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Chapter 1
Alice POV

I saw her so clearly, a human girl I had never even met. She had brown hair and brown eyes, quite pretty but obviously not as pretty as Rosalie.
Edward walked into the room with a confused look on his face, probably wondering what I had just seen, honestly I couldn’t tell him, as I was just as confused as he was.
It was so strange, I saw a girl I hadn’t ever met but somehow I felt so strongly attracted to this girl as if I had a purpose to protect her.

Every moment of the day I was thinking about this girl, it was driving me insane and also driving Edward mad too, all my thoughts about this girl and all of the things I kept seeing of her. First her falling over and getting cut, second her getting into a fight at my school, which was not actually possible as I had never seen her before. The strangest and most confusing was also one that shocked me and made me silent for the whole day I saw her and Edward, my brother Edward, he was holding her as if to keep her from danger and protect her from a big danger. He looked into her eyes as if he was seeing the stars or sun for the first time in his existence, I had to keep this from him otherwise he would probably get stressed and want me too see more, which I could not do this was all just coming to me on it’s own.
“ Alice?” Edward asked questioningly
” Yes Edward, what is it?”
” I noticed that you have been trying to block me this weekend ever since you saw that girl, and I was wondering if you would care to tell me why your not allowing me to see what you have. It’s very frustrating”
” I am very sorry Edward, but at this moment I don’t understand what I am seeing and it is very strange so I don’t really want to talk about it”
With that said I walked, well I almost danced over to my loving husband Jasper. Jasper was also confused by why I was being so secretive, I just simply told him that I was having strange visions and left it at that.

” It should be a fun day today Jasper” I said with a lot of sarcasm
” I think that we might end up having a huge problem to be honest, all I can see is Edward looking at someone with huge puppy dog eyes” I added
Of course I already knew what this was about, but still I couldn’t help but think that this was going to end very badly. My visions had shown me more over the hours I stayed away from Edward; the most shocking was one of Edward and this human with a child. When I found this out I knew this girl would know what we were but I still had no idea how or why she was coming here. So around three things were clear to me at this point:
One, Edward would soon be in love for the first time in 200 years.
Two, They would have a beautiful baby girl.
Three, She would certainly know what we are as soon as she saw us and would become great friends with me.
I was so shocked by all of this and I knew I had to try and keep it all from Edward which was a lot harder than I thought.
We all climbed into Edward’s silver shiny Volvo and sped off to our school in forks, I knew what to expect today but nobody else did, I braced myself for all that was going to happen. On the one hand I was so happy that Edward would find someone to be with, but on the other hand this could turn out to be deadly for all of us and possibly end the truce we have with the werewolves.

Bella’s POV

I was looking forward to my first day of School, I knew that I was going to be the new girl for a while, but I had moved to much that I knew how I was going to cope with it. I wasn’t one of those shy girls who were always scared what people though but I was the sort of person who cared about people and if they were worried or hurting I would always try to help them. I was also an amazing singer; well that’s what I had been told so I would try out for the musical that was coming up soon at school. I heard they were doing Romeo and Juliet in musical style so it should be fun since I loved the play. I’d always be looking for a cute lad and be asking them to plat Romeo, at least that way I could have a good chance of playing the lead part.
“ Bella honey, you have to leave for school or your going to be late sweetheart” Charlie shouted up the stairs
Charlie was my dad, police chief here in Forks so he was obviously very over protective of me and made me obey all the speed laws, which truthfully I thought sucked.
“ Alright dad, which car am I going in today?” I asked
” Well for your first day you can take the Mercedes hunnie”
I was smiling so much, I ran to my dad and hugged him so hard and kissed him on the cheek.
” Thank you so so much daddy, I love you, I’ll see you later”
I grabbed my bag and ran out the door to the silver SLK roadster, of course It was a flash car that was bought for me on my 16th birthday. As I normally live in Florida with my mother and her rich boyfriend who she had just got engaged too, they thought I deserved a treat and since they were going on a tour because Phil played baseball professionally now, I came here too forks to live with my father for a while. I couldn’t live without having my car so I brought it down here with me, I knew it wouldn’t be the best car here as I could never have the roof down but I still loved this car.
I pulled into the school’s parking lot and parked up, I got out and walked into the reception to pick up my timetable for the rest of the year.
I had biology today 3rd lesson, that was like my best subject I understood everything in that subject and was in a higher set at my last school, so that was the one thing I was looking forward too.
I headed to my first lesson with Mr Mason, I sat at the back of the class feeling a little intimidated by all of the people gawking at me and waited patiently for the boring lesson to finish. As I was about to walk out a tallish boy with black hair spoke to me.
” Hey, your Isabella swans aren’t you? I’m Eric, it’s nice too meet you”
“ Hello Eric, I actually prefer Bella, it’s nice to meet you too” I replied with a smile.
“ What’s your next lesson then Bella, I’ll walk you there if you like?”
” Thanks that would be nice; I have Mr Jefferson next in building 6” I answered simply.
We walked towards building 6 whilst talking about why I came to this school and he introduced me to people we saw on the way, by the time I actually got to my lesson half the people I had met I had forgot their names.
My next lesson was trigonometry with Mr Varner, the most boring lesson I could possibly have. Other than the fact that I can’t actually understand anything that goes on in this lesson, he was the only one that made me stand in front of the class and tell them about myself, which truthfully I hated because I didn’t know what I should say and what I shouldn’t.
One girl did sympathise with me was called Jessica; she was nice and asked me if I would like to sit with her and her friends at lunch.

