The Twilight Saga

CHAPTER ONE- The Ball that Could Change Everything


        It is 1779, I am in the land of Britain, and I am a vampire. My name is Isabella Swan, but I only go by Bella. I am what my kind calls, “crazy” for my way of feeding, since unlike most vampires, my family and I eat only the blood of the animals living around our current area. I live with Carlisle and Esme, the best people I’ve ever met. I love them like my own parents, which makes sense because I’m technically only seventeen, though I am really 115 years old. I have never felt the feeling of true love, as I walk the world with my parents.  

        Carlisle is a doctor, but we frequent balls when he returns from his work. Money has never been an issue in our family, since Carlisle is given massive amounts of money for his work.

        “Bella! Come into the dining area, we have a lovely surprise for you!” Esme’s voice called from the bottom of the grand staircase. They continually were trying to push suitors into my life. From vampires to humans; everyone they thought that might sweep me off my feet never did. It felt like all of the time, I was putting gowns to meet with men that I never fell in love with. Most fell for me, that was obvious enough, some continued to write letters of affection, but I continued to ignore them, knowing I would only hurt them if I said I loved them back.

        “Coming Esme!” I whisked down the marble staircase to see a muscular man standing five feet away from Carlisle and Esme.

        “Hello, you must be Isabella Swan. I am Mr. Cullen, Emmett Cullen.” He had a deep, rich voice, but I knew right then that we would never work.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, please, call me Bella.” I said giving a small smile and shaking his hand. Vampire. His hand was warm against mine, but the kind that only other vampires felt. No blood pulsed through his veins.

        I couldn’t find that spark, he was easy to talk to, but he clearly was in love with another girl.

        As we sat in the porch of my house, I asked him, “Who are you in love with?”

        He suddenly became tense and full of regret. “Her name is Rosalie Lillian Hale, she is a beautiful human, but I cannot marry her.” My pain and sympathy for him instantly rushed through me.

        “Why not, is she of another class?” I asked worried.

        “Yes, she is my maid, the most beautiful creature I have known, but alas, she is human and engaged to a clergyman. I have never told her my true feelings. I am sorry, but I cannot continue to talk about her, the pain is unbearable.” His fist was clenched, covering part of his face.

        “I am so sorry Emmett. But there must be someone there who is part of your family that helps you through this agony.” He looked up at me.

        “Yes, there is, my brother Edward Cullen.” Edward, I quite liked the sound of that name, Mrs. Edward Cullen- no, I do not even know of him.

        “I do believe he would be interested in meeting you.” Emmett said with a smile.

        “Will you tell me about Mr. Cullen?”

        “He is a vampire like myself, but he is incredibly quick and agile. He is muscular, but he does not have the same build as me. He loves music, and the piano. And the rest, you will have to wait and see about. You should come to our next ball, you and your family. We are holding one next week in fact. You can meet my sister as well, Alice, and her fiancé Jasper.” He smiled as he stood up.

        “I need to get back as soon as time allows. But we shall hopefully meet very soon.” Emmett gingerly took my gloved hand and kissed it. I smiled and waved goodbye as he sprinted into the forest off to his estate. I walked back into the house, and I saw Carlisle and Esme looking disappointed that I did not fall in love with a man.

        “Do not look so disappointed, we were just invited to a ball by Emmett Cullen. You might have been onto something mother.” And right then, I sprinted up the stairs to find a gown to wear to the ball that might change everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ONE WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~

        We arrived in a carriage with our footmen and driver, the night was clear and starry, and I could hear the chatter and bustling sounds of unassuming humans dancing with vampires and other humans.

        “Are you ready Bella?” I heard Esme whisper to me in my ear as we walked into the grand estate. The castle was elegant and extravagant, swirls and columns decorated the wide and tall estate. The mere sight would have taken my breath away, if I had not seen the man standing next to Emmett at the front double doors.

        I felt my pace quicken slightly in excitement. Esme held onto me tightly, trying to hold me back I presume.

        “Hello Mr. Cullen, it’s lovely to see you once again.” I said to Emmett.

        “The feeling is mutual Ms. Swan, you look so gorgeous. Please let me introduce you to my brother, the other Mr. Cullen. Edward, Bella Swan.”

       Vous êtes donc enchanteur Miss Swan.” (AN: You are so enchanting in French.) I would have blushed if I could.

        “Would you care for a dance?” He asked with a smile. I bit my lip and nodded. Edward kissed my hand and lead me into a grand ballroom full of high class men and women. All eyes turned unto us as we started to whirl around gracefully, just gazing into each other’s eyes, his a lovely golden color, the color of the sun. I couldn’t see anyone else, I felt like my frozen heart could beat once more.

