The Twilight Saga

The Volturi and the Cullens both thought they had destoyed all of the new borns.

There was one left and she was very special, she had no scent.

On the way home Alec runs into this girl.

Together they run away, and build up their own coven,

Now they are allied with the Cullens and the werewolves and Aro wants Alec back, and he wants this girl dead.

A war is about to start, and live will be lost.










Boy and Girl please

Dont Ditch

Good replies




























Lucy Heart



She is very speical, since she was no scent. No one can track her. She also redmembers nothing of her human life and some times that i can be hard on her. She can be care free but will also be willing to fight

She has her own coven


Brad Raines



He is very cocky and loves what he is. He also loves to kill humans though the Cullens are trying to get him to stop. He can be dangerous but he also has a soft side

Lucy's Coen


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Starleen giggled , "Me too" She said pressing play and then reaching over him to put the remote on the little table that was next to the couch. "sorry" she said as she did it then nuzzle closer to him as the movie started "Yes, this is how every movie should be watched" 

Jason was laughing hard until she threw paint on him. he gasped and wiped his face with his hand to remove the red paint from his face "Im seeing red" He joked then he quickly dumped the rest of the blue pain on her, it got in her hair and laughed harder. "I found something out to babe" he said between his fits of laughter "Blue is so your color!"

Darkrin got her as close to him as he possible could he was perfectly happy right now nothing could ruin this moment.

Lyla "really your seeing red ha-ha" she teased back then gasped when he dumped the rest of the blue paint on her "you meanie head I'm telling Alec on you" she said childishly as she then grabbed a tube of paint and squirted yellow on him "ALEC" she playfully and teasingly yelled out hoping Alec didn't actually hear her and come she was just wanting to mess with Jason. 

Starleen looked up at him and smiled then turned back to the move. Moving her hand up to his chest she traced random patterens as she watched the movie. As much as she loved the movie, what she really wanted to do was kiss him.

Jason was laughing so hard now. she was a mess and he was sure that he was a mess too but seeing her like that was just hilarious to him and nothing was better than this moment with her. He would remember this moment for the rest of his existence and it will always be one of his favorites. "Ooooh you tattletale, you need someone to come save you"he joked "You big baby! " he said knowing that she would get mad at his remarks 

Darkrin felt her hand move around his chest and she smiled down at the top of her head she was so adorable he kissed the top of her head he gently pulled her up to him and kissed her cheek and lastly kissed her long and deeply on her lips.


Lyla's eyes went extremely dark with her anger at the comment throw at her she got up in his face as best as a short girl can "understand one thing Jason Carson I don't need no one to protect me or save me now I'm going to go take a shower and then I'm decorating that stupid dent" she said all thing vehemently as she turned on her heels and started to leave.

Jason stopped laughing and grabbed her wrist and spun her around to face him. is face serious and concerned "Hey m sorry, your right you dont need anyone to protect you, but i will, i always will" He said and he pulled her to him and placed a hand on her face the other on her waist "Im sorry i took it too far," he said and kissed the tip of her nose 

Starleen smiled as he pulled her up to kiss her, she stopped tracing his chest and just lay her hand there as the other moved up to his face and into his hair. It was as soft as it looked. She could kiss him  forever and not get tired of it

Lyla despite her self smiled at the kiss to the tip of her painted nose he knew that she thought that was cute "fine but don't get to over protective or I'll kick you in the knee cap" she said joking she didn't like tense she liked non tense and everyone being calm "I mean I guess their ain't nothing wrong with being protected but all I'm saying is that I have always protected myself I can still do so I'm sorry if I got a little over angry there" she said softly as she ran a hand through his wet painted hair "we have paint everywhere" she said with a laugh "on the brite side Lucy did say she needed to repaint this room maybe now she can use this as an excuse to do so" she said with a charming smile "come on lets put are prints up and go shower" she said as she lead him to the wall and stuck her hand to the middle of the dented wall.


Darkrin grinned her hand felt amazing running through his hair "you are so perfect" he whispered to her as he nuzzled her hair and kissed her on the lips she was amazing to kiss.

Jason smiled down at her. it always amazed him how strong she really was, he always joked about it being an act but she was right, she had always protected herself and she has done a great job at it. But now she doesnt have to, its hs job now and its one that he doesnt take lightly but is honored to do. "Its not your fault, i baited you" he said and followed her and placed his hand next to hers. "Can we shower together?" he asked excitedly, partly joking but kinda benig serious

Starleen moved closer to him, she was alomst sitting on him. She continued to run her fingers through his hair and kiss him. "This, right now is perfect" she said against his lips 

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Lyla smirked evilly "nope that's what you get for baiting me" she said as she lifted her hand from the wall she did wrap her arms around his neck standing on her tippy toes and kissed him though even though they had a habit of driving each other insane they still totally like each other even we covered each other in paint "alright I guess now we wait for the fireworks" she said with a wink as she grabbed his hand and lead him through the living room ignoring any looks the two make out birds in the couch threw them and kissed him passionately outside there doors she smiled shyly at him and entered her room and closed the door softly he really was protective of those he thought of as his she mentally agree as she got in the shower after she stripped.


Darkrin smiled at her she felt perfect next to him like she was designed perfectly for him and he hoped him to her as well he wasn't the one way street kinda guy he liked when everything went two ways if she was happy and he was happy then it was perfect and right now he agreed completely with her "I agree" he said just above her lips and kissed her after he said the two words she was perfect.

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Jason frowned "Aww thats no fair,i said i was sorry!" he complained as they walked to her room. "I can give you fireworks" he sad n a low voice only she could hear and chuckled at her expression. On their way to the room they passed darkrin and Star on the couch, he picked up the pillow they threw at them earlier and threw it at them "Eww get a room!" he said while he laughed. When they got to her room she reached up to kiss him and he bent down to meet her half way, then she opened her door and closed it leaving him standing there 

Starleen continued to kiss him until something hit her in the head. pulling away from him she started laughing and shaking her head "those two are crazy" she said as she smoothed her hair. she smiled at him and she felt that there was no where in the world she would rather be then in his arms 

Lucy was started to getting irritated. She let go of Alec "if y'all don't stay down here with the family I might rip all of your heads off. This is important!" She yelled then glared at brad "and get your damn feet off my table!" She hissed. She knew she wasn't normally like this but she was stressed

Brad chuckled and sat his feet down. "Yes ma'am"

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