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what do you like most vampires or werewolves?

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I like both :)

I like both, but I prefer the wolves.  I like that they are still human, but have added abilities.  They seem to have more choices, they can live forever or they can grow old and die.  They can eat normal food and other than their hot temperature blend in easily with society.  

yeah, that's a good point about werewolves :)



Vampires for sure!  Immortality, super-abilities, and that brooding, weedy disposition ;)  Team Edward all the way!

yeah ,thats great about vampires :)

Werewolves, the pack act and think as one and are forever the protector of those they love.

yeah that's great about werewolves too :) <3

both i guess

Yeah, me too :) i love Jacob and i love Edward <3

its an 50-50 for me but i like jacob more because hes so nice to bella in the first 3 movies and hes super HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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