        I took a good look at him, his smiling face, his messy, bronze hair, and his unbelievable face. We danced until the song ended, and I curtsied as he bowed. But right then, he took a light hold on my hand and walked me out onto the courtyard. He turned and looked deep into my eyes. His fingers lifted my face up to his lightly, and kissed my lips ever so gently.

        “I am sorry. That was wrong of me.” Edward said looking away.

        “No, it was not. It was just right.” I turned his head to face mine. Edward smiled, and so did I. Because I couldn’t believe it, I was falling in love.


        And then my dream came crashing down.

        “Isabella, I cannot love you. I am engaged to another.”

(Disclaimer, the characters are Stephaine's , the plot is mine!) Please tell me what you think! :)

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as usual its beautiful..update it really soon..pretty please??!
Thank you Irie! I will update very soon! :D

Chapter Nine Part Two- For this Brief Moment

Just breathe, in and out, keep breathing slowly Bella. I had to keep telling myself that. Over and over again, my mind was racing forward and forward again. I couldn’t feel anything, except the silk and lace against my cold, stone hard skin.

The flowers Alice chose for me were blood red roses, and I doubted there was any irony in the color. They smelled sweet, almost like honey, but much more floral. I could also feel all six pairs of eyes on only me. I could only focus on Edward’s though. His golden hue, like the Sun was hidden inside of him; I could also see pure joy that radiated from him like the Moon radiated light. Emmett’s arm was slowly leading me down the aisle that was covered with scattered with more blood red roses and their petals.

The way Edward’s eyes locked with mine was indescribable. I could feel his eyes whisper the words, “I love you,” just as mine said the same. I realized something then, through every time I tried to deny my love for him, or tried to keep myself from being around him, I found myself back into his arms. The wait for this very moment had finally arrived. I finally arrived to the point of my existence where things would be right, for this one brief moment. He would be mine, officially belong to me and no one could possibly take that from us.

I reached the spot parallel to Edward as Emmett let go of my arm and Edward took a tight hold on my hand, strange electricity pulsed through me. Carlisle cleared his throat and began to join us in matrimony. When the time came for Edward to accept me as his wife, I nearly began to hyperventilate. I came to strange conclusions that his didn’t love me, or he wouldn’t say “I do,” but as the words flowed out, all of my fear washed from me.

“Do you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen take my daughter Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife-,” Edward accidently interjected.

“Yes!” We all looked at him with perplexed eyes and my heart swelled, he wanted to be married to me so much; a small giggle bubbled through my lips as we all chuckled lightly at Edward’s urgency. “Oh, sorry, you weren’t finished…please continue Mr. Swan,” Carlisle sighed and began to speak again,

“In sickness and in health, for better or worse, for rich or poor, until death do you part?” Edward began to look more anxious as the seconds tolled on. Carlisle rushed the last few words, seeing his clear anxiousness, “If so say ‘I do.’”

He sucked in a deep breath, “I do.” My heart choked up my throat and I nearly started to cry tears of absolute joy.

“And do you Isabella Marie Swan; take Edward Anthony Mason Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, for better or worse, for rich or poor, until death do you part? If so, please do say ‘I do.’”

I could feel the anticipation building, and I could feel Edward waiting impatiently for me to answer.

“I do.” All of Edward’s muscles relaxed and he looked relieved, as if I wouldn’t say yes.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Edward, you may kiss the bride,” he smiled as he bent his head down to mine. I teased him by lightly pecking his lips and he shook his head with a cocky smile. He wrapped one hand on the small of my neck and one wrapped around my waist. He pulled me up to him and kissed me with a feeling almost as if he was saying, “Finally,”

I broke away as Alice and Emmett started cheering and hooting loudly. Edward just blocked them out, “Oh shut up you two,” and he kissed me once more, this time, with an unheard passion, the way his soft lips hungrily went for mine. I came back with more passion, ignoring the sounds of our elated family. Edward broke away this time and he grabbed my hand as we ran down the aisle past our exulted family. Emmett and Alice started hurtling rice at our backs so I threw my bouquet behind my back and Rosalie caught it with style. It was like rain caressing my back as rice was pelted. Edward’s hand was still tightly gripping mine as we ran out of the white room inside of the Cullen’s vast estate. I ended up laughing as we reached the carriage waiting for us at the door at the end of the hall.

