follow me around, if he has to, in the clothes he wore.”

I think aunt Alice even gave a small nod of approval at the clothing choice. And getting that nod was a really hard thing to do.

So I was pleased that I can now choose fashion, at least for guys, and have aunt Alice approve. I am also pleased Alec didn’t kill Melissa today. I am also pleased that I kept nice to him all day.

No this does not mean I’m ready for a friendship; I may never be ready for that.

*** *** ***

It’s night, and my dad has just left the room, after congratulating me on my patience with Alec today. I am tired, I am trying to sleep.

I am just about asleep, when Alec walks in. I really need to stress this no sharing my room thing to him, I don’t need him sitting there, when I wake up every day, acting like it is his, like he is now. Taking his shirt off. His back to the where I am.

I really don’t need him coming in my room whenever he wants, even if I am –

Oh. My. God. He turned around, still very shirtless I might add, and…No bad brain. You’re not allowed to think that. But the thought has already crossed my mind so I must mentally punch myself for it.

My brain needs training.

I really enjoyed this chapter!  It was very funny when Alex decided to stage a fashion intervention when she realised she had to put up with Alec.  Melissa's instincts about him were also dead on.  She is a good friend to have around.  Can't wait to see what happens next!  Maybe some "brain training"?

I enjoyed writing it, I thought I would include her brain being....bad, to get the plot on....I liked writing it, I was smiling...Yes you will see her try to, train her brain in the next chapter. And I'm going to try working in Melissa's girlfriend getting home from university....where Alex will have to supervise....I wonder, how will Melissa react with Alec so close to Raychel? We'll have to wait to find out.

great chapter!  Alec is really pushy!  can't wait to read your next chapter!



next chapter should be up soon. c:

Chapter Six

I wake up, and to my surprise, Alec is not sitting right beside me this morning, he is not even in my room. For this, I am pleased, because I don’t need my brain being bad about anything.

Then it hit me. Could Uncle Edward hear my thoughts last night? God I hope not. He’s in the house, I need to keep my thoughts away from that, but trying to not think about it made me think about it more.

But then again, if I let him know that Alec came in my room and took his shirt off and God only knows what else after I closed my eyes, he might have it where Alec can’t come in my room.

I do not know what to do. Should I rat Alec out? For doing something any guy would do. Nahh.

My phone went off, indicating a text.

Drive me to airport? Raychels gonna land soon. 

Melissa. I told her I would supervise.

I suddenly feel nervous. I am Melissa’s best friend, will Raychel get jealous of the two of us hanging out so much. Suddenly I think it would be better for their relationship if I didn’t meet Raychel.

But then Melissa won’t be able to see Raychel, since no one will supervise them. I sigh. I do not know what to do with this either.

Well I do know, because I already promised Melissa I would.

Yea. Lemme get ready, meet you in 10. 

I reply.

I than quickly get ready, and hurry down to my car, hoping to get out of the drive way before Alec notices I am leaving.

He must have heard me rush though, because he is standing at my car again, like yesterday morning. At least he’s in one of the outfits Melissa and I picked out for him.

“Where are we going today?” He asks, looking at me.

“Ok, Melissa might have been nice yesterday and tolerated you, but not today. I am bringing her to the airport to get her…friend.” I say, not knowing if Melissa wants him knowing that she is gay.

I sigh as he gets in the passenger seat though, determined to go. I sigh, and get in the driver’s seat. When I am in the car, I cross my arms, looking at him.

This was the outfit Melissa and I thought he would not wear, tight to the skin, though he wears it. It looks good on him, he looks—Stop it! Stop thinking that!

I need to get that fixed, because I don’t want anyone thinking the wrong thing.

I then pull out of the garage and start the drive to Melissa’s house. Alec tries to make small talk, though I do not reply that often. I do not want to communicate with him, my brain may act up, and I do not want that.

I soon pull into Melissa’s driveway, and she sees Alec, and her mood visibly drops.

“I told you.” I whisper under my breath, where only Alec will here.

Melissa gets in the car, frowning. “Why is he here again?” She asks.

I shrug. “He will not leave me alone.” I answer. And it is the truth.

She then looks at Alec. “She’s dropping you off at your house, and then we are leaving, without you.” She says, no emotion.

“I’m sorry, but I am not leaving her alone. I am not allowed to.”

Melissa then looks at me. I shrug.

“I don’t want him near Raychel!” She is getting angry.

“You will have to deal with it, because I am not leaving, and it seems that you need Alex to be there, so if she’s there, I’m there.” Alec says.

