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Chapter 1
Alice POV

I saw her so clearly, a human girl I had never even met. She had brown hair and brown eyes, quite pretty but obviously not as pretty as Rosalie.
Edward walked into the room with a confused look on his face, probably wondering what I had just seen, honestly I couldn’t tell him, as I was just as confused as he was.
It was so strange, I saw a girl I hadn’t ever met but somehow I felt so strongly attracted to this girl as if I had a purpose to protect her.

Every moment of the day I was thinking about this girl, it was driving me insane and also driving Edward mad too, all my thoughts about this girl and all of the things I kept seeing of her. First her falling over and getting cut, second her getting into a fight at my school, which was not actually possible as I had never seen her before. The strangest and most confusing was also one that shocked me and made me silent for the whole day I saw her and Edward, my brother Edward, he was holding her as if to keep her from danger and protect her from a big danger. He looked into her eyes as if he was seeing the stars or sun for the first time in his existence, I had to keep this from him otherwise he would probably get stressed and want me too see more, which I could not do this was all just coming to me on it’s own.
“ Alice?” Edward asked questioningly
” Yes Edward, what is it?”
” I noticed that you have been trying to block me this weekend ever since you saw that girl, and I was wondering if you would care to tell me why your not allowing me to see what you have. It’s very frustrating”
” I am very sorry Edward, but at this moment I don’t understand what I am seeing and it is very strange so I don’t really want to talk about it”
With that said I walked, well I almost danced over to my loving husband Jasper. Jasper was also confused by why I was being so secretive, I just simply told him that I was having strange visions and left it at that.

” It should be a fun day today Jasper” I said with a lot of sarcasm
” I think that we might end up having a huge problem to be honest, all I can see is Edward looking at someone with huge puppy dog eyes” I added
Of course I already knew what this was about, but still I couldn’t help but think that this was going to end very badly. My visions had shown me more over the hours I stayed away from Edward; the most shocking was one of Edward and this human with a child. When I found this out I knew this girl would know what we were but I still had no idea how or why she was coming here. So around three things were clear to me at this point:
One, Edward would soon be in love for the first time in 200 years.
Two, They would have a beautiful baby girl.
Three, She would certainly know what we are as soon as she saw us and would become great friends with me.
I was so shocked by all of this and I knew I had to try and keep it all from Edward which was a lot harder than I thought.
We all climbed into Edward’s silver shiny Volvo and sped off to our school in forks, I knew what to expect today but nobody else did, I braced myself for all that was going to happen. On the one hand I was so happy that Edward would find someone to be with, but on the other hand this could turn out to be deadly for all of us and possibly end the truce we have with the werewolves.

