The Twilight Saga

what if instead of jacob helping bella in new moon....mike did...edward never comes back and bella tries to go on with mike's help....mike and his sister Violet help bella heal and she slowly starts a new life with their help.....the 3 of them go to college but what hapens when she meets this unexpected person....will it ruin her new life?

preface: many turns faith takes to make you realize what you did wrong and what few things were right.....and suddenly there you are.... always chased by pain when you thought destiny was finnally giving you a chance to live....
looking back now i have no regrets emotional death seems to be stalking me when fisical death fine with that.... i have already goten used to being a danger magnet i just wish things would have been different......that i wasnt saying goodbye to my last memory of him.....that he would have loved me enough to stay....but he was never comming back he said it before....
now it didnt matter.... i was never going to forget him but i had to walk forward..... life had been unfair giving me just a taste of what true happiness once felt like..... i knew that...but i had to try....try to forget or at the verry least remember the less posible.... it could be impossible but i had to try.....

i looked back to my old room and remembered how many times he snuck into my room without no one's may times he sang my lullaby for me to many times i whispered "i love you" in dreams....too bad he didnt feel the same many times he would kiss me good morning many times his volvo would be waiting for me at the many times he stayed up with me just looking into eachother's eyes....that daywould be the last time i would remember those good things.....the pain inside me was by far more potent than the love i once felt for him.....after i steped out of the house that day i would be a new girl....i would be forever isabella and bella would be traped in the box i made for her in a dark corner of my heart and mind she would never come out again.....
bella died in my 18th birthday and isabella was being born today....isabella swan was going to live.....

*honk honk* violet's car was already in the driveway....."come on isabella we are going to be missing all the fun" she yelled from her dark green corolla as i reached for the window....a litle car compared to the one she really owened...

"almost ready Vi ( short for violet)" i screamed from the window so she could hear me

"come on izzie michel is getting anoying here" violet waved from her driver seat and pointed to the passenger seat......tomorow we were both going to start college....mike and me of course violet was already in seccond grade of laws there....she was entusiastic when the summer was finnaly over....we had so much fun during the summer but she wanted us to start college soon because we would be going with thypical in Vi......

"isabella violet is getting inpacient please come down she is about to snap on me"michel shouted getting out of the car.....charlie was waiting downstairs too....sad to be saying goodbye.... that i was grown up now and was going to college....

i finished packing and headed dowonstairs with my roler-skates suitcase....charlie greeted me at the door.....

"take care isabella" he wasnt a man of too many words but those felt just right...."study hard kiddo" he said as he patted my head

"i will take good care of myself and if not michel and violet will do it for me" i grinned at mike and Vi who were watching me say goodbye to my father .....
"i'll miss you dad i promise to visit every weekend i have will you survive if i leave you to cook by yourself? " i looked at charlie who had teard in his father wasnt a man who would cry but due to the occasion i didnt mind

"i'll miss you too izzie ".....charlie hugged me i returned his hug i realized that i was crying too

"ok well gotta go dad....i will write as soon as i reach the campus" i said breaking away from his hug and heading towards the car that was waiting for me.....mike opened the back door of the car for me and got in next....making sure he was close to me....i neded him more than anything at this moment he was my sedating person.....if i ever broke into tears he would know how to stop them

violet got the car going and i lowed the window glass to wave goodbye to charlie....after my house was out of view i sat motionless there....watching the driveway as we passed the woods behind my house were "that person" left me sobbing..... the grocery store...the hospital were i had first met carlisle....the forks local bank were alice had many times stoped before draging me shopping....we passed the forks highschool sign and i remembered how he saved me from the van in the parking lot that was still visible from where we were driving......finally getting out of forks i saw the tiny car trail that led to their house were a year ago my life had ended.....

i looked at the trail again as we drove away from forks "goodbye edward" i whisperd ....."i love you" i leted a few tears escape my eyes as i watched th widow..... i saw the driveway extend and the trail to his house was no longer visible.....
mike gave me an one-arm hug and wiped my tears...violet looked at me not slowing her driving and shot me an understanding smile.....we finally drove out of forks and now bella would be gone forever ......isabella was now taking her place.....

Chapter 1: how it all started

“That’s it Bella I can’t stand it anymore you are going to Florida….seeing you like this it pains me too”

“Nooo I’m not going to Florida you can’t make me” I said snapping from the mental bock I had created on myself in the past months….. I couldn’t hear I couldn’t feel or see anything outside me…. I was just there blocking others from me….. Spacing out since he left …..The one who once held my life….

“Bella you are so numb I can see it….being here in forks isn’t doing you well you are so….lifeless…. it hurts me just to be watching how my daughter is drained from life and not do anything ….”Charlie said that morning breaking the silence we always had during breakfast

It had been months since “he” went away…..I couldn’t bear to think about him it pained so much….. even his name or his family…..the same family I once dreamed to belong…..the same ones who left me without even explaining…..without saying good bye…..

He was gone and took my life with him….. I now felt dead…… like there was nothing to look forward to…. zero … what was left inside me….nothingness…..
maybe that was what really happened…… after all the struggle it took him to keep me alive…..after all the restraining from my blood only for me to be safe….. To avoid killing me…..he left….. And my very desire of existence left with him…..he did kill me after all….. But not in a fiscal way…..being dead fisically would be better than this…..being dead emotionally ached much more….. At least when you are dead you stop feeling pain but in my state the pain only grows over time it never decreases….

I had to take myself out of this numbness state……for Charlie and for Renee…..but how to walk forward….. when the very core of your existence is missing…how to….how to look in the mirror and not feel empty… to….how to stop the tears that crept to my eyes every night reminding me that he is not watching me dream anymore… to….. How to believe in life when death is stalking you….I wanted a glimpse of hope..... anything to convince me that it was worth living with the pain…..anything….

“Bella he may never come back you need to start living and stop dying… are so young you have a big life ahead of you….. please don’t waste it waiting for a star that may not shine again” Charlie said his voice filled with authority

“That’s right dad” I felt the tears creeping into my eyes “he may never come back….” I broke off to cry and ran to my room…..I couldn’t stand it anymore I needed a solution I wanted one….

“Bella, I didn’t mean to…..” Charlie called out as I slammed the door of my room putting the lock on….

I looked around…my bed…my closet….the desk with my computer….the window always left open….the color of the curtains…..even the rocking chair next to my bed reminded me of him… every detail of my surroundings reminded me of my sorrow....of him…of them….how the hole in my chest grew bigger were my heart was supposed to be… it threatened to kill me of grief…. It was just unbearable

“Bella….Bella…open the door” Charlie knocked various times at my wooden door frame

“Leave me alone” I yelled between sobs “go away I don’t want to talk”……. I heard Charlie sigh and go downstairs minutes later the cruiser was leaving…..Charlie was probably thinking I needed alone time….. he was surely right…. I didn’t want to talk to anyone……

I cried in my bed….sometime in the middle of the sobs I must have fallen asleep….

I woke up after a dreamless and uncomfortable sleep and looked at the time….wow it was already 3 o’clock gosh I missed school…..just my luck going through an emotional breakdown on a school day…I got up thinking I could call Angela Jessica and Ben probably….to ask for notes of the classes I had with them….
I was going to the door when I tripped and fell on my face…. Stupid clumsiness…..I looked to see on what I had tripped this time and noticed that one of my floorboards was crooked…I went to take a look at it….this house was a little old so maybe the floor was old too…. I would need a carpenter to fix it…..I was able to lift the floorboard easily and then….

Mike’s pov

That day I was in class….checking on the history notebook blah that was so boring….. Jessica had broken up with me 3 weeks ago claiming that there was no chemistry….like if she was what? She wasn’t even pretty…. I knew I was lying to myself…..Jessica was a nice girl but I didn’t like the way she treated Bella……

Bella had been acting weird ever since Cullen left for L.A…..for all I knew he broke up with her before leaving…. He was such a coward breaking a girl’s heart and running away ….humph that stupid… Bella was pretty and nice she wasn’t like other girls...... how that obtuse stupid dare break her like that…..

The bell rang and as I went to the parking lot I noticed that Bella’s truck wasn’t there…..weird I didn’t see her in biology gym or calculus (the classes I shared with her) too and Bella wasn’t the type of person to ditch class by her own will…not responsible and punctual Bella…she was always studying even on lunch..... Maybe something happened to her ….. I could take that as an excuse to visit her ….yeahh that would work….Bella I noticed you didn’t go to school today so I brought you the notes of calculus and biology…. Yes that could do…. Anything to visit Bella swan….

I drove to her house and stopped at the driveway….. I knocked the door….it was a little dry today so there was no rain to bother me…. I knocked again…. Maybe she wasn’t home...... dang.... I really wanted to see her….

Suddenly I felt that I should enter the house…. I felt that something was wrong…. I knocked again

“Bella are you home? It’s me mike” my voice was loud but there was no answer ….. I felt the sting again…. Something was wrong

The door was open and I went in without trouble…..there she was ….in the living room with her back to me …. I wonder why she didn’t open the door…. I walked to her and noticed she was crying, tears running from her pretty brown eyes…. She was holding what seemed to be some photographs and a cd player too…..

She turned and realized I was there….. “oh mike” was all she said before breaking into a uncontrollable crying…..she looked so filled with pain I had to do something….. I looked at her again and hugged her…..she cried and cried on my shoulder until I felt her body grow heavier and the crying stopped…..she had passed out on my arm…..

I holded Bella carefully and gently placed her in the sofa of the living room…..I had never been to her house before so her room was unknown to me….I took a chair and seated next to her ….even while sleeping the pained expression on her face never vanished…. I had never seen Bella like this….so filled with sorrow it was unnatural for a young girl to feel like that….. I took a look to see what she had been looking at to make her cry so much…… the pictures were of her birthday last September the one she was specifically holding was one of Edward…..

Of course she would be crying he did this to her…..he made sweet ad endearing Bella the walking nothingness she was….. I had never seen her like this….se was always so separated from us at the lunch table and never answered if I was talking to her …..Angela said it was just a phase that she needed time to catch up….but now I understood what I was so blind to see even as Bella’s friend….