Melissa shook her head, and looked at me with pleading eyes. I noticed Alec’s eyes darken as her hair pushed her scent out more.

I narrow my eyes at him, than start driving. “Sorry.” I say, truly meaning it. The summer meant for Melissa and I and occasionally her girlfriend, has been ruined by Alec.

Melissa crosses her arms and glares out the window. She has tried looking nice today, wearing makeup, and dressing nice. I make note of the tears in her eyes, and feel bad. If the tears fall over her eyes, and down her cheeks, it will ruin her mascara, and she will look a mess for Raychel.

I then look ahead as I make my way to the Seattle airport. This will be a really long drive.

*** *** ***

I pull up to the airport, and get out of the car with Melissa. Alec follows. I tell him to stay fifty feet away from us, though he will stay twenty five feet away at most.

I look at Melissa, and she nods, frowning.

I than notice that the flight Raychel should be on is delayed by ten minutes, so I bring Melissa into the washroom.

“I’m fixing your makeup. I’m not letting the time you spent on it go to waste. We have twenty minutes.” I say, and she smiles for the first time today since I have seen her.

I smile, as I clean her up, and fix her make up. We walk out of the washroom, and Melissa walks right past Alec, without even a glance.

I do the same, or I try, but last night’s sight, it draw’s my eyes to him and I do not like this, because I do not like him.

The shirt he chose clings tightly to his skin as if it is a second skin, and it is showing the muscles he has, and my brain is going to that place again. I want it to stop, but no matter how hard I try, the image is still in my brain, and my brain is unwillingly studying every muscle, and I don’t think you should know what else, because my brain isn’t staying in the right place.

We got to the place to pick up the people from the plane, and Melissa ran off to a girl with frizzy hair, big glasses and, and bad clothes, and Melissa kissed her.

Holy cow! Raychel is a geek! But I won’t say that to Melissa or Raychel, I don’t want to upset them. And if Raychel is the stereotypical geek, she would be very sensitive to the things people say about her.

Melissa than walked with Raychel over to me and I smile.

“Raychel, this is my best friend, Alex. Alex, this is Raychel.” She says.

“Hello.” I say

Raychel is closer now, but there is something about her, something I don’t like.

Obviously, something is up, because I feel the presence of Alec coming closer. Melissa and Raychel are holding hands, and I don’t like it.

Alec is standing right behind me now I know this because of the look on Melissa’s face.

I look at Raychel again, her eyes are darker than my families, but there is no doubt in my mind that there is something different with her.

“Who is he?” Raychel asks, noting that Alec is right there. Alec would have stayed back, as to not upset Melissa or anything, but him standing so close, confirms the something is wrong when it comes to Raychel.

Then I notice something. Raychel is wearing colour contacts. She is hiding something from Melissa. Suddenly, I don’t feel too comfortable being around her, and I certainly do not like that Melissa is dating her. If Melissa had felt something off with Alec, why isn’t she feeling something off with Raychel?

Suddenly, Alec grabbed my wrist.

“Excuse us for about two minutes.” He says, and pulls me about a 300 feet away to where I can’t hear Melissa and Raychel, and by the look of it, Alec can just barely hear what they are saying. He looks at me.

“You know something is wrong as well.” He says, crossing his arms.

I didn’t feel comfortable being alone with him with how my brain has been, but I nod, hoping to get this over with as soon as possible.

“Yea because your friend’s friend over there left the Volturi 55 years ago.” He says.

I look at him as if he is insane, or to see if he is joking, but the look he has on his face is completely serious.

“Actually, she was forced to leave. She killed, and exposed vampires. But Aro didn’t want to kill her, since she can disguise herself as a human, and get close to them, and then kill them. It’s helpful when Aro wants a certain human. She will end up killing your friend.” He says.

I am suddenly very worried for Melissa now, but if she knew why, than she would think I belonged in a mental home.

“What do we do?”

“Nothing, if we mention something, she will kill your friend, and you.” He says.

My stomach drops.

“You will not be near her you will drive your friend and her friend home, than go home. And if you resist, I will make sure your parent’s know who she is, and they will tell you not to go near her.” Alec says.

“I promised I would supervise them.” I say. “You say to act normal, well I need to supervise them, or her mom won’t let them see each other.”

Alec does not like this, not at all.

“On two exceptions. Only today, after today, your friend will find someone else to supervise, and I will be there. Aro does not want the Cullen Hybrid to be harmed, well you are a Cullen hybrid as well, and you will be protected as well.”