Bella’s POV

I was looking forward to my first day of School, I knew that I was going to be the new girl for a while, but I had moved to much that I knew how I was going to cope with it. I wasn’t one of those shy girls who were always scared what people though but I was the sort of person who cared about people and if they were worried or hurting I would always try to help them. I was also an amazing singer; well that’s what I had been told so I would try out for the musical that was coming up soon at school. I heard they were doing Romeo and Juliet in musical style so it should be fun since I loved the play. I’d always be looking for a cute lad and be asking them to plat Romeo, at least that way I could have a good chance of playing the lead part.
“ Bella honey, you have to leave for school or your going to be late sweetheart” Charlie shouted up the stairs
Charlie was my dad, police chief here in Forks so he was obviously very over protective of me and made me obey all the speed laws, which truthfully I thought sucked.
“ Alright dad, which car am I going in today?” I asked
” Well for your first day you can take the Mercedes hunnie”
I was smiling so much, I ran to my dad and hugged him so hard and kissed him on the cheek.
” Thank you so so much daddy, I love you, I’ll see you later”
I grabbed my bag and ran out the door to the silver SLK roadster, of course It was a flash car that was bought for me on my 16th birthday. As I normally live in Florida with my mother and her rich boyfriend who she had just got engaged too, they thought I deserved a treat and since they were going on a tour because Phil played baseball professionally now, I came here too forks to live with my father for a while. I couldn’t live without having my car so I brought it down here with me, I knew it wouldn’t be the best car here as I could never have the roof down but I still loved this car.
I pulled into the school’s parking lot and parked up, I got out and walked into the reception to pick up my timetable for the rest of the year.
I had biology today 3rd lesson, that was like my best subject I understood everything in that subject and was in a higher set at my last school, so that was the one thing I was looking forward too.
I headed to my first lesson with Mr Mason, I sat at the back of the class feeling a little intimidated by all of the people gawking at me and waited patiently for the boring lesson to finish. As I was about to walk out a tallish boy with black hair spoke to me.
” Hey, your Isabella swans aren’t you? I’m Eric, it’s nice too meet you”
“ Hello Eric, I actually prefer Bella, it’s nice to meet you too” I replied with a smile.
“ What’s your next lesson then Bella, I’ll walk you there if you like?”
” Thanks that would be nice; I have Mr Jefferson next in building 6” I answered simply.
We walked towards building 6 whilst talking about why I came to this school and he introduced me to people we saw on the way, by the time I actually got to my lesson half the people I had met I had forgot their names.
My next lesson was trigonometry with Mr Varner, the most boring lesson I could possibly have. Other than the fact that I can’t actually understand anything that goes on in this lesson, he was the only one that made me stand in front of the class and tell them about myself, which truthfully I hated because I didn’t know what I should say and what I shouldn’t.
One girl did sympathise with me was called Jessica; she was nice and asked me if I would like to sit with her and her friends at lunch.

It was there that I saw him, the gorgeous looking bronze haired boy, he was not to tall and not to small, he was just the right size and with a perfect looking face and body.
“ Jess who is that over there?” I asked and pointed to the boy on the other side of the cafeteria.
She looked directly at him and said to me
” That’s Edward Cullen, totally gorgeous obviously, but apparently nobody in this town is good enough to be with him” she added a sigh and turned back to face her friends.
The rest of lunch I continued to turn and look at him every few minutes, I wanted to go over and talk to him but for some reason I felt like I would get scared and run away crying. I had never felt this way before and it scared me too think that one boy could change the way I have been for all of my life, suddenly I felt the confidence in me float away.
The bell rang so I stood up and headed to my next lesson with a guy called mike, who hadn’t stopped questioning me all lunch, well that was when he actually had my attention. We walked into the classroom and I immediately froze, there he was sitting there the most gorgeous, kind looking guy I had ever laid eyes on. I didn’t have any idea what to do, I had no confidence left, he had taken it all from me earlier.
I took my seat next to him and introduced myself
” Hi, I am Bella Swan it’s nice to meet you”
” Hello Bella I’m Edward Cullen” He smiled and it was just so nice, I found I couldn’t breathe just from his wonderful looking smile.
I felt myself falling and all of a sudden everything went black.