It wasn’t just a phase it was a mayor thing…..Bella was hurt inside that’s why she never talked and was so away in her own thoughts….the very mention of his name brought a sad edge to her eyes….now I knew It was bigger …how long could she have been like this before no one noticed …..How long would she cry when nobody was there to see... she was letting life pass her by and now I was witnessing it…..?

before that day I had always seen Isabella swan as a pretty chick I would someday have the guts to ask out…. but now I saw that she was more…..just by seeing her cry I realized the pain Cullen must have caused her …… and she was alone….it must have been hard on her to face life everyday…..

She was alone and no one could help her because she never let anyone in….. But now she was not going to be alone….even if I was only going to be a friend for her I would try to help her I felt that I had the duty to repair the broken girl that was there sleeping….Bella didn’t deserve pain…

Bella twitched in the couch and started talking…..

“!!!Don’t go Edward!!! Don’t leave!!!! Please come back” she started yelling in her sleep…she twitched and turned while I watched…...“I don’t want to go on…. come back” she yelled again…. I was almost positive that she was awake but still her eyes were shut and sound….. She relaxed a little then started again “you said like if I never met you but you are a liar!!!” …… “!!!!Edward I love you please don’t leave me!!!” she started to let down silent sleep sobs

I looked at Bella again….. How could he do this to her….she was so good….and she was suffering because of him….I finally understood that Bella’s relationship with Edward wasn’t a simple crush…. She did love him and even after all this time she still waited for a miracle….but he didn’t love her…..because if he had he wouldn’t have left like that ….. Hurting a girl like Bella was so unforgivable…. That brat didn’t deserve her …..He didn’t deserve her tears…..her longing he didn’t deserve her love…..

Bella started screaming and woke up crying…. I needed to do something she was so broken…. I couldn’t stand seeing her cry…..she was sobbing uncontrollably unaware that I was there….

I reached out for her and hugged her trying to calm her down “its ok Bella….it’s ok…. You can smile now….you can talk to me now” I said soothing her back….. She cried on my shoulder for what seemed a long time…..I tried to comfort her…. “Bella he doesn’t deserve you….he is stupid for leaving you” I tried to comfort her

“But he was right….I mean he was so….so….unique.... and I’m so ordinary” she spoke after calming her sobs a bit

“how dare you think of yourself that way….Bella you are such a special girl that’s why everybody likes you” …….she chuckled darkly maybe remembering Jessica or Lauren who didn’t treat her well “ok almost everyone likes you” I tried to lift her mood

“Mike he said he didn’t love me anymore that he was leaving because of me….. and when his family left they didn’t even say good bye…..they obviously didn’t like me…” she broke into tears again…..I felt so sorry for Bella….she was really going through a lot and it pained her even after all these months…she still spoke as if the Cullens had left yesterday ……. I couldn’t stand there and just watch… that I knew what she felt inside I couldn’t let her stay that way……not anymore

I pated her back slowly “Bella I think you need to let go of them….. they left months ago and maybe you would be better if you try to walk forward” I knew my words would hurt her like a knife but I had to say it…..from now on I decided to take upon myself the duty of repairing Bella….and if that meant jumping of a parachute or downloading dynamite I would do it….. I just felt the urge to protect her….from pain…from danger… from Cullen and most definitely from herself…..

“I don’t know how mike….I don’t know how…everything reminds me of him I can’t take it anymore…. I do need to walk forward but I don’t know how” she said again between sobs

“Doesn’t worry Bella….I will help you….I will show you a way out of that hole” I looked at her....her expression suddenly shifted and she sat still…wiping her tears…..

“Ohh mike I don’t want you to get a wrong idea I mean I still need to heal I don’t want to date” she had that serious frown

I chuckled loudly “Bella its ok…. I am your friend right?......just like Angela and just like Ben….I want to help you…. But in order for me to help you… need to trust me…..let me in…. I want the old Bella back and if not.... a new one may be born….I don’t like the actual Bella….she isn’t happy” I looked at her….she was still wiping her tears but she understood….

“Can I really trust you?” she questioned me I nodded “only friend’s right?” she said again reassurance in her voice…..

“Yes only friends… me Bella I already saw what you are really feeling and I want it to stop only that...…I want to make it go away” I smiled….she frowened as if she remembered something painfull…..

“I….I…I… trust you mike….but please don’t betray me like others have….please don’t”she said tears streaming down her eyes again…..I held her again and she cried on my shoulder……

“I won’t betray you…. I promise…. I will help you heal…… if you accept my helping hand….”

“Don’t break that promise… please… he promised too and he…he …. Disappointed me…… you are my friend right?....please don’t break your promise” she said that between sobs….I wanted to aid her ….. No way I would walk away like that hypocrite did….. I patted her head softly….

“I won’t….I will be here to aid you….you will see….there is a future ahead for you that doesn’t involve crying over a idiot….look at me and tell me you will try to look forward…..”

Bella nodded “I will try…. It could be useless…. His memory is everywhere…. I don’t think I can do it….we had so many good times….his presence is stamped in my surroundings” she tried to compose herself but still she looked like she would cry again any moment

“Bella someone told me when I was a kid…..that the past is history…..the future a mystery but today is a gift that is why it’s called present” I looked down to find her seated in the couch…. “just don’t throw it away… gave you a gift it’s called love….and the fun thing about it is that the more you give away the more it grows inside you….many may not return your gift but others will….. So why cry over those who were mean if there are others around you who are good….just keep your eyes open”

She lifted her eyes and made a little smile “thanks mike I really needed to hear a friend….” She still had the sorrowful expression but at least she was no longer crying…..she looked at the clock…..

“Wow it is night time already…..Charlie will be here in a while I have to cook dinner” her expression changed completely…..she was wearing again that stiff mask that gave nothing away…..

“I think I should get going too….my mother may be waiting at the store….I brought the notes of the classes you missed they are on the table” I said getting up from the chair next to the couch

“Thanks….. And yes I think you should get going ….my dad is a police…. he can arrest you for trespassing private property…….” Bella giggled a little as she walked me to the door…..good….she was not crying anymore

“Well miss swan….I am off… your company was very enjoyable” I said in a mocking British accent

She laughed a little …. Very little “well thank you mister Newton…. I did appreciate you appearance in my humble home…..your company was comforting” she said coping my fake attempt to sound British…..

I was going to my car when she stopped me “mike” she whispered at the door


“Thank you” she said.... “I know you have never seen me cry……thank you for being here just today I really needed someone”

“You are welcome Bella and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone….I saw that you were sad….sorry if I ever was rude to you and with he who must not be named…. I guess I was jealous… are such a wonderful girl Bella I can’t believe he let you go….. I hope one day you heal completely…. From now on will take that duty upon myself” I assured her

“Mike you don’t have to...” I cut her sentence

“Bella when you see a broken mirror even if it doesn’t belong to you.... you always will feel the need to repair it…..sorry for the analogies…but you are a broken glass now…. I will try to repair you because it is not fair….you don’t deserve pain the way you’ve had it…..I’m not going to stand here… day you will thank me for this” I assured her

“Mike….thanks…” she whispered

“Anytime Bella…ohh and call me if you need anything….if you want to talk….or else I will call you” I said as I climbed into my car….Bella stood in the driveway with a disbelief expression as she waved good bye….
bella’s pov

Ever since the day mike found me watching Edward’s picture crying he has been very attentive to me….. He no longer makes awkward comments ….now he talks to me every day….he cheers me up…. He has become very perceptive around me.... he even noticed the slight hint of sadness in me every time we talked….

I wonder why I never realized how easy it was to be friends with mike……maybe because he was always annoying he who must not be named with his thoughts about me……or maybe because I never really paid attention to him…..before mike was only a classmate now he was a friend….someone who knew everything about me….. I was glad he was always available to talk when I needed him…..and I told him everything (except for the whole vampire thing)

he always understood..... he never asked questions that may upset me…. he was just there for me to download my feelings…I didn’t have to pretend around mike….if I wanted to cry he just told me everything was all right and his shoulder was always available for my tears….I was now learning to trust him….. sometimes when I woke up at midnight crying I called him and he always understood……. he never complained about the hour or said anything..... he would just talk to me and tell me random things soothing me with his comforting words until he convinced me that the bogey man would not appear in my dreams that night…..then I would hang up and get a little comforting sleep…….. with mike words on my mind it was easy to fall asleep … he was a good person….trying to comfort me…..and it was helping me a lot….

I was getting better little by little but the hole in me was overpowering when I was not with mike …..he was like a sedating person….aways comingto my house every day to "study" just to make sure i didnt have a breakdown....but nevertheless when I was alone all the progress I had made was gone and I would find myself longing once again for the return of the one who had pained me the most……
I was all going like that until mike brought the real change into my life….... two monts had passed since that day and mike had become my best friend....i felt like i owed my life awakening to him i would always smile when he was near... making jokes about whatever random topic he could find.....he was like a personal light like the sun....warm...happy....bright..... he was there and i was thankfull

“Bella can you come to my house to dinner tomorrow?” mike asked the day before the start of Easter vacation

“Yes mike I would love to…..Mrs. Newton cooks great lasagna… you think she can give me the recipe….. The one I cook isn’t that good and I will really like to cook a better one for Charlie”

“Hmm lasagna? I will make sure we have it in our table tomorrow….by the way I want you to meet someone” mike said as we walked to the parking lot after gym

“Who?” I asked curious

“It’s a surprise….but I can tell you will love her”

“Her? Who is her?” I asked again “mike tell me please”

“no you will have to find out yourself tomorrow……do you mind if I pick you up… about if I take you to the movies before meeting my special guest….. Hope you don’t mind….it’s a action comedy no romance in it…… besides I want to make sure she waits a little”

“Are you asking me for a date mike?”

“No…. I just want to make sure that if my mom gives my special guest your address you won’t be at home…..she is so eager to meet you… are you in…. I can ask Charlie for permission too”

“don’t worry mike…..with the time you spend in my house Charlie wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I’m going on a friendly date with you… at what time?.... mikes face lit at the word date….. I remember when I first refused to date him a year ago and he ended up with Jessica….. If I had agreed I would have saved myself so much….