I sigh. “Melissa won’t like that.”

“Then you cannot be near her.” He says. “I will tell your parents.”

I knew the second I saw Melissa she was dangerous, and with Alec acting this way, and the fact that she was kicked out of the Volturi because she was dangerous scared me. I didn’t want to do this, not at all.

Alec must have noticed. “You look sick.”

I felt sick all of a sudden, I felt dizzy and sick. Something I never really felt before. “I don’t want to do this.” I say.

“Then tell your friend you are not feeling well. I am sure she will understand.” And he starts walking back to Melissa and Raychel, leaving me there.

I slowly walk back, my legs not wanting to work as I walk over.

“You don’t look so well, are you feeling fine?” Melissa asks as I get there.

“No, it’s been building. I just, I didn’t want to let you down.” I say.

“Will you still be able to hang out today?” Melissa asks.

“I do not think that that is the best thing. You guys to not want to get sick, it might be contagious.” Alec says, to which Melissa sends him a cold look, than looks at me.

“Do you want to go home? You can if you want, just drop Raychel and I off at my house and my mom can supervise.” She says, frowning.

I slowly nod, getting weaker. “I’m sorry.” I say, looking at her.

Melissa shook her head, her curls flying around. “Don’t be. If you’re not feeling well, than you should go home and rest. Will you be fine enough to drive?” She asks.

“She told me I could do the driving.” Alec says. I never said that, but come to think about it, that might be the best idea.

Melissa than looks at Alec with a cold look again, before looking back at me. “Let’s get you to the car.” She says, coming closer, as if to help me, but Alec puts an arm around my waist, stopping Melissa in her tracks, and she looks at me.

I shrug, not feeling well at all enough to care, and I know she knows that, and looks back at Raychel.

“Come on, change of plans, we’re hanging out at my house today, and Alex is going home.”

Raychel does not like this she wants to be alone with Melissa. The air is telling me that my not feeling well is Raychels doing.

I look at Melissa a weak smile. “Maybe next time.” But I know there will be no next time, because as long as I am near them, I will feel like this.

Alec helps me walk out to the car, as Melissa and Raychel walk behind us, hand in hand. When we get to the car, Alec asks for the keys, though I am reluctant, I give them to him anyway, since I am in no state to drive.

He helps me in the front passenger seat, and offers to put Raychel’s bags in the trunk, but got a dirty look from Melissa, and shrugs, getting in the driver’s seat, and looked at me. I thought I saw worry in his eyes, but I don’t know.

*** *** ***

I am just going inside to lie down. I was home now. I was feeling slightly better, but not enough to walk on my own, and Alec had to help me in, though once we were inside, my dad took Alec’s place, and made me feel more comfortable.

Alec followed up to my room, and after my dad lied me down, covering me up, he looked at Alec.

“What happened?” He asks, trying to hide his anger, so not to scare me.

“That is better discussed with the family and Jane.” Alec replies.

“You are going to tell me what happened to my daughter right now, or you are getting out of this house.”

“It’s Raychel.” I say, and my dad looks at me.

“Melissa’s girlfriend? What about her?” He asks.

“Her real name is Sadie.” Alec says, causing my dad to look at him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” My dad asks him.

“She was with the Volturi and she was forced to leave 55 years ago. Aro was displeased with her behavior, and forced her out. He was disappointed, because she had rare gifts. She can disguise herself as a human, and,” He gestures to me. “Make humans feel near death. Since Alex is only half human, she got half of the sickness. It is all in the mind though, which is why she is sick right now.”

Dad looks at me, and then at Alec. “Where is Melissa right now, if Raychel is so dangerous?” He asks.

Alec looks at him. “If Sadie, or you call her Raychel, knows that we know something is wrong, she will kill Alex’s friend, and Alex, since they are easier to kill.” He says.

Dad narrows his eyes, though he looks at me.

“Are you feeling fine?” He asks.

“Better than I felt in the airport, or near Raychel.” I reply.

“I do not want you near her. If what Alec says is true, I’m not risking your life, you are not going near Raychel, and you make sure Melissa knows that I don’t want you near her. If she asks why, tell her because I do not know Raychel, and I do not feel comfortable with you hanging out with someone older than you and from a big city.”

I sigh, but nod. To be honest, I wasn’t going to hang out with Raychel as it was, but now I have a reason, though a lie, still a reason, to tell Melissa why.

“Aro should know that Sadie is here, he will send more of his guard to protect your family, mainly the hybrid. He should know of Alex as well. He does not like it when things are kept from his knowledge.”