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Chapter 2
Edward POV

Bella was very pretty; her eyes made me want to look at her forever. I smiled at her and heard her heart start too speed up so I looked over to her, suddenly she started to fall backwards off her stool and I had to catch her, my arms flew out and caught her. I knew my arms would feel cold and hard to her but I never wanted her to get hurt, it was so strange that I felt I had to protect this girl no matter what. That’s when Mr Banner came over.
“ Edward, what happened?” he asked
” To be honest I have no idea, one minute she was fine and the next she was falling. I think I ought to take her to see the nurse”
”I think that would be a good idea Edward, thank you”
I carried Bella outside and headed toward the nurses room, she woke up from being passed out and asked me to let her down to sit for a minute, I agreed but I still wondered what happened.
” Bella, are you alright? You just passed out for no reason, do you know why or remember what happened?”
” I know what happened, but I don’t want to say” she went bright red which made me even more curious, especially as I couldn’t read her mind, it was very frustrating.
“ I think that if I tell you Edward you’ll laugh at me”
At least she was being honest to me, which is more than some people are even though I know when they are lying.
” I promise you Bella I will not laugh at you, no matter what it is”
” Well…you sort of…dazzled me with your smile” she turned as red as a tomato.
“ Bella, you fainted because I dazzled you. How can I possibly dazzle you, you dazzled me as soon as you walked through the door” I owned up to it, of course I left out the fact that her blood smelt so good and that I was a vampire who could easily kill her. Being honest to myself though I couldn’t harm her, no matter how good her blood smelt to me. That was when I realized that I was in love with this girl, uncontrollably in love with her.
” I dazzled you? How would a girl like me do that? And it was your smile that dazzled me, it’s so nice” she reached out and touched my face, her hand was so warm and felt so good on my skin.
” Bella you don’t see yourself clearly at all, you’re beautiful. Most of the boys here have been thinking that all day. Can I ask you something?”
“ What is it Edward?” she asked, she sounded honestly curious
” Well, I was wondering if my skin felt cold to you” It was worrying me what her answer would be, if it was yes surely she’d be wondering why and want to ask me about and I couldn’t tell her, it was to dangerous and I was scared she would run away and never speak to me again.
She had a confused look on her face and answered me smiling
” Edward your skin is the same temperature as mine silly, that was a strange question” she giggled after which made me smile and I had to laugh with her, it was so easy to be around Bella, almost natural to be myself with her.

Bella POV

I woke up in Edwards arms, to be truthful it felt so nice to be in his arms. I never wanted to move but my legs were getting numb so I had to ask to stand, it felt really good but I regretted it, as I really wanted to jump back into his warm comforting arms. I fainted because he smiled at me and dazzled me; I think that I must be loosing it really, for that to happen. This lad really has a big effect on me, nobody had ever made me feel like this before, and it’s all so strange and new to me. Should I try and hug him or not? Can I touch him?
Edward broke the silence we had by asking if I was alright, but I couldn’t answer, I didn’t know if I was alright I felt sick but was that because I felt love for this lad I had only known around 1 hour.
”Do you know what happened” Edward asked
Obviously I knew I didn’t want to admit it though, that would just be embarrassing for me.
” I know what happened, but I don’t want to say”
He would seriously laugh if he knew what I was thinking and probably think I was crazy.
“ I think that if I tell you Edward you’ll laugh at me” I was trying to go with the honesty thing and hope he would understand. Of course he wanted to know though.
” I promise you Bella I will not laugh at you, no matter what it is”
There was something In his voice that made me feel like whatever it was he wouldn’t laugh and that I could trust him even with my biggest secrets so I decided to tell him, maybe it was for the best.
” Well…you sort of…dazzled me with your smile” I felt the heat in my cheeks and new immediately that I had gone very red, I was thankful I wasn’t near a mirror right now as I am sure that I would have gone even redder. He looked at me with the strangest expression and suddenly said
“ Bella, you fainted because I dazzled you. How can I possibly dazzle you, you dazzled me as soon as you walked through the door” that really shocked me, I couldn’t speak for the moment… how could he Edward Cullen be dazzled by me?! I found my voice and finally spoke
” I dazzled you? How would a girl like me do that? And it was your smile that dazzled me, it’s so nice” I reached out and hoped he wouldn’t pull away, I was glad when he didn’t and I placed my hand on his face, it was so smooth I never wanted to let my hand fall but as he went to speak I dropped my hand.
” Bella you don’t see yourself clearly at all, you’re beautiful. Most of the boys here have been thinking that all day. Can I ask you something?”
What was it that he wanted to ask me now? Was it anything else that would embarrass me and make me red again?
“ What is it Edward?”
” Well, I was wondering if my skin felt cold to you” he sounded worried, I thought it was such a strange question but I suppose it has been a strange day though, I was also confused by this so I answered him to put his mind at rest.
” Edward your skin is the same temperature as mine silly, that was a strange question” I ended up giggling as I found the question funny when I thought about it and Edward joined in, clearly laughing at me but for the moment I didn’t care, I was finally being the person I always wanted to be, myself.
yes keep it going it was really good and sweet
how cute :D
i cant wait fore more xD
basicly it's liek bella and edward are meant to be together, ever since they were both born there lives were planned out for them and only one really powerful vampire knows about how all lives will turn out... so beacause they have always meant to be together she doesn't see him as any different to anyone else and he doesn't feel any different either. X