“Bella are you ok….are you thinking about he who must not be named again?” he asked….see what I meant he always noticed the slightest change in my mood….

“No I’m ok mike...... I was just feeling sad because you won’t tell me who she is” I lied

“Ohh well you will find out soon enough… the way i will be dropping by at 3 sharp” he smiled and I sighed in relief as he bought my lie

“Ok mike see you tomorrow” I waved as he went to his car and I to my truck…… I wonder who is the mysterious girl..... well I was about to find out soon enough

The next day I told Charlie about my plans with mike and he was rather happy I was finally snapping from my “zombie state” as mike called it….. the rest of the day was nostalgic….my room still held Edward’s presence in it and all I could do was run away from there… fact I had been sleeping in the couch since mike an I became close….. Even looking at the constant green outside my window reminded me of the woods and subsequently of the Cullens house that was in those woods….. I shook my head...... I had to try and get those things out of me….. I had to make mike’s efforts worth the try…..

Finally mike arrived at my house…..we went to watch a movie…. It was fun….kicking punching and a little comedy just like mike promised there was no romance…. I was grateful…. After that we drove to his house….

“So ready to meet my special guest?” mike asked humorous

“Yes I mean she is not dangerous right? the way!!who exactly is she?!! ” I yelled…mike pulled the car to his house side and chuckled

“Ready?” he asked again as he opened the door……I nodded….

As soon as the door opened there was a girl with long light brown hair and nice green eyes about three inches shorter than me...she looked at me with amazement and Darted towards me

“Isabella hello…..” she greeted me with a warm feeling shaking my hand

“Bella this is my sister violet…..violet this is Bella

“Of course this is Bella…..mike has told me so much about you” violet said looking at me “and you were right mike she is so pretty”…… I blushed and mike cleared hi throat embarrassed

“Mike I didn’t know you had a sister…..why didn’t you tell me”

“Well Isabella Michel doesn’t talk a lot about me…. I’m only his litle sister.... i dont live here long story…..and because I’m smarter than him….did you know I’m already in college”

“But how?..... How old are you violet?” I asked intrigued

“I’m seventeen but since I have an IQ of 200 I was admitted in the university easily…..ohh Bella we have so much to talk about….mike has told me so much about you…….right now I’m on Easter vacation so I’ll spend the rest of the week here”

“That’s nice….I think mike should have told me he had a sister”…..I glared at mike who smiled innocently

“I wanted violet to surprise you….” He said simply

“By the way….where are you two going to college?” violet asked

“Well we don’t know…. I mean there are no plans yet at least on my side” I said absentminded…..

“On my side nothing much too…..why are you looking at me that way violet” mike looked at his sister

“well I was thinking that you could come to study in the Elite star university with me….it’s in new Orleans ….it rains a lot so you won’t miss forks hehehe….new Orleans is actually the 3 rd rainiest place in the entire country that’s the only bad part….it’s were I’m studying right now and if you both study hard you could get in with a little of my help……I would love to have brother close to me and the school has the best teaching process…..”

“You say that so freely violet….” Mike said sarcastically while I contemplated the idea of college…..

It didn’t sound bad and maybe Charlie was right…..getting out of forks would do me well…..I had a future I didn’t realize….college wow….. I could barely imagine myself there but maybe I could accept violet’s idea…..

“Violet you say that if mike and I study hard we can get a place in your university….in any career we chose…”

“I guess I said it…. I may have to move some influences but yes…..if you get good grades I could personally give the headmaster the application and get you both accepted…..anything for mike to be close to me”

I looked at mike with pleading eyes “ok violet as you wish….. We will do as you say and study hard but don’t do anything you might regret later….like sending my application to a ballet school” mike teased

Violet jumped in glee “!!!Cool mike and Bella would be coming to the Elite Star this fall !!!” she hugged me “thanks Bella…thanks”

“Ready to eat” Mrs. Newton called from the kitchen

“Yesss I’m so hungry!!!!” violet said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the dining room….. “I think we are going to get along well” she said enthusiastically “we are going to be great friends”

I dropped my eyes were had I heard that before
a few things you need to know....
i am not a jacob fan so he may not appear if he does it will have to be abosolutely neccesary.....
violet has a personality similar and different to alice
did i mention that im not a werewolf fan either although i like seth
instead of laurent going to the meadow hunting.....victoria did and the wolves killed her so there is no victoria stalking bella but i think we should be carefull with laurent

ok did you like it....this fic i wrote just for fun...the idea had been swiming around my head for days..... just tell me if you like it.... i have another fic in wich im really trying to concentrate but since im not geting good ideas for that one i posted Walk foward just for fun.....i hope you like it lets say that its my seccond fic....if you want me to take it seriously.... comment....

sincerely escaily

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hey also I do have 2 new stories out called trouble is still here and the Cullen’s vacation trip

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hey guys im back sorry for the delay im curently expiriencing tecnical difficulties so i kinda dont know when im gonna post more..... i relly love you guys its just that my family is having poblems and i need to step out of writing for a bit please undrstand me..... here is my seccond chapter enjoy

Chapter two: violet rhapsody

I stared into the ceiling of the living room as I woke up ….i was still sleeping in the couch….Charlie had already left for work… what a revelation……. And i was stuck here with nothing to do for the rest of Easter vacation …..Maybe my little life saver would know what to do ……mike…..the night before I had met a singular person….. Violet Newton ….

Violet seemed to be quite sweet and enthusiastic she sure was mike sister…..after our introductions we didn’t get a time to talk better… dinner was ready and mike kept embarrassing me with the way i played volleyball in gym I naturally flushed tomato red and violet thought it was hilarious…..she said that she enjoyed being with mike’s “friend” I swear she choked out the word…..

During dinner violet told me that mike and her also had another older sister named Amethyst (Amy for short) who was 23 and in her last year in accountability with her husband Jonathan ….mike said that they got married before entering college he thought his sister was crazy but he also liked Jonathan as a brother…..

violet told me about her boyfriend Raymond who was a second year student to be an lawyer like her …….mike again interrupted saying that violet and ray had been dating since elementary school (although he was 18 and violet 17) and have been a couple all trough middle school and high school….when Raymond found out that violet was leaving for college a year early he was ecstatic since he was a year older than her and would also be going to college so they went together.

Mike told me that ray would always belong to his family since he was his little sister’s boyfriend ….violet kept talking about Raymond and how she wanted me to meet the rest of their family….. She wanted to fill me up with as much details of her life as possible but unfortunately as soon as I finished my dish mike said he was going to take me home….

He must have done that to annoy violet…. It jumped out of sight that they did these type of things to each other constantly…. however mike’s eyes were filled with love for his sister I could tell….their relation was so different from ….oh no i couldn’t even think of their names but it was too late Alice and Edward….mike and violet were so different from Alice and Edward yet so similar… no no Bella you can’t think about them ….i thought to myself….

I remember mike apologizing for his sister behavior while he brought me home… I had just begun to realize how little I knew about mike and how much he knew about me….. that wasn’t fair… I wanted to know about him too…...

Charlie was happy when he saw me laughing with mike as he took me to front door….another kind of father would have brought out a gun when opening the door….that night I didn’t have nightmares..... I just slept soundly without dreams in the couch… the only thing that tied me to my room was my need of a closet…just that…

Suddenly a car pulled into the porch….

Strange….maybe Charlie forgot something…..

I opened the door and found violet next to a glossy green corolla…. did every new person I met had to have a pretty car except me…

“Bella my mom gave me your address so I wanted to come and visit before a certain boy would cut me off….ohhh sorry did I wake you up?” she said as I looked at her with a bewilder expression

“Umm no I woke up half an hour ago” I said mater of factly “ wanna come in I was about to make breakfast” I said looking at the rain pondering in her umbrella

“Yes I would love to…..” she said as i led her to the living room and went to make some hot chocolate in the kitchen

“Your house is very nice Bella it has a homefull feeling I like it” violet was looking around her

“So violet why suddenly appearing in my house?” I asked jokingly but she took it serious and walked to the kitchen to company me

“Honestly? I wanted to know you better….. mike always calls me saying that this really pretty girl has a problem and tells me he really wants to help her because she is special so I began wondering who mike’s special girl was and here I am wanting to know more about you because I also saw that you are special” violet smiled I could tell she was saying the truth and naturally flushed scarlet red

“well I am not very interesting what do you want to know?”I asked

“everything just give me a short description of your life and personal traits before you moved to forks and met mike…..he told me some things and well if you don’t mind I wanna know little details” she smiled and sat down waiting for me to start

I supposed it was alright..... violet was mike sister so I didn’t need to fear her...... besides I had the feeling she knew more about me that she let me notice “mmm well tell me what mike has told you about me and I will fill the blank spaces”

Violet smirked “he said you were a little clumsy…..that you didn’t like gym and that you blushed at everything” she smiled at the last part obviously realizing her brother was no liar

“First of all I am not a little clumsy I’m the clumsiest girl in the world I trip over my feet every 3 steps I take not counting the constant falling fainting and slipping…..” I laughed and she joined me ….. “yes I hate gym because well for the obvious reasons I can’t make it through the day without hurting myself or anyone around me in that deadly subject” ……I grinned remembering how mike always paired up with me in gym poor thing he got most of the work while I stumbled down the torture…..”Sorry you are free to think that I’m a klutz it’s ok” i was embarrassed by confessing my debility…… violet smiled again

“no actually I think it’s hilarious you’re super cool it means I have plenty grace to teach you when this week is done you will be less clumsy not quite graceful but defiantly less clumsy…..i will help with that” she clapped her hands joyfully and I recognized mike’s line I want to help

“What did mike tell you about my life after he met me?” I asked a bit harshly guessing he sure told her a lot of stuff…… she was his favorite sister

“mmm….well….if I tell you will you fill the blank spaces?…..let’s make a deal ….you tell me all about you with no secrets and I will tell you all about me and mike with no secrets…….please trust me….i want to be your best friend Bella….please….trust me” she had that martyr expression lost far as if she was looking into the horizon….. Violet seemed nice and good person like mike she wouldn’t leave me she had no reason to ….she was human also…….