As tradition he kissed me once more at the threshold and he ran me out into the carriage. I didn’t care that only six people saw the marriage of Edward and I. To be honest, I preferred it that way. It showed we didn’t need thousands of people watching us, we only needed our family there, and that was enough for us.

Once inside the hunger returned to his eyes. He reached for me and I eagerly responded. His strong arms pulled me to him and onto his lap.

“I love you so much Isabella, now, come…” I didn’t even need him to finish his sentence. I reached for his face and began to plant kisses along his neck and face. I teased him by avoiding his lips, and I made sure it was obvious.

“Now you know that isn’t fair Mrs. Cullen,” he smiled smugly and he began to plant his lips atop mine. I could feel that energy I felt as his hand gripped mine just hours before. As he held me, I suddenly remembered something Alice told me. I had to break away ruefully and pull something out of the box underneath the seat across from Edward.

“What-what is it love?” He asked me, his musical voice suddenly full of panic, as if he did something wrong, as I sat opposite from him, pulling out a stack of worn letters from a pine box.

“Just something Alice thought I should show you, and something I just happened to write a few days ago,” my voice nonchalant but my insides bubbling with excitement.

Something sparked to life in Edward’s eyes, “That reminds me, Alice…suggested I…write you…something too…” he voice trailed off; at that moment we both realized Alice had set us up.

“Read yours first, I’d love to hear it Edward…please?” I gave my best look of innocence I could muster, and began to gently brush the back of my hand along Edward’s cheek bone to his jaw line.

He sighed, clearly giving up, knowing he would give in sooner than later.

“You’re pure evil,” he muttered as he took a deep breath and began to speak. Beneath those piercing I swore I could see almost a hint of pure nervousness, masked by his defiant appearance.

My Dear Isabella Marie Swan,

It has come to my attention that about one hundred years ago, I fell madly in love with you. Every thought I had, every time I opened my eyes, your image of the first time I laid my eyes on your would cloud my thoughts. This beauty of porcelain skin and dark brunette hair, you and your sparkling eyes stole my heart and never gave it back.

And then, I was left in this world without you. For so long I tried to leave your memory behind, to believe it was all a beautiful dream where I woke up to a nightmare. Suddenly, hundred painful years later, after suffering and wearing away without you, I was free to leave. I made my request in secret with Aro and he ruefully agreed. My cold heart nearly started to beat once more as the thrill of seeing you again pulsed threw my veins.

I ran and ran, I thought I wasn’t going to make it to you, but I found you, and like before, you knocked the wind out of me. But then you ran from my arms once more. I was lost until I saw you again. To have you near me was good enough. And then…you believed the lies that I didn’t love you and that dire Tanya could be the one I wished to marry. It was so difficult for me to make you believe me and trust in me again. But when you did, we were torn apart once more, like fate was telling us something, but we choose to ignore. I only have one more thing to say now…” He was holding my hand in his and he lightly kissed the back of it.

“My dear Bella, I love you.

Forever & Always,

Sir Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, your husband to be,” It took hard work to reach over to him and shower him with the love he deserved, but I kept my relaxed façade, leaned back against the red velvet-padded walls and sighed heavily.

“So, tell me love, did you enjoy my letter?” His eyes were abuzz with excitement.

I sighed again and began to speak, “It was nice, pleasant to the ear, excellent grammar, beautiful penmanship, but…I’ve heard it…before.”

His golden eyes grew frantic as he ran through his little stack of papers and he began to speak nervously, “What?! But-but, I had a checklist, I wrote the story of our love and I had a GREAT checklist—Isabella Marie Cullen, (I will never get tired of saying that), how many suitors did you have before me…?”

“Oh, hundreds, some vampires, some humans, most wrote back letters of their love for me. Here, I have small stack.” I passed them over to him, and he read, barely glancing at the page, and shock coated his expression.

“I’m going to find every one of those—“ he started to rant, but I stopped him before he could continue. I pulled his bowtie abruptly so his ear was mere centimeters from my lips. I whispered in his ear,

“But the best part, I only ever fell in love with one.” His head turned so our lips would be inches apart.

“You are truly evil,” he said before lightly touching his lips to mine, his cool breath swirling around in my mouth.

“But you promise you haven’t heard my words before, right?” He was honestly nervous, so I bit my lip, and nodded, while smiling.
awesoome, Kals!!
Thanks Joanna! :)

oh my gosh i love it


please write more its brilliant!!!!



Thank you Effy! That's so kind of you to say! I will soon. :)

Love it
Thank you girly wolf!
Thank you Mrs Edward Mason Cullen! :)
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