Chapter 3
Jasper POV

Edward really likes this girl; too bring her to our home, a house full of vampires. He warned me too not go too close to her though, just in case I couldn’t control my thirst as even Edward said Bella’s blood smelled so good to him, I really didn’t understand the attraction he felt to Bella though, why her? Why not a vampire like Tanya, she has liked him ever since she first met him, strawberry blonde hair, very pretty looking. Of course nothing compared to my Alice. For Edward’s sake I would do as he asked, it also helped that I would know how she was feeling when she was in a room near me, I had to smile at that because unless Edward told her she would have no idea.
” Jasper, would you like to come hunting with me? Bella will be here soon and I would like to make it as easy for Edward as possible, he is scared to bring her here as it is” Alice said to me, trying to make everything better that’s my Alice, always doing good for others and putting them first, except when she wanted to dress them.
” Anything for you Alice, you know that” I leant in to kiss her lightly on the lips, obviously she had other ideas, and who am I to complain to the love of my life. When I managed too finally pull away from her without hurting her feeling I said to her
” Alice, I thought we had to go hunting, you know the whole make it as easy as possible for Edward stuff” I laughed at her face, she had the most beautiful face and pixie cut hair, the pout she was wearing on her face though I just had to laugh at.
“ But I wanted to keep kissing you! Never mind better for Edward I was enjoying myself” She argued
” I know love, I can feel that you were enjoying it. But I would feel a lot better knowing that I won’t need to drink while the human is here” I chuckled to myself, I never thought that I would ever hear myself say that, human here.
Alice and me headed out the back doors at full speed, the wind blew into our faces and it was exhilarating, so exciting to run at this speed with the one person I would always want in my life. I stopped abruptly and pulled my pixie into my arms, kissing her lightly at first then getting fiercer.
” I love you so so much Alice Cullen always and forever, never ever forget that”
” As you know Jasper Whitlock Hale, I love you also until the end of my existence”
” Well let’s get hunting love, bet you can’t get the biggest elk”
” You know better than to bet against me” she smiled “ but your on”
I let my senses take over and my mind control my body, I smelt the blood coming from the north-east and sprinted as fast as I could to take down the biggest buck, how she did it baffled me totally but she did, as I leapt in the air I heard a crack and the buck was dead, Alice sitting on top of it looking up at me laughing.
” Don’t say I didn’t warn you not to bet against me”
” Thanks for stealing my dinner you little monster” I joked, she didn’t actually seemed amused for once, I was slightly shocked but she just looked at me.
“ Actually I caught your dinner and mine, you don’t need that much too drink” She stated.
We drank silently for around 1 minute and then we were done, we both got up and started heading back toward the house walking hand in hand.
” Your going to be fine you know jasper, you won’t hurt her” Alice soothed
” I know that you have seen I won’t, but still it doesn’t stop me worrying about it though, what if she slips and cuts herself, I won’t be able to stop myself”
” Jasper I have seen her future she won’t slip over and everything will be fine, I keep looking and checking for anything that might make you want to attack her jasper, but you also know how much it would hurt Edward if you did and I don’t think you could do that to him no matter how good her blood might be”
I was so stressed about how I was going to handle this and being around a human while all the time I wanted to bite her and have her blood, what Alice had said was right though, every time Edward walked through the doors in the morning from being with Bella all night he would have the biggest smile on his face, like she was the reason he was living and if she died nothing else would matter, not even his own life. I suppose while he was happy we could all be happier, seeing him smiling and truly happy for a change made all out lives better.
We got to 1 mile away from the house and we both heard the voices.
“ Looks like the humans already at home Alice”
” Jasper, I would prefer you to call my future best friend by her name please” I laughed at her, really I knew they would become best friends, with Bella wanting to spend all her time with Edward and I could hardly see Rosalie wanting to be her friend.
” All right Alice, just for you I will. Here we go love, lets go meet her”
I was kind of looking forward to meeting Bella properly, maybe once I meet her I will have to like her so much that I won’t be able to hurt her even if she cuts herself. Alice hopped lightly off the tree branch into the kitchen and hugged Bella.
” Hi Bella, it’s nice to finally meet you I’m Alice” Typical Alice, the thing was though I couldn’t sense the girl was scared, she seemed quite happy. Unlike Edward, who was actually scared for Bella and how she would see Alice.
” Nice to meet you too Alice, I have wanted to meet you for a while Edward has told me a lot about you and how nice you are” she smiled and then looked towards me.
” Jasper it’s alright you know” Alice soothed me
” Hello Jasper it’s nice to meet you as well” she seemed nice enough and very kind toward my lovely wife, Edward shot me warning glances but I ignored them and went over to give Bella a hug, her scent was so nice but I could resist it especially for Edward. I felt the amount of fear radiating off his body towards me so I stepped back.
” Hi Bella, it’s wonderful to meet the girl that has made Edward finally happy” with that said I walked back over to Alice who was standing there with a huge smile on her face.