I lost my best friend along with the love of my life but i had to go on…..he wanted me to go on….i didn’t want to disappoint mike….maybe violet could fill the hole Alice left behind…… she was so enthusiastic and bubbly just like Alice but violet would be here for me just like her mike…. he promised he would… maybe violet could help me overcome Alice….she wouldn’t leave because a stupid parasite tells her to…. she would make he own decisions that explains why she didn’t live with her mother …she was independent …. violet wouldn’t leave… I had to try….i wanted a best friend back

“I want a best friend too” I whispered and she must have heard the sadness in y voice because she walked to mead hugged me by the waist….

“Don’t worry Bella I’ll get you out of your pit little by little….i will be the greatest best friend you ever had” she said and broke from the hug…. “tell me everything about it I will understand don’t worry…..what mike told me is that you were in love of a person….deeply in love….he said that the person dumped you in the middle of the Forrest and ran away with his family like a coward to LA…..tell me the whole story” she sat down again and I poured her hot chocolate

“Ok I will tell you my story no interruptions please” she nodded and I began…. “well when i moved here I met Edward Cullen (I choked his painful name out) you may have seen the Cullens if you used to live here before I moved”

“ohh yeah I met them briefly before I went to college….just formal introductions I hardly remember faces but I remember they were gorgeous like models… you met Edward and…” she trailed of for me to pick the sentence up….

“well I met him and it was love at first sight……. at first he was distant but one night in port Angeles he saved me from hideous robbers and well skipping the fact that I was always in trouble he felt that it was his duty to protect me I think mike must have told you about the incident with the van…..but he had a secret that umm well….” i Couldn’t explain to her the fact that I dated a vampire so I tried to come up with an imaginative excuse….

“He told me that he and his family were professional assains of the CIA …. That they had been killing their whole life but they didn’t want to be monsters so they moved to forks for a normal family life” I edited the vampire thing into something more acceptable….violet face was in shock she had the ‘you dated a assain’ face…..if she only knew….. i rolld my eyes

“So he also told me that he and his family were susceptible to blood….that blood made them want to kill….like shark reflexes” yeahh that was acceptable shark reflexes ......anything more imaginative to add to the story.... like pixie dust bella? i thougt to myself…..

“he said he could kill me if he got angry or lost control but stupidly enough I stuck to him and his family telling him it didn’t matter to me…..i loved him so much….i still do but the pain inside me is also as potent as my love……ok so the family liked me and I was glad to be accepted in his life I never felt so whole in my life…..” skipping the part were James tried to kill me…… “Ok so we were happy and in love or at least I was…..on my birthday last year I accidently cut my finger in his house while celebrating my birthday and a drop of blood fell …..his brother jasper’s senses took over him and he tried to kill me….his sister Alice was my best friend she left for somewhere with jasper that day…. they were both dating….she didn’t even say goodbye she left… she just didn’t care about me……..Edward never looked at me the same and one day he took me into the Forrest and told me he didn’t love me anymore that he wanted to find distractions that he….he….” I trailed down and began to sob…violet held me to her shoulder until I was able to continue…..

“didn’t they care…why did they leave?..... to let me deal with myself alone in the darkness…..he didn’t even love me why did he even bother….i wanted to give up my life for him violet and he took it with him when he left….my heart was ripped from my chest ……didn’t he feel sorry?....didn’t he care?.....didn’t Alice care? Dint Emmett or Rosalie, Carlisle or Esme care? Were they just pretending? Because I would spill their little secret…”I began crying again and violet held her arms open

“It was horrible what he….they did to you Bella….mike was right when he meant you were dying of grief…..he took your life with him didn’t he?.....poor Bella that was so unfairly monstrous didn’t they think you would be so broken when they left? He is a horrible person Bella he doesn’t deserve you” violet soothed me understanding my whole story

“it’s more than that violet….he is everywhere….when I look around I can only remember him in those places even my own room its heartbreaking to enter it without remembering him and feeling he is not coming back” I tried to sound normal between my tears but I didn’t fool her….

Suddenly violet’s face lit up…. “Your room is heart breaking to enter?.....well perhaps we need to redecorate….come with me we are going shopping” I looked at her….her eyes were gleaming and why not…shopping ughh

“Sorry violet I just don’t like shopping or dancing or music or people spending money on me….” I told her…..she looked at me like if she got a hit in the bulb

“you said he took your life with him right? Well maybe you just need to build up a new one…. Try to be the opposite of the Bella he knew….. rebuild your heart with another tool” she smiled at her plan… wasn’t that crazy… could work….. I would change myself to be irrecognizeble I would change everything he used to not like about me and the things I didn’t like about myself too….becoming another person…. that could work…….. I had to build a new life to fit my new lifesaver expectations

“I like the sound of that….being the opposite of what I am… how do we start?” I asked….if she had the idea she must have the plan

“First pick a name for the future you…. I like Isabella like Izzie what do you think?”

“I guess it sounds good…..what’s next?”

“Well basically when you do something you would do normally just stop…. And ask yourself how Isabella would act in that situation and you got the trick but you must keep your good personal traits…. Like cooking cleaning the things you like about you”

“So if Bella would normally decline a shopping trip Isabella would accept it and make you pay for everything?” I thought about it….. I hated shopping but I was going to force my new self to love it and not feel embarrassed when someone pays the bills

“Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying….seriously do I get to pay for everything? So cool I have the feeling I will like Isabella more than Bella herself” she giggled

She asked to see my room and after I showed it to her she took out her iphone an began making a list of things to buy….she told me to dress up for going out and when I came down wearing my jeans t-shirt and sneakers she didn’t look at me with horror the way Alice would have…..even dough mike told me his sister was obsessed with fashion she didn’t look at my clothes hatefully…. she just said
“you look good now…. but you could be better ……we have to work on that too”……I was going to love violet

So we got in her green corolla and she drove to port Angeles not asking about my truck….she turned the radio on saying that she didn’t want to talk when she drives it was dangerous so she preferred to listen to music….the song playing was Hayden Panettiere, “Try” ….i dint like music since Edward left but that song felt just right….i had to sing along with violet both taking our turns in the different verses….she mostly sang louder for me while I kept my voice low….

(Both girls in the car singing).......( link to the song....

Bella: You're scared… you'll fall
sometimes it seems impossible
but your hopes…and dreams
are closer than they seem

Violet: Why not?
Give yourself a chance
Nothin's gonna hold you back
Everything you want is right there waiting
Whatcha wanna do
Gotta have some faith in you
Don't you know
That you can have it all

Both: If you TRY

Bella: You’re fears..and doubts
They find a way to break you down
But it’s not.. the end
You get right back up again

Violet: Why not?
Give yourself a chance
Nothin’s gonna hold you back
Everything you want is right there waiting
Whatcha wanna do
Gotta have some faith in you
Don’t you know
That you can have it all

Both: If you TRY

Violet: What’s the matter with believing that you can do anything..oh
Take control and make the future what you want it to be
That’s when you’ll see?

Both: If you TRY

“Bella you sing beautiful” violet said as the song ended and I realized we were already in port Angeles…..i hadn’t had this fun with a friend since….. Well I hadn’t actually had this fun…every time alice took me anywhere she was just annoying…. knowing what I would suggest…. It felt nice being human for once…..ohh

Alice how I missed her….but she wasn’t my friend anymore…..she left me …. She didn’t care about me….. Bella would forgive Alice but the new Isabella would hate her even more…..Alice left me because that hypocrite of Edward asked her to….i was left in the darkness with no help…. but mike appeared and offered me a hand plus he made sure I was not crying ….he made sure that i had little hope to hold on to….the hope of a new beginning..….

I remember mentioning to him how I missed Alice….. and now he brought violet so I wouldn’t miss anything about them…..i realized mike brought violet into my life because he wanted me to move on…replace them…. even though that couldn’t be done i was going to make my best effort to have the potential glee mike thought I could have ….i would soon learn to turn my pain into anger and loathe them all….. that would be my new goal…..

“Bella want to enter that store?” violet asked pointing to a store with a blue sign…..

“Are you giving me a choice?” I was surprised….maybe she was different to Alice…..Alice would just drag me to whichever expensive thing she saw in the future…..violet was actually giving me a choice

“Yes….duhh….shouldn’t i? we are here to shop for you not for me….if I wanted new clothes I would buy them when you are finished… do you want to enter the blue store or the pink boutique?” she asked maybe she was thinking I was not in my senses that day

“umm yeaH violet lets go to the” I looked at the two stores and picked the one that looked less expensive ….. “The blue store is ok”

“Ok here we go….by the way stop calling me violet… just call me vi that’s how my friends call me” she said as we entered the store….we stopped and headed to the ladies department….. I sat down waiting for her to get crazy over the things on the rack but she just stared at me….. “Aren’t you going to buy something?” she asked looking puzzled

“Umm yeahh I mean will you really let me chose? You are not going to just pick things for me and go to another store?”… I was surprised again…. Alice used to do that ughh….. I really needed to get out of forks in a human way more often…..

“No silly that is what Amy’s friends do for her….. and amethyst always ends up dumping what they bought in the garbage because it’s not what she would have chosen…..i don’t like to force people into things…. clothes mostly I can suggest but I won’t force you to wear something you don’t like…… did someone ever do it to you it’s so bothersome not to be able to chose yourself ughhh… pick what you like and model” vi giggled at the last part

wow violet did understand how I felt with my ex-friend “yeahh Alice used to take me shopping any she never bought what I really liked it made me angry”

“ohh your ex best friend did that type of things? How did you survive? Last time someone dared to buy things I dint like in my presence…. I sued” vi tried to lift my mood with the joke

I took a pair of brown pants and a white t-shirt that said I AM…… violet told me to try them on and when I came out of the dresser se had a stack of racks piled in her seat….. She looked at me and surprised me by taking a picture with her digital camera….