“He can bite my ass. I do not want him knowing of my daughter, and I do not want any more of the Volturi here. You and Jane are enough.” Dad says.

Alec looks at him. “I will have a chat with Jane, and we will decide what is best, and present the idea to your family.” And with that, Alec was gone.

Dad looked at me then. “Get some rest.” He says, calming down some, so not to upset or scare me.

I nod, lying down, closing my eyes.

*** *** ***

I wake up, and it is four, and a text from Melissa on my phone.

Cn u hng 2day?

I check the time, and notice that I had slept all night.

Cant. Dad wont let me.

I hit reply, and another text comes in right away.

R u serius? Y?

I sigh, as I reply.

He doesn’t know her. He’s nervous about me hanging with her.

It takes a few minutes for her to reply.


And that was it, I frown at this.

I tell the air to go see if she is mad at me, and let me know why.

I then get up. I still do not feel too well, but I am far better than I was before, that’s for sure. I look in the mirror and frown. I look horrible. I sigh, and look down.

The door opens, and I turn around, lifting my eyes brows, seeing Alec walk in. “There’s such a thing as knocking.” I say, looking at him.

Alec looks at me. “You communicated with your friend. You’re not going there.”

“I know that, I’m not planning on going. I felt sick yesterday, I don’t want to feel sick again today.” I say in reply.

“Well you’re family, Jane and I are going to talk, and you need to be there.” He says.

I look at him. “Why do I have to be there? I don’t want to.” I say.

“Because she is your friend, and your friend’s girlfriend.” He says.

“I don’t want to go.” I say again, looking down. Jane made me feel bad, and she scared me. But I wasn’t about to tell him that.

“She will not bother you. I will make sure of it.”

I look up, seeing my dad.

“Edward filled me in, so, I thought I’d come reassure you.”

I nod, looking at him. “Alright.” I say, frowning.

I look down. I do not want to go and talk. I haven’t seen my mom in a few days and I don’t know what she will think about everything. I am worrying about a lot of things. I look around my room for something to throw on, since it can be colder downstairs, and the air is cold today.

I frown standing there, turning to see Alec still standing there, and I frown, looking away. He was not looking, he was changing. My brain, wanting to look back again, and to be honest, so did I. To help me forget about everything for a short amount of time, because it was extremely overwhelming, and stressful. I know if I looked back at Alec, as he was changing, it would be extremely dangerous,

I looked around, seeing Alec standing there, staring at me. I exhaled the breath I was holding, and looked at my door, thinking.

“Come on down Alex!” I hear my dad call, but I do not want to go down. I went to sit on my bed, getting slightly dizzy, and close my eyes for a few minutes.

“Alexandria!” My dad calls, pulling me out of my daze, looking at my clock. I have been sitting here for about ten minutes, just sitting here. I look around, and Alec is still in the room, and he offers some help to get down stairs.

“You are needed for this conversation. Come back up here if you need to afterwards, but, for now, come down stairs to join in this conversation.” Alec says.

His hand was still offered in help, but I stand on my own. It’s not a whole step I take, before losing balance from being dizzy, that I fall and come a foot from the floor, before Alec catches me, and picks me up, walking to the door, than down the stairs. When in the living room, he sat me down on the couch next to my dad.

“She still is dizzy; she cannot keep balance on her own.” He says, and I look at my dad.

My dad just gave an annoyed nod of sorts.

I yawn, putting my head on my dad’s arm, trying to keep awake, though it is extremely difficult.

“She is not feeling well at all. Carlisle, you need to check her out.” Edward says.

“She’s emotionally drained.” Jasper adds.

I am then surrounded, and I do not like it. “Don’t. No. Stop. Move back. Please.” I say, but none of them work. Alec stepped in then, and told my family to back off.

I look around, and the room spins. I still do not feel well, and the main symptom is dizziness.

My dad looks at me, and the last thing I remember is my dad asking if I was alright, before I fell asleep.

*** *** ***

I dream of Alec. I do not know why, I do not like it. But he is helping me from Raychel, and he has no shirt on. Why is my brain torturing me like this, I do not like it. I need to learn to train my brain more, it’s getting out of control.

I liked the last 2 chapters. Lol, I loved how Alec is so annoying, he keeps staying around Alex, now I know why, maybe he knew trouble was ahead because of Raychel, I wonder if Melissa will ever find out, I hope not, or she'd freak out and get hurt and so would Alex

Yea, I know. We'll see how Melissa turns out.

I wonder :) I love this story, keep posting more

thanks, and i will


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