Bella’s Pov

I saw Alice hop through the window and walk straight over too me, I didn’t rally know what to expect but I knew a lot about Alice from what Edward had told me, they were really close and spoke to each other all the time, so it was an honour too meet someone who Edward thought so highly of, and I felt special that I was actually a part of his life.
” Hi Bella, it’s nice to finally meet you I’m Alice” I felt even more special now because she wanted to meet me too!
” Nice to meet you too Alice, I have wanted to meet you for a while Edward has told me a lot about you and how nice you are” She smiled and looked at Jasper her other half; wait did that make me Edward’s other half?
” Jasper it’s alright you know” Alice soothed him
” Hello Jasper it’s nice to meet you as well” I could tell that he was a bit tense and probably scared too meet me; I thought I might as well say the first words.
He walked straight over to me and gave me a hug, this I was not expecting but I felt thrilled that I was being welcomed into Edward’s family so nicely.
” Hi Bella, it’s wonderful to meet the girl that has made Edward finally happy”
now I felt truly special and actually loved, Jasper walked back over too Alice who had a huge smile on her face obviously very proud of her Jasper. I looked around the room and saw Esme, such a caring person and lovely to me as soon as I walked through the door. Carlisle was such a giving man and caring and kind, much like Esme so I could see they were perfectly suited. Emmett was huge, the big bear of the family and by bear I don’t mean teddy bear but he was still kind and very funny. Rosalie was… well Rosalie scared the hell out of me to be honest, I didn’t understand at all why she hated me when really she didn’t know me at all. Alice, well nobody could not like Alice such a loving person and so bubbly that she could light up a room as soon as she walked into it. Jasper, well he was a kind person I could tell that but I didn’t know a lot about Jasper he seemed kind of secretive and a bit careful around me especially when Edward glared at him like he was about to pounce. Edward gosh I loved him so much, his life meant more than mine I couldn’t bare to loose him, words can’t describe how much this one lad has got to my heart so quickly but he has. Edward interrupted my thoughts suddenly, he must have noticed that I was looking at each member of his family and obviously would want to know what I was thinking.
” Bella darling, let me give you a tour off the house then” he took my hand and started to lead the way, I heard Alice sigh loudly as if she wanted attention from Edward and me.
” Don’t worry Alice you can talk and have Bella for a while later if she would like ok?” he chuckled and looked at me.
” Of course I would love too spend some time with you later Alice, who wouldn’t” Edward and me left the kitchen and started to walk upstairs with him giving directions.

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