“The outfit is good Bella….natural beauty leaves the clothes out of notice but I think that shirt is something you would wear in a P.E practice and not in casual trip with your friends…..try this” she handed me a purple top ….

“Ok so try it on and I will take a picture comparing both outfits if you don’t like how you look you are free to return the rack” violet said in a business tone

I changed of shirt and vi took the picture…. She showed me in the camera how it looked on me and I totally agreed with her…the first one didn’t look as good as that…. I decided to buy it…..

“so tell me Bella….. if you were going to meet….. Who knows mmm…. Zack efron’s family …. What would you wear?” she asked with a smile as I scooped in the racks of clothing…..i was thrilled by her question but said nothing and just looked around for a appropriate outfit for a family meeting…. (Not that it didn’t make me remember my last one)

I picked one grey dress-top and dark jeans…. I tried them on and violet took the picture…..

“Is that what you would wear to meet zack efron’s parents?” she asked satisfied

“You don’t like it?” I mean she could have said something

“No on the contrary I love it….you have a potential fashion sense you just have to develop it……now last question…..if zack efron asked you to go to the spring dance with him what would you go with” she pointed to the dresses section and i got to work…..
i was happy she thought I didn’t screw in fashion for once

I picked a long Lilac silk layered dress with tie and pleat detailing.…..but before I could try it on vi asked me politely If i could try on one she picked for me….i agreed willingly she had been so kind to me….

I tried the dress on and vi took a picture….. it was a strapless blue with a sash around the waist made with the same dress chiffon….i couldn’t deny how good i saw myself in the picture but no way I was going to buy it I didn’t feel comfortable in it…..

“So do you like it?” vi asked seeing my expression

“Honestly vi I don’t feel comfortable in it and I don’t like blue either for a dance or for any other thing I hate the color it makes me revive other painful memories…..i don’t see myself in it” I answered her ready to hear her get angry but surprisingly she didn’t ….

“its ok I just thought that blue looked good on you but if you don’t feel comfy with the dress I guess its your choice” she said a little disappointed “ by the way let me see your dress the one you picked”…..she lightened up and I modeled the dress for her….she was delighted at my taste….which was weird……nobody had ever told me I had a good taste….. She immediately wanted to buy it…..

So we continued to go through shops I decided the things I wanted and violet took pictures always making “little suggestions” when she didn’t approve something ……I always ended up agreeing with her… was acceptable since she showed me how I looked in the pictures of my clothes….i didn’t know much about fashion but I did have common sense on looks….

Violet insisted on finishing the dance outfit and the family meeting outfit with shoes bags and accessories naturally she let me chose them and was delighted when I did…..i had the feeling she was hiding something from me……

“vi why are you so excited about those two outfits? ”I asked after she suggested going to a furniture store……she wanted to get rid of the “Bella room” that pained me so much and get new furniture for the “Isabella room”…..i tried not to complain about her spending money on me but sometimes I slipped and she would remind me of my task…..becoming Isabella…

“well I think I can tell you just don’t tell mike ok” I nodded and she broke the news…. “Since its spring break Jonathan amethyst and my sweet Raymond are coming from new Orleans to visit …… I hope the bring aunt Madison and uncle victor…. In fact we were all planning to come together but I rushed here first…….
so I want you to be…..acceptable for meeting them you see…. amethyst is a little over protective with mike…..and she well she is a little susceptible with appearances if you don’t look well at first sight she well be a nightmare with makeup and hair-dues on you all night…. but don’t worry she is the nicest person after you pass her little trial…… and if she gets scary I will protect you” ….” you will like amethyst although Jonathan spoils her too much ” violet grinned as she looked at the beds of the furniture store…. “Do you like this one?” she said pointing to a bed with wooden ebony colored frame

“Mmm yes but the one is a little too big…. I like that one” I said pointing to another bed that was les gigantic with the same frame design…. pure black ebony she nodded and told the sale attendant to charge it under her account while we looked at other things…. “Why do you and amethyst live so far and why do you spend money like there was no tomorrow….. I don’t understand”…..violet dropped her head and hesitated….. “vi I told you about me….you said you would tell me about you……you can trust me i already trust you” I said in the sweetest tone possible

“umm ok Bella I think it’s fair I just wish mike would have the honor” she blushed weird that it wasn’t me the one red this time…….. “you see our father was in college when he met our mother…..he was the heir of an amazing company and our grandfather wanted him to take the company on his charge right away but he fell in love of our mother and our grandpa didn’t approve her so he deleted our father from his will and passed the management of the company to our uncle victor...... father’s younger brother…..uncle victor is a nice man and has led the company to a big success I’m proud of him….. our father was rather happy with our mother and he didn’t care that my grandfather said he hated him that he was no longer his son…… time passed and my father lived a happy life with my mother and us here in forks taking care of the sporting goods store……

we knew our grandfather never forgave our dad for refusing the management of a big company for a little store of hiking tings….. So some years ago……” violet’s voice broke trying not to cry

“go ahead vi I’m here” I encouraged her….she leted a few tears…..

“I was 14 when it happened mike was 15 and Amy was 19 she was just about to graduate when our dad got attacked by a bear in the Forrest…..the other hikers that were with him couldn’t do anything…..he was gone…..” Violet allowed herself a few minutes of tears on my shoulder and continued…..

“we were sad extremely sad…..on the funeral my uncle victor and aunt Madison gave us their condolences and told us that our grandfather was sorry for what he did to our father….that even if he couldn’t come to the funeral because of his sickness he was feeling truly bad and offered to take us all under his care….to give us what he felt he owed our dad….. Mike and I were young teens…..we refused immediately thinking of our mother but amethyst was about to graduate…. she was the oldest us tree…. She was the one who always wanted a grandfather……se thought he changed and accepted to go to live with our aunt and uncle…..our mother understood her perfectly….she had also forgiven our grandpa…..
Amy got married after finishing high school and went to live in New Orleans attending to the elite star when she turned 20….. time later Amy told me that grandpa was a good person although she had never met him in person….that he was kind and gave her everything she wanted even to Jonathan….from cars to houses ….anything…… at that time I learned I had I superior IQ but I didn’t have money to go to college….. aunt and uncle told me that our gradfather was sad because my intelligence was being wasted…. that he kindly had offered me to pay everything from college to lodge…. everything….aunt Madison said that he was repented that he wished the best for the family that he wanted to redeem himself at his grandchildren’s eyes ….

Raymond was about to go and I couldn’t bear being far from him…. so I decided to forgive my grandpa he had been kind to my sister and maybe he would like me too….. Our aunt and uncle told me that grandpa was very happy with me and that my college tuition was already paid that I didn’t have to be afraid to ask him anything he would give me and my boyfriend anything we wanted…. after all we were family….. that's part of the reason why i dont hestitate when it comes to spend money and get whatever thing i want.... my grandpa told me explicitly that if i ever wanted something i could get with money i just needed to draw my credit card because hisfamily deserved the best" violet showed me her gloden master card " ... amy ray and johny also have this life filosophy .... aunt and uncle say that as long as it makes us happy we can have it ..... I also live now with aunt Madison and uncle victor…. when I am not in the campus… they are like foster parents to me Raymond amethyst and Jonathan…… mike wasn’t like us he didn’t like our grandpa even though he changed….. But now thanks to you he has become closer to us….thanks Bella”

“What do you mean? I have done nothing” I asked after she told me the story

“You are wrong…. You see my brother has always been a player you know the type of guy that doesn’t take a girl seriously……but ever since the start of this year he has changed his personality…….he talks more and appreciates our mother….. He calls me and Amy more often than he has ever called…. He seems to be kinder….more sensitive at a girl’s grief…. He treats us as if we were a piece of treasure…. And most important you should se how he talks about you….he has told me and Amy so many things… how you cry and the tears seem like little diamonds on your face….how your laughter seems incredible….how the sun in your hair denotes that you have red in it….he speaks about you on and on all night until Amy and I get tired of his blabber……. I know you don’t love him but fixing your broken heart has made him love you….you should give him a chance maybe you will forget the idiotic moron that dumped you”

“But…i….i….didn’t know mike felt that way” I was stunned by the possibility…..mike was my best friend…..he…. he… i didn’t know he liked me more than a friend and if I thought about it…. Mike always was with me…. He never seems to care that my heart was shattered….. I didn’t know…. Maybe giving mike a chance wouldn’t be such a bad idea…. I felt secure and he was a boy i could rely on….. I actually felt more than friendship towards him but not quite love…..

Yet didn’t mike deserve my love….. he promised he never would leave….he was always trying to make me happy…..cheering me up….he even brought violet here for me to have more friends to talk to about my problems….he always joked for me to laugh…..he wanted me to be happy….. Didn’t he deserve the little affection I had to give…..not the everlasting love I felt for Edward but I could offer mike the little affection that remained inside me…. He deserved my love although I could never love him fully as I was capable of I at least could try to be happy with him… I wanted to accept the litle spark of joy he represented……

“you know my brother is planning on asking you to the graduation dance you didn’t hear it from me….he is gathering the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend there…… that’s why I insisted on the prom outfit …… you will look stunning even dough I won’t be here to see you….. I hope the pictures you take make a difference…..”violet said giving me a brand new digital camera ….wow I couldn’t even imagine is price but then again Isabella wouldn’t care the price and would just enjoy the gift……..

we walked out of the furniture store after selecting various things most of the new furniture we would be picking up the day after since it was raining and we couldn’t take nothing home in that weather…… we also bought paint of bright colors for my house and curtains and more quilts and sheets for the new bed… was just like buying things for a new house and not refilling it with new furniture….it was like what I was doing to myself….. Like getting new memories in my empty heart …..

