The Twilight Saga

Both seem kinda cool, and I don't know which one to go with.....which one would you choose and why?

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Me too:>, 100%, and i love to sleep too (no problem with Edward though) ~ I cant wait to tell 'em!

VAMPIRE FOREVER AND FOREVER AND FOREVER...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats a great pic=)
To me, both are fine.:)
Vampire cuz well werewolves are weird!
True, 2 fury....wierd??? =p
Vampires!! Cuz then u could b a CULLEN!!!
No contest Edward is the only one as far as I'm concerned. If you aren't Team Edward you don't belong here. Edward is kind hearted , he is never insulting or smart mouthed and hateful. He cares for Bella more than his own life and really she wouldn't have a life if Edward hadn't put his life "his very existance" and his familys lives also", in her hands when he saved her from the auto wreck. Jacob has nothing but a body and he is concieted about that. I do not like him he is nothing but a very rude child. If your mind is changed so easily then I would surely not want to be your boyfriend or husband. What would you do throw him over because someone else grew a few muscles and your friend liked him better than your boyfriend or husband.. you're pretty fickle.
Naw, I like the idea though, Team Edward is my life! A wreck, i know, that's what i've been trying to get through_Urgh!
Vampire...Team Edward! But, I will need to have a child too before I'm changed. ;-)
yeah...both seem cool...but i m always team edward....SORRY.....Nyway i love Twilight...
No problem, I will always be on Team Edward!!!!_Love him in the book sooo much more than jacob.....I think i have an anwser=)


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