It was there that I saw him, the gorgeous looking bronze haired boy, he was not to tall and not to small, he was just the right size and with a perfect looking face and body.
“ Jess who is that over there?” I asked and pointed to the boy on the other side of the cafeteria.
She looked directly at him and said to me
” That’s Edward Cullen, totally gorgeous obviously, but apparently nobody in this town is good enough to be with him” she added a sigh and turned back to face her friends.
The rest of lunch I continued to turn and look at him every few minutes, I wanted to go over and talk to him but for some reason I felt like I would get scared and run away crying. I had never felt this way before and it scared me too think that one boy could change the way I have been for all of my life, suddenly I felt the confidence in me float away.
The bell rang so I stood up and headed to my next lesson with a guy called mike, who hadn’t stopped questioning me all lunch, well that was when he actually had my attention. We walked into the classroom and I immediately froze, there he was sitting there the most gorgeous, kind looking guy I had ever laid eyes on. I didn’t have any idea what to do, I had no confidence left, he had taken it all from me earlier.
I took my seat next to him and introduced myself
” Hi, I am Bella Swan it’s nice to meet you”
” Hello Bella I’m Edward Cullen” He smiled and it was just so nice, I found I couldn’t breathe just from his wonderful looking smile.
I felt myself falling and all of a sudden everything went black.

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Chapter 4
Edward POV

I lead Bella upstairs firstly in the direction of Alice’s room, maybe then she’d be scared when she realized how much of a fashion maniac Alice really was, especially when she starts dressing her up like a Barbie doll, I refuse to be the ken in that!
” Edward what are you laughing at” Bella had to notice that, of course she would she spends too much time looking at me.
” You’ll see dear Bella” what else could I say to her though?
” Okay then Edward, but if I don’t understand you are going to have to explain things too me”
” Bella I will explain to you but you will probably guess yourself dear, it isn’t that hard to guess, you will see what I mean, trust me” surely she had to trust me, she trusts me enough to come here to my home, with a house full of vampires. If only I knew what she was thinking it would make things a lot easier, I wouldn’t be scared to tell her how I feel about her or about how I became a vampire and all about my family. I am scared to tell her though, what if she runs out on me because she suddenly realizes I am not right for her and she can do better and have a human who can give her all the things than she wants, well things that she should have and will want one day, I don’t want her to end up hating me for what I can’t give her, not that I would blame her at all.
“ Edward, I am quite worried. Your being very quiet and normally all you want to do is talk to me, have I done something wrong?” I could hear the panic in her voice and feel her heart begin to beat faster.
“ Bella love, don’t panic. You have done nothing wrong, I was just simply thinking about us and the future, it’s alright I’m here.”
She immediately started to calm down and steadied her heart, in no time it was back to the ba-bum ba-bum that I was so used too, I would probably be able to pick her out from a crowd of people just from the way her heart sounds to me. It was almost like we were meant to be together, we hadn’t been together that long