Violet and I were arm in arm under an umbrella with plenty shopping bags it had been fun more fun than I had actually hd in the pastzombie months…… the bas were filled….half for her and half for me…..*giggles*

“vi I was wondering……do you think it would be fair for mike if i say yes….. I mean being his girlfriend while I’m still heartbroken….” I asked her as we got the shopping bags in her car’s trunk

Violet looked at me her expression sweet and understanding “I think it would be fair for you to give yourself another chance….. Try to heal your broken heart with a new love…. I know the type of love you had with Edward” I flinched at the name “is just once in a lifetime……but look you can try to love again..... even if it’s just for a little while …. It will be good for you….. About my brother if you explain it to him he will still love you….i know it…. He calls me every midnight saying…!!!Bella called!!....!!!Bella called!!!....of course I shut the phone and yell at him but that’s not the point” she giggled…
“The point is that mike spending time with you has changed him….you have changed him more than you know….. I know he will jump in glee if you say yes and he will understand anything you say…try to trust him….. He is that way now” she smiled

“Thanks violet I think you are right” we were in the car now and vi was driving under the speed lines….. thank god

“Besides you would make an excellent big sister” violet grinned “so will you be ready to meet the rest of our family? They are arriving after tomorrow which gives us a full day for more fun”

“I think that with your help telling me how not to screw things up….. I will be pretty fine” I grinned at her…. What could possibly be worst than meeting a family of vampires….meeting a houseful of elves? With my luck it might as well be….. I smiled at my dark joke and close my eyes until the drive was finished…..

Charlie’s cruiser was already there and my truck was untouched….. Violet and I unloaded he bags from the car and made our way to the living room giggling at the many bags….. Charlie was there….he looked at me with a stunned face…..probably because seeing me smile was a little too impossible for someone who wasn’t mike….

“Hi bells what’s up kiddo” he looked at violet that had as many store bags as i

“Dad this is my friend violet she is mike’s sister…… violet this is Charlie swan…. My dad” I said doing the introductions

“don’t worry Bella we already know each other….i used to live here in forks before college remember…..nice seeing you again chief swan and you daughter Isabella is a jewel…. We went shopping together today I hope you didn’t mind” she grinned to my dad and he seemed pleased that I had a friend…..and that I was finally snapping from my state of no-friends….

“vi thinks I have a good taste in clothing can you believe it…..she is probably kidding” I said jokingly

“But it is true Izzie why do you have such a low self-esteem we will have to work on that” she said mimicking my tone

“ I see you two get along well then ….. and Bella I already ordered pizza no need to cook” Charlie announced and turned back to the TV…..i looked at violet in a questioning look and she nodded

“Dad would you mind not calling me Bella anymore…. I would like Isabella or Izzie if you don’t mind” I spoke sweetly

“Charlie turned around and measured my expression to see if I was joking….. “Ok Izzie whatever you say” he turned back to his TV and I went to accompany vi to the door

“Good bye Isabella” she gave me a goodbye hug “ohh and chief swan?” she yelled for Charlie to hear

“Yes miss Newton” Charlie answered he didn’t like to be called chief swan when he wasn’t on duty

“Tomorrow Isabella ad I will be redecorating the house…. You know doing some feng shui….. Painting a little here and there and bringing in the new furniture for Izzie’s room hope you don’t mind” I looked at vi who had her puppy face….and I tried to make my puppy face too

“Yes violet don’t worry I will be out fishing and you both can do anything you want but just don’t put any pink in the walls” Charlie was now in the door with me

“Ok no pink….bye Izzie bye chief swan” violet shook my dad’s hand and gave me another hug then she left in her green corolla

I went and at some pizza with Charlie and decided to go and sleep in my room that night….. For the last time in my life I would sleep in Bella’s room…. The next day that would be Isabella’s room

“Izzie?” my dad said the name cautious I smiled and nodded…. “so do you like violet Newton? She is a good girl you both seem to get along”

“more than you guess…. We are already great friends I’m happy mike told her to come during spring break” I grinned and Charlie saw I was a little more lighthearted than the glum girl he always saw at dinner…..

“Dad I’m going to bed the recent shopping left me exhausted” I yawned involuntarily

“So now you like shopping?” i think I heard a hint of sarcasm in his voice

“So-so…. Violet makes it fun” I giggled at the truckload of pictures she had in her camera….. I yawned again

“I think you should sleep if what I’m thinking is true…. Tomorrow you will be having a lot of work painting the house…. Good thing it will be sunny” Charlie got up and washed his plate

“Ok good night dad” I ran upstairs with a bag of the new bought things directly to the bathroom…. I dint want to enter the room yet…. Not even to look for clothes…. I showered taking my time…brushed my teeth and got on a new pajamas that consisted in a cute green sweater and a pair of comfortable matching sweatpants….. After that I could not run from what was bound to happen and I went to my room trying not to look too much at it but failed miserably…… the hole in me began threatening me again….hitting me with the pain….torturing me until I fell asleep

That night was different from my average nights…. The nightmare was there of course….. a empty Forrest reminding me that Edward was no longer there…. That he no longer loved me or cared for me… that he was gone……

But then I noticed someone beside me….. I realized violet was next to me with her hand open…. pointing to a green trail marked with yellow ribbon….at the end of the trail I distinguished a figure of what seemed to be a blurry mike….. I took her hand and she led me to it….. then I woke up for the first time in many nights not screaming but with a sense of hope…… violet and mike were my tread of new found chance to smile.

ok this is chapter 2 did you like it? im glad because it was fun to write..... comment to tell me if it was good.... i dont know when i will write more but i will do my best to update
sincerely escaily
I will Pray for you Escaily! and i love that Chapter! but it was a little to long, but that is what keeps you busy reading the great story Escaily! Love the story!

Elizabeth lutz.
dont worry we all love you and are praying for you
aww that's a bummer! I will pray for you escaily! I shall add you to my daily prayers. It's okay if you share your problems with us. Don't hesitate to let us know. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
love it
Aww!!! Sorry! I just read your story today because I am pretty busy. I can't believe that I'm always busy in summer! *sigh*

I'll read the next chapter soon!
good idea but edward comes back! right? RIGHT?
dont worry he will come back but not soon i am still resented towards him for leaving her and unlike other peole i wont make bella forgive ed right away just because she is nice i dont mean to be rude or anything i do love edward and want a happy ending for those two but he hurt bella..... he wasnt the one who had to stand about two hundred pages of hearing bella's heart suffer so im giving her her fair shot to change things.....
ok this is short but i like it

The day after was nice it was sunny and to my surprise Isabella disliked sunny whether maybe she would be fit for new Orleans ……I woke up from that dream for once not crying or screaming and made up my mind….. I was going to forge Edward….to get over him…. hate him and all his family…… I was going to fulfill my new goal….. I looked around my bella’s room for one last time and cried…..

There was a knock on the door……and to my extreme surprise it was violet ….. she had been home since early in the morning talking to my dad about clothing…… she looked at my room and at me crying and shook her head in a disproving manner…..she told me to get dressed and said Charlie was waiting to have breakfast with me she was hungry too and was only waiting for me to get up…….

I got dressed in some comfortable old Bella’s clothes because I was going to paint the house and the clothes were going to get paint on them….. I skipped down the stairs more cheerful than I had been in months…. Violet and Charlie were already on the table with waffles in front just waiting for me…..

“Good morning Isabella want some waffles?” Charlie said visibly happy about my new mood

“Yep dad… what’s up vi….any improvement with this guy” I pointed to my dad

“nope he still insists that the forks police department don’t need new uniforms….. now seriously have you seen how those dress? I mean it’s not the slightest way fashionable I bet that if they got good looking uniforms they could get a couple of dates…. Like a black jacket that says POLICE ROCKS in the back…..” violet teased

“she is not talking me into it Izzie…. I assure you police duty has nothing to do with fashion” Charlie’s sarcasm was emphasizing the word duty

“ok vi stop it….. it’s no use…on day we will just sneak into the police department and replace the old boring uniforms” I joked to my dad…. It was so nice once in a while having a family conversation that didn’t surround my Bella’s depressed state

Vi looked at Charlie teasingly as she took a waffle ….. “Charlie did you know that Isabella is going to college soon….”

“!!What!! she hasn’t even chose a career”

“yep I convinced her to come to the elite star university along with mike I think both of them will be going to college together isn’t it awesome”

I blushed at the implication *going together* ….Bella would have gotten angry at vi but Isabella had to do the opposite …..i had already decide to give mike his chance or not? Then why get angry about something that is going to happen sooner or later….

Charlie looked at my blush and the tiny smile that crossed my lips….maybe he was thinking that it was good for me to be with mike “are they going alone…..?” the typical worry of a father…. His daughter going to college with a guy….. What a surprise

“No actually they both are coming because I study there too…. Amethyst and her husband Jonathan and of course you remember ray…. We are all in the same school and we live comfortably in my uncle victor’s house he and Madison are like foster parents to us I’m sure Izzie will like it there”

“Victor Newton? I know him and his wife he is a good man…. I think that if Izzie is going to stay with you guys under their care nothing is going to happen…. Thanks violet” Charlie grinned “ so Izzie going to college huh?.....better study hard ”

“Yes dad I believe that is what I’m going to do…..after I chose a career” I said sarcastically we all laughed…. I was realizing that Charlie liked violet too or else he wouldn’t be so comfortable around her….. She had a natural charm…. An maybe Charlie was liking her as my new best friend too….i like the sound of that

“Well kids gotta go to the station joy your redecorating day” dad said as he got up from the table to wash the dish
“ok dad you ill sure find a new house when you return”

“Yep Charlie… absolutely new…. Isabella and I are going to have so much fun” I was surprised at vi’s casual use of my dad’s name it startled me

Charlie walked to the door giving us a last glace in the breakfast table
“!!!No pink!!!” he grinned

“No pink” violet and I answered in unison giggling…. Then Charlie was out and we were free to destroy all traces of my Bella’s house
hi its me again i got a internet day of yesterday so i finished this chapter..... Hate me for pushing Bella into mike's arms but i hope you understand me.... she needs to go on for all that's holy..... Anyway the fun part was looking for pictures to match my story or should i say i was doing a casting? hehe.....this is my fic counterpart of new moon'schapter "family"
enjoy and comment

meeting the Newton’s

Redecorating my house was more fun than I imagined….. First violet and I got all the furniture out of my house leaving the living room and the kitchen empty (good thing it was sunny)….. Next we covered the floor with newspapers and started to paint….. for the living room we got a light peach color to bring light into the house…..i didn’t want white because it reminded me of a certain idiot’s house so we got light peach……

for the kitchen we decided on a lilac tone….. Light and simple just the way I wanted the kitchen walls….. I dint like the dark paneled walls at all….we repainted the cabinets with a soft yellow instead of the bright shrieking one that my mother painted eighteen years ago…..

