The Twilight Saga

Both seem kinda cool, and I don't know which one to go with.....which one would you choose and why?

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only vampire
Vampire through and through.... always found them appealing and always wised i was one or i knew one (yes you can say it im extremly sad :L)

I love wolves 2(not werewolves) their freaky!!!! Great list*
Hands down, without a doubt............Vampire!! They beautiful, cold, fast, don't have to sleep, they smell good and they are just cool.
Yep, that's a great list 2, thanks for letting me know:")
vampire !
Thats what i think, when ever it hppened in the book>>I would stop reading, put down the book, then SCREAM!!!!!! espesionally in Eclipse, but not to much in breaking dawn=>
Easy answer...vamps rule and werewolves drool. Take that Team Jacob.


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