The Twilight Saga

The Volturi and the Cullens both thought they had destoyed all of the new borns.

There was one left and she was very special, she had no scent.

On the way home Alec runs into this girl.

Together they run away, and build up their own coven,

Now they are allied with the Cullens and the werewolves and Aro wants Alec back, and he wants this girl dead.

A war is about to start, and live will be lost.










Boy and Girl please

Dont Ditch

Good replies




























Lucy Heart



She is very speical, since she was no scent. No one can track her. She also redmembers nothing of her human life and some times that i can be hard on her. She can be care free but will also be willing to fight

She has her own coven


Brad Raines



He is very cocky and loves what he is. He also loves to kill humans though the Cullens are trying to get him to stop. He can be dangerous but he also has a soft side

Lucy's Coen


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Jason laughed out loud, "aww baby, im joking i know you could kick some volturi butt" he said as he kissed her neck. As she went on he nodded, he thought that she could definitely hold her own against them but she would never have to do that because he would do it for her.

Starleen smiled and giggled, she was naturally a  happy person but being with and talking to him made her happier than she had been in a long time. "You are just the sweetest thing ever" she said and touched his nose with hner index finger. "Thank you, though. You being here really helps"

Lyla smiled as she felt his lips on her neck "dang right I can" she teased as she started to calm down she wasn't going through anything right now so calmed down and melted into his embrace "thanks" she said softly.

Darkrin if he could blush he would be red right now she was so sweet and cute "welcome" he said quietly he wasn't use to being called sweet and stuff although no one has gotten as far as Starleen has to ever really need to call him such thing he thought that Starleen deserved the sweet words more than he did though. 

Jason smiled against her neck and continued to give her small kisses "No thank you" he said in her ear as he gently tugged on it. He loved being around her, she always helped him see the good in every situation. He could feel her relax in his arms and he knew that the storm had passed 

Starleen grinned at him and realized that she had never let go of his hand. looking down at it she slowly began to release his hand and put her hands in her lap. She liked having someone that she could talk too, she didnt feel alone anymore. Biting her bottom lip she looked up at him, then down at his lips.

Lyla laughed lightly she turned on his lap and gave him a quick peak on the lips and slipped off his lap and ran laughing "can't catch me" she shouted as she ran through the house someone needed to smile and make something fun happen she decided it was her.


Darkrin watched her attentively he noticed her eyes shift when they settled on his face and how she slowly released his hand made him think it was safe to do this but if it wasn't wow was this going to be embarrassing he slowly met her face with his and softly gave her a kiss.  

Jason was just about to go in for another kiss as she got off his lap and ran away, so he was there with his lips puckered and leaning forward. Quickly recovering the ditch, he was on his feet and chasing after her"Ok but i will and when i do, your going to get it"He said jokingly  laughing 

Starleen softly kissed him, his lips rough against her soft lips, but she liked.She pulled away slightly to look at him and smiled "Finally" she said to him. She had been wanting to kiss him for a while but never knew if he wanted to 

Darkrin smiled shyly as her "sorry ma'am" he said about the finally part "it would seem I am delayed in giving you that" he said as he laughed he hadn't laughed or smiled this much since he had met her he was maybe Alecs second maybe third turn and hadn't gotten the pleasure to have met her yet until she joined the family he kissed her again "your so beautiful" he said softly.


Lyla laughed "whatever you say Jace" she teased back as she ran back into the living room jumping into the couch jumping over it almost running into Darkrin and Starleen "sorry dark sorry Star" she called over her shoulder as she ran and got caught on the slippery floor and crashed into a wall leaving a decent sized dent. 

Starleen smiled and chuckled "You are but i must say that it was totally worth the wait" She said and winked at him. She was glad that she decided to take the risk of joing Alec's coven, she didnt know what she was missing out on but now that she knew she was never going back. As she leaned in for another kiss, Lyla jumped over them, startleing her, which caused her to bump heads with Darkrin. 

Jason laughed and chased after her, He glanced at Star and Darkrin on the couch and had to do a double take, He was shocked that they were kissing. He was distracted which in turn caused him to also run into the wall, leaving an even bigger dent. "Crap!" he said as he fell to the floor beside Lyla. He started laughing and pulled her to him and began to tickle her "I told you  would catch you!" he said laughing harder 

Lyla laughed as she was tickled "now I know why parent say don't run in the house and hey that ain't fair a slid into a fricken wall so you unfairly caught me" she said using logic against him and laughed "oh crap are Alec and Lucy guna be mad" she said looking at the now twice as large hole "you think we could pull the we might be killed by the volturi card" she joked at him "its huge you ran into it and I slid into it" she said as she laughed holding her hand out to him.


Darkrin smiled glad she was easier to tease then Lyla was as he rubbed his head were they had crashed heads  "I'm so glad to have some one I can talk to its hard with the others especially Lyla she was changed after me and every time I try to talk she talks over me or interrupts me" he said as he smiled at her "not that I would want her to change of course" he said honestly as he smiled sheepishly at her and kissed her a couple more times "so are you feeling better" he asked her focusing mainly on her.

Jason laughed and then let her go, He did love a good chase."Fine your right" He got up and held his hands out to help her up "I so think that they will be mad but we should so pull the 'The volturi are trying to kill us' card" he said laughing.

Starleen laughed and rubbed her own head. She looked over at Jason and Lyla on the floor and shook her head at them, they were so cute together and he seemed to be able to handle her well, he made her happy and that was great. Turning back to Darkrin, she nodded "Yeah i know what you mean" she said before they started kissing again. Pulling away she bit her lip and nodded "couldnt be better" She sad honestly 

Lyla laughed "we should" she laughed as he helped her up "cause we can't hide this" she said looking at the large dents she made a mischievous smile and took off and flipped over onto the couch "sup brother and sister" she said as she sat in the middle of them interrupting there moment "we made a hole in the wall" she said making a bad situation at least not seem as bad as it was "right Jace" she asked "and Alec and Lucy are going to be mad but at least if he "grounds us" putting finger quotes around grounded "we will be stuck in the house together with nothing to distract us huh babe" she asked with a laugh as he came with her.


Darkrin sighed "most likely" he said referring to Lucy "most like Lu..." Lyla interrupted him quickly "hey you to kissing now so are you a thing" she asked looking from Star to Darkrin. Darkrin sighed "yes" he said simply as he made a knowing look to Starleen.

Jason laughed and smiled at Lyla, following her lead he went and sat on Darkrin's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck "Yep" he said then looked at Darkrin "Oh but dont worry Darkrin, i will still have time for you, we can spend all night together" he said jokingly and winked at him. Then he said that him and Star were a thing he pretended to be outraged, jumping off his lap. "What!?" he yelled looking at them 

Starleen laughed at Lyla she sure knew how to ruin a moment, but that was what made her Lyla and she loved tha about her. She was laughing when Jason came and sat on Darkrin's lap. looking at Darkrin when Lyla asked about them and she smiled at his answer. 'Yep" she said in agreement and winked at him 

Darkrin scowled but made no further comment only laughing at Jason's teasing "at least I didn't run in to a wall and make a hole in it" he said smirking as he leapt of his lap and screamed what he actually laughed "oh the perks of having siblings" he muttered affectionately as he rubbed his forehead glad he couldn't get headaches anymore.


Lyla laughed glad that Jason was playing along then she hopped on his hips and kissed his lips playfully as she wrapped her legs around his waist "so Mr. Jason what are your plans for the near future" she asked playfully.


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