After violet and I finished the living room’s paint mike came over to help us with painting the kitchen …… poor mike when I tried to help….. with my clumsiness we both ended up covered in paint while violet took pictures of us teasing with her camera in hand…. how embarrassing……

3 trucks filled with new furniture made their way to the driveway and left all the stuff there on my yard….. With my old gears and new ones all covering the front yard it looked like if Charlie and I were moving out hehehe….. so after the paint of the living room and kitchen got dry it was already lunchtime so mike and violet ordered pizza and we had to eat on the porch because the inside of the house was still empty…..

Violet never failing to take embarrassing pictures of me with her camera…. She took one while the cheese of the pizza was dripping of my mouth….. ohh but mike didn’t escape us he also got embarrassing pictures when he accidently wiped his mouth with a paint-covered rug instead of a handkerchief …. His face was so funny…..

So after eating and teasing mike endlessly about yellow-face mike-y we returned to the indoor decorating using mike as a piggy when heavy things were required ….poor mike……

We replaced the old square oak table with three unmatching chairs with a bigger cedar wood oval-shaped table with six chairs…..we extended a white mantel over the table and got a vase with a flower in the middle of the table….. I had told violet when she suggested that table that in my house it was only my dad and me but she insisted saying that we were going to have visits often now more than ever (giggling)….. And I guessed that maybe she was right….. After all mike was a sociable person if I wanted to be Bella’s opposite I was going to have my social life to improve….

We got a nice watch for the wall that matched the color of the chairs and a dark carpet to have under the table….. After the tree of us finished my kitchen/dining room didn’t have anything in common with the old one……

The living room was easy…. Violet and I accorded that the space was so big but with the old couch and company it made the space feel small….. So vi and I got a new tree person sofa (green just to agree with vi) a fluffy-seat and another mini couch all green…. The new curtains were peach colored like the walls making the sunlight entering trough them brighter than outside….. mike installed a new plasma we were barely able to find in port Angeles the day before…he putted it on a long glass table set in front of t he couches …. I knew how much Charlie loved to watch sports and with this new tv he would be delighted….. I felt guilty for making vi spend so much on me but Isabella kept saying “never mind if she wants to”…..

We finished downstairs and next was the part I was trying to avoid…. Upstairs and my room….. of course Charlie’s room was untouchable…..

Violet sent mike to paint the outside of the house beforehand and we silently made our way to my room and now here was I….. Ready to destroy my memories of Edward…. I needed him to live but I think I’m going to live… while mike and vi last….. They make me laugh the laughter isn’t quite truthful but it still makes me happy or less miserable…. Besides Charlie was happy too…. I needed to get over this…..

Vi didn’t say anything she just helped me with my old bed and in some moment mike left his painting to help with my closet and desk and all the furniture leaving my room empty….. violet turned on a cd in the stereo of her car loud enough for all the house to hear we started bringing in things while singing along the song “I fly” by Hayden panatiere her favorite singer…(
funny how she always got the right songs to speak to me not using her voice….

We changed the light blue color of the walls and got the first half of the wall up in pink the other half down in white….. At last minute my bed ended up being a white-wood individual bed that looked like a big sofa on its design… under it was another space like a bed size case and when taking it out it was another mattress hidden under the bed….
“Because I’m going to be coming over to sleep along soon silly.” vi refuted ……

I got new light green curtains and a pink and green new quilt to replace my old one….. The new desk was made with white wood and I piled some things on it right away….. I also got a new bookshelf and reorganized my books….. The closet was big and stood on the right side of my room filled with shopping bags instead of clothing….. Finally we finished my room an hour before sunset and I sighed while looking at the new room that belonged to Isabella……

“Izzie close your eyes” mike said grabbing me from behind and taking me out of the new room with his hands on my eyes….

“What is this all about?”I asked confused…. Not even Isabella liked surprises

“It’s a gift I have for you like I didn’t get a chance on valentine’s/friendship day so I hope you like it” he said a little exited…. “Ready vi?” he apparently called out to vi in my room

“Yep bring her in….”

Mike opened my eyes from his hands and I saw a brand new white laptop on the desk ….. “Hope you like it Isabella….. happy birthday”

(bella's new room)
“It’s not my birthday mike…. I was born in September “ I grimaced at the thought of the deadly date

“No…. Bella was born on September 13th….and died on September too….. Isabella is being conceived now…. She will be born soon” violet spoke as a philosopher

“So does Isabella like it?” mike asked…. I knew violet broke my plan to change myself to him ….but I didn’t bother…. He was my best friend and soon-to-be date for the prom gotta get used to it I guess

“I love it I mean Bella would be mad for getting such a gift but Izzie thinks it’s cool thank you mike” I said and gave him a hug…..*snap* violet took another picture

We finished painting the outside of the house with a light green (I dint like to be confused with the woods but green was nice now) just in time because the sun was setting….. Charlie returned home and found 3 teenagers covered in paint next to his old furniture in the front porch….. He laughed…

“See ya kids having fun” he grinned at us and we looked away embarrassed …..Violet and mike left shortly after that to get changed in their own house… I so wanted to see Mrs. Newtons face when she saw mike and violet looking like coming from paint-fight which was almost the case….

Charlie was too much stunned with the redecoration he wasn’t able to speak for a whole hour with his mouth wide open …. After he snapped from the shock he didn’t stop talking about the great job I did….i told him it was all with the help of mike and vi and he still kept appraising me….

He obviously loved the new plasma immediately calling Billy to come…. Billy said he was having a little trouble with Jacob but he promised to come soon…. I was relieved…. I didn’t want to recall the whole “they can hurt you” nonsense Billy told me when I was dating Edward because he was soo right…. They did hurt me….

I went to bed after a long exhausting day…. I changed my paint clothes and got comfy pajamas before getting in my new bed….. The rain finally made her appearance and for once in a long time I got up and closed the window….

the moon I barely saw between the clouds was ghost-like looking like a thin trail of silver not quite in her first quarter after being past her new moon fase….

I cried like every night to fall asleep and the big nightmare was there….. Also violet and mike were now both holding my hands for me to get up the cold ground…. I could still feel the tears from that deadfull day he wet away but now they were less possibilities for them to actually make it out of me….

Edward left me and like he adviced i was trying to go on without him….. i convinced myself he was not coming back that night…. And sealed my love closing the window….. If he ever came back my heart would as well be closed…..

but as hard as I told myself these things a part of m still longed for him to come back…. to hug me…. to feel his cold lips against mine….. Too bad I just had given up hoping for him….that litle part of me that still longed for the traitor would have to shut up…. Isabella was going to be born soon so stick to my plans heart because common sense is now taking over you…..

The next day I found violet again in my room with a tray of food ready….

“Hi Isabella you’re up late you know so I kinda made you breakfast” she handed me the food and it wasn’t that complicated…. Just some cornflakes and milk with bananas and strawberries…

“So why here so early?..... Or late?”

“today Amy Jonny and ray are arriving silly along with uncle victor and aunty Madison so I wanted to make sure you were ready they really want to meet you…..did you sleep well in you new bed? I heard you saying ‘thanks violet’…. ‘Mike you are my best friend’…. ‘Charlie liked the plasma TV’…. Ohh and you kinda muttered before you woke up a ‘Edward I’m getting over you’ I’m proud of you Isabella….. be careful with sleep talking though”

“Did I say that? Wow I really need to stop sleep talking…….by the way when am i meeting your family I mean the rest of them….”

“Right now…. Get dressed and come they are at home waiting for you mike can’t stop talking about you and so do I….. so get dressed”

I got dressed an violet almost flew me to the Newton’s house……

there was a black haired female next to mike hugging him and snuggling him that looked like if she was some type of model yet she had a sweet face …..he l didn’t resemble violet or mike she looked like mix of Mr. Newton’s black hair and Mrs. Newton’s kind features…. so for her look I deduced she must be amethyst…

a nice tanned young man that looked Mexican or Puerto riquian…. Latin as I deduced…. He was smiling at her warmly eyes filed with love….he had blonde dyed hair I could see the bits of black in the root of his strange combed head … my let go of mike and looked at him in such a love-filled way like he was her everything….it almost pained me to see the same look I saw once on Edward for me…. So he must be Jonathan…. amethyst husband….

A black haired boy made his way to violet and kissed her…he was a little less tanned than Jonathan his skin color was like mike’s….his hair was up in a masculine bad boy way….he looked like the kind of boy who rides motorcycles ditches classes and gets a fake i.d you know the rebel type ….. Great so this must be Raymond…..

There was a older looking couple next to Mrs. Newton… the man looked like in his thirty’s or early forty’s yet effortlessly young… he has brown hair like violet and grey eyes…. (and well now I know that Mr. Newton’s genes were strong… I bet violet’s grandfather was brunette too)…. he was tanned like if he just came from the beach ..... his wife was blonde (or so I thought she too had bits of brown coming from the roots of her hair so i couldn’t be sure) ….she had sea blue eyes and a sweet expression looking towards the cene unfolding….. she was tanned too like her husband…. so if I wasn’t wrong those were Mr. victor and Mrs. Madison….

“so is this Bella vi?” Amy asked with disdain… vi nodded…. Amy looked at me with an uninterested face and smiled at my outfit luckily

“Nice to meet you I’m amethyst but call me Amy and this is my husband Jonathan but call him Johnny like everybody” she shook my hand smiling

“Nice to meet you Amy and Johnny violet has talked to me about you both” I smiled back

“Not as much as she and mike talk about you by phone” Johnny said shyly trying to make a joke… vi mike and ray laughed

“Izzie this is Raymond…. My boyfriend and the love of my life” she motioned to wards Raymond….

