The Twilight Saga

The Volturi and the Cullens both thought they had destoyed all of the new borns.

There was one left and she was very special, she had no scent.

On the way home Alec runs into this girl.

Together they run away, and build up their own coven,

Now they are allied with the Cullens and the werewolves and Aro wants Alec back, and he wants this girl dead.

A war is about to start, and live will be lost.










Boy and Girl please

Dont Ditch

Good replies




























Lucy Heart



She is very speical, since she was no scent. No one can track her. She also redmembers nothing of her human life and some times that i can be hard on her. She can be care free but will also be willing to fight

She has her own coven


Brad Raines



He is very cocky and loves what he is. He also loves to kill humans though the Cullens are trying to get him to stop. He can be dangerous but he also has a soft side

Lucy's Coen


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Lyla giggled did she actually giggle when did she start that she wondered "Lexis right personally not the best way to announce your arrival home and Alice is actually helping us why" she asked with a bit of an edge to her voice she just wanted answers.


Darkrin frowned but didn't push her he learned a long time ago it never helped but he would have like to ease her mind some but having this thrown at us wasn't helping with that plan.

Jason smiled at Lyla and looked at everyone in the room . pulling her closer to him he whispered in her ear "Come one be nice" he said with a chuckle

Starleen moved closer to Darkrin as she listened to what they had to say.

Lucy held on tightly to Alec as she looked at her family. "Things are going to get bad and I'm not sure if all of us will make it out alive. " she said softly as she closed her eyes. "Non of us really know how to fight we are going to have to learn but I'm see jasper can help with that"

Brad sat up "what if we all die?"

(I'm baby sitting all night and the weather is bad. Replies might look like this tonigt)

Lilac eased up a little at his words "I'm always nice" she said playfully he was rather distracting she realized not really hearing to much after those words entered her head she was wondering many things now but not about this she needed to stay focused but she wasn't.


Darkrin let every word absorb and noticed Star get closer yet another benefit of being quiet sometimes you could get really observant he thougtht as he let her get closer to him.

Hey i am watching the spurs game so i will be on and off till its over. sorry

Lexii rolled her eyes and hit Brad on the back of his head "Nol you idiot we are not going to die" She shook her head and turned to the others "look this sounds way worse then it probably is" She was optimistic "We will all get through ths, and alive" She said as she looked at everyone.

Starleen looked at Darkrin then at Lyla. They were so special to her, what if one or both of them didnt make it? she didnt know if she could handle that. "Oh My..." she said as she pictured the fight in her mind

Jason winked at her "Sure you are sweetie" he sad and laughed Looking back at lucy and Alec he said "Wait so we are going to have to fight them?" he was perfectly ok with that, he was always down for a good fight.

Alec nodded "Things are probably going to be hard but i do truly think that we can win and that we will all make it." He glanced at all of them "But we will need to train and we cant take this lightly"

Lucy stayed close to her husband. She couldn't imagine life with out him. She closed her eyes "she couldn't live with out Any of her family" she rubbed her head. She knew she was scared. "We need to talk to jasper about training us. Yeah he used to wok with new norms but still he knows how to kill"

(I almost forgot I'm playing Jasper too lol)


Lyla laughed "no sir I'm sure no one is taking this lightly" she said to Alec assuming the last bit was thrown at her the laugh was to Jason as she looked up from him to the rest of her family she would absolutely hate to lose people she saw as family they were all special to her in different ways she would protect Star and Jason with her life before she let anything happen to them.


Darkrin nodded as he got closer to Star "it will be alright I mean ya their giving mixed messages about dying or not dying but we never know just try not to think about it" he said as he looked into her eyes trying to be comforting wasn't something he was use to doing so he hoped he was doing it right Star was always a happy brite person he didn't like to see her this way.



Alec kissed Lucy's head and rubbed her back soothingly, he could tell that they were all nervous and scared, some not willng to admit it but he knew them better to know that they were just trying to be brave. "look i know that this is scary and sudden but  promise that i will do everything i can to keep each and evry one of you safe" he said to them

Starleen looked at Darkrin and took a deep breath and nodded "You make it sound like its easy" she said with a small smile. She reached for his hand and squeezed it. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better, its good to have you here"

Jason tightened his hold on Lyla, he hasnt known her long but it was long enough to make not being with her seem like hell. He vowed that no matter what happened she would be safe, he would do everythin g in his power to protect her. 

Lyla felt Jason's hold on her tighten she looked into his eyes and leaned back into him it made her more determined to make him not think she was scared of what was happening and she hoped she didn't show it she put on a strong face and smirked "its alright we can take 'em" she said lamely it was the first thing to pop to her head then she looked at Alec and hoped he was right it was sometimes scary how he knew us all so well like any parents would there children I guess she smiled that word had a nice ring to it then she looked to Jason vowing if it took her own life she would keep him safe.


Darkrin smiled "I guess for me it is and I'm glad your here too I'm sorry if my comforting sucked" he said shyly he hadn't talked very often so when he did he wondered if he messed up or didn't he had other questions now but didn't want to scare Starleen or make more tension so he said nothing something he did often and well.

Jason smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek, "i think its so cute when you put on your tough act. it make so so much hotter"  he said and winked at her. Kissing her on the lips he pulled away placed his hand on her thigh. He knew what she was thinking and he would not let her get into too much trouble but that was hard considering that she still was Lyla and trouble seemed to follow her every where she went

Starleen shook her head to reassure him "No it was fine" she sais sounding lame "I mean i like it when you talk to me, you always say the right things. Even when im feeling down, like now, you make me feel better." She said and looked up at him through her lashes and smiled 

Lyla scowled at him "its not an act" she said a bit touchy she hated that he could see through her but she also didn't want people to think she was weak that also didn't help when she got defensive she got mouthy "I can take the volturi" she blurted out as she glared at him not caring what Alec had to say since he most likely would interrupt their conversation she was talking to Jason "I mean how hard can it be alright one person alone maybe hard but single one on one I can take 'em" she hadn't meant to get aggressive she really liked Jason and didn't want to hurt him.


Darkrin watched Jason and Lyla for a little while then turned back to Star "well I like when your happy" he said as he looked at her she was really cute when she looked up from her eyelashes he always thought it was cute when a girl could do that but on her it was adorablely cute "your such a happy person all the time you don't deserve a minute of sadness" he said sounding really lame to most people most likely but he didn't care.


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