“Nice to meet you… I’m only ray for friends and family miss…. Its pleasure to meet you” ray made a mocking reverence which I returned…… now that he spoke he dint seem that rebel

“the pleasure is all mine mister ray I say my friend violet believes you her night in shining armor young lad so I was hoping to meet the boy who violet always talks about” I complimented

Ray laughed and violet hugged him in a romantic manner…..

“Isabella I believe you have already heard from me I’m mister victor Newton and this is my beloved wife Madison….so you are the famous Bella mike always talks about”…..

“Nice to meet you mister Newton” I extended my hand feeling the déjàvu creeping into me

“Just victor please and for my wife too…. Just call her Madison” he smiled warmly

“ok victor and Madison nice to meet you” just as I though the feeling of dejavu got stronger….

After that… I took my time to speak with them al because they wanted to know me

Madison was motherly in a balanced way was I understood it when we talked about the things the others did while not on the campus….
Plenty extreme stuff but Madison always cared for them as her own kids she just wasn’t the overprotective type of woman…. She wanted the happiness of her foster family and once in a while did extreme things with them too…. But she wasnt the king of aunt that would cry over a little bruise on a motorcycle she was the type of mother figure that just nursed the wound and if her nice of nephew wanted to try again and got a worse bruise she would just warn them and nurse again if it ended like the last time….
She wasn’t strict she was very flexible around them….. I liked Madison she was the kind of woman that wasn’t too overprotective nor totally carefree…. ….

Victor was the working uncle or father as I heard them call him…… he spent long periods of time out of home in busyness but he tried to spend as much time as possible with his foster kids as he called them….. he was supportive and loved them all he was the kind of father that spoils his family with things and lets them do and say in their lives ..… if they needed to talk he was there but he would never push for more than the person could give away

Ray.... his personality was in good contrast with violet….. They were made for each other….violet was a god girl type with a hidden dark side while he was the contrary he was the bad boy type with a hidden good side…..
he was a skater and surfer he loved extreme sports…. Ray was kinda joker and bugger with Amy mostly….ray is a soccer player in the campus and he was very good at it…. telling me how he won last year’s championship …see he did have a good-boy side……
He loved to go cliff-diving bungee jumping and practiced parachute often….. I was amazed by the reckless things he told me he had done and out of nowhere I asked him to take me into extreme sports one day….. he agreed willingly saying that the whole family did those things sometimes because he didn’t dare to do it alone…
he told me also that little violet where I saw her was the class president even in her short age she was still smarter than every advanced student…….yet she too kinda liked wild sports other than extreme shopping….

I got a chance to talk to amethyst and realized why ray bugged her so much….. Amy was in the modeling busyness just as I guessed…. She was part of the modeling club actually president of it…..she was also a cheerleader and a tennis player ….clearly I had met my opposite in life…
Amy was conceited but kind … first impression she seems to like nobody but when you know her for more than an hour she begins to win you over…… Amy is a little narcissist obsessed with beauty and weight as much as violet is obsessed with fashion..... but she is not a maniac i mean let me get it clear Amy is the kind of girl everyone turns to look when she is in scene so she needs to be beautiful because that’s all people look at…. She isn’t that obsessed with weight it’s just that in the modeling industry one little pound was equal to a hundred and eight so Amy has to watch out constantly for what she eats…. Also cheerleading was a big thing…..
I liked Amy ….. She was the kind of person that knew beauty wasn’t the only thing that mattered but she also knew that some people only notice the outside…. She ended up offering o teach me how to be less clumsy with my feet…. I agreed willingly

And Jonathan he was the last one I got to talk to…. He was really shy…. I think he was the opposite to ray…. He was calm and peaceful…. But shy…. Johnny told me he loved art….. He himself was a star student of the paint classes back in the elite star…. He was very sensitive he wrote poetry and verses for Amy….. I now understand why they were together since elementary school….. He said he loved to send her roses or compose a song on his guitar for her… I told him about the guitar and he said he learnt to play it just for Amy….how cute…. He was hardworking and I could tell from his tone of voice that he wasn’t a guy that would be unfaithful or horny……
he thought Amy was too good for him….he was so shy yet so romantic in a sweet way…..he was perfect for Amy because he didn’t see her beauty although it was part of her but he saw her heart and fell inlove….. I knew Johnny and I were going to get along well because we were both shy

When they asked about me i told them the same I had said to violet only that leaving the assain part out….. Again I began to sob but not of sadness but of anger and surprisingly it was mrs Madison who held me to cry in her shoulder….. I remembered Esme Rosalie and Alice Carlisle jasper and Emmett.....why did they leave why… why me….I was angry but the tears were streaming like if I was sad how humiliating ….. Amy and vi soothed my back while I cried…. I cried like a widow talking about her dead husband...hrrrrr…. It wasn’t fair for me I screamed in my head to their memory……

Madison Amy and violet tried to calm me down and when I did the boys were looking at me with the “were sorry” face ….. I began to sob of anger again….. I t probably wasn’t the best way to meet mike’s family but I couldn’t stop the hole in me from growing every time I thought his name…. Edward…..

Mike seated next to me and I unconsciously shifted from mrs Madison to mike…. He had a better shoulder fit for my tears……

“it’s ok Bella don’t cry I’m here ok….calm down ” he said and pated my head… I cried a little more and he started to soothe me again…. eventually I fell asleep on his shoulder……

Mike’s pov

I knew it was a bad idea to ask Bella about herself…. She had improved so much in the past days with violet and now she was crying….. She cried and cried of what I recognized as anger….. Silly Bella she cried when she was angry…. Eventually she turned heavy and I knew she had fallen asleep…. She was now used to falling asleep after crying…. It was a routine…..

“I’ll take her to violet’s room” ray said as he took Bella in his arms…he was very strong compared to the rest of us…. She was now almost calmly sleeping if not for the crease in her eyebrows….

“I’ll go with you” vi volunteered

My mother luckily was out so she dint witness Bella’s breakdown…. But the others did…I guess I would have to explain

“Why was she crying Michel…. I have never seen such a pain before….poor girl” Madison always worrying…..too bad that due her stomach surgery before she met my uncle she could not have children….Madison would have made a great mother

“Bella is like that….she cries when she is angry and sad she believes its humiliating” I explained

“So she was angry? At her ex-boyfriend i suppose” uncle victor speculated

“Yes she is angry not just at him but at his whole family…. Yu should have seen her victor…after he left she was like a walking puppet….like her life left with him…. I’m trying to make her happy at all costs…. She is angry at him specially” I grimaced I learnt from Bella not to say the name

“Not at all….” Violet was back in the room with ray after leaving Bella to sleep
“She is angry at herself because she actually believed in the boy who made her suffer…. She is angry at his family who were bad enough to leave without saying goodbye…. She is angry at the boy obviously for shattering her heart but she is more angry at herself because she allowed herself to hope….she knew deep inside she would get hurt by him and she is angry at herself because she didn’t listen to hr common sense” violet knew Bella better than me….Bella was able to confide to her things she couldn’t say to me

“I can’t stand to see the poor girl cry again victor…. She was heartbroken before and now her new found anger became the source of her pain” Madison let go a few tears

“I think that if mike loves Bella as he told us before se is already part of the family and my goal is always to have my family happy” victor said…..violet jumped up and down in glee ray gave her a hug…. Amy smiled to me and looked at Johnny who nodded

“Mike I just saw Bella cry and it was the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed” Amy glared at me “if you ever break that girl’s heart I swear Michel Zachary Newton…. I swear over my makeup that if you ever make her cry I will offer no mercy” Amy glared at me maybe remembering my days as a player

“Amy I would never do that …. I promised it to her…. I think it’s the first time I really felt inlove” I assured Amy

“You better be serious” Amy scowled

“Come…come… she is sleep talking” ray called out in screaming whispers

We all made our way to violet’s room and I looked at Bella sleep…. She was completely peaceful right now…. Looking like an angel….

“Mmm” she stated to say everybody payed attention like a baby’s first words….. “Violet….fun” VI jumped at the mention f her name…Bella turned a little her head and started again…. “Raymond….mmm entertaining” I began to realize she was dreaming about us and she thought ray was entertaining….

“Sweet she thinks I’m entertaining” ray said in a low voice

“Amethyst…. shiny gemstone?” Bella said again….Amy blushed…. Shiny gemstone was a good way of describing her…. But I would add… spoiled… narcissist… shiny gemstone

Bella turned a little “Jonathan mmm endearing” Johnny hid his face from Amy but it was no use she was already holding a quite laugh

“Madison” Madison lightened up wanting to hear what bella thought about her

“Sweet-tempered”….. Madison breathed in relief and a new light shone in her eyes

“Victor?” Bella was like calling out for everyone…. Wonder what she is dreaming….. “Good-natured person” victor was amused by the thought of a girl who had just met him that day… was surprising

“Mike…!!!Mike!!...!!Mike!!” Bella yelled I sat next to her and ran my hand trough her hair

“I’m here don’t worry I will always be” I whispered at her sleeping ear

“Mike…. Trustworthy and kind…. Patient” she whispered lowly “…. “Please!!! Please!!! Never leave me!!! Please I don’t want o be alone… the darkness is too much” she started to yell in sleep

“I won’t Bella….i will be with you ok…. I won leave like him” I told heart the ear “ I love you Even if you don’t love me I will still be here” I whispered too low caressing her cheek….. She relaxed and drifted towards a no talking fase

“Come on get out we got to let her sleep” Amy ordered ….. We all made our way out and as I was passing Amy she pinched me by my ear

“if you ever do the slightest stupidity to hurt little Bella I will hunt you till death I don’t care if you are my brother” she had a serious frown

“I will never hurt her you have my word” I raised my right hand and pledged it before my sister….. I would never hurt Bella swan….never

first question did you like my cast? it was fun to look for the right actors hehe.....btw i hope you all liked my chapter im like giving the newtons to bella for her gapping hole to fill up a litle....*spoiler alert for you* mike will ask bella to the prom in a endearing way
love ya all escaily
its amazing i cant wait!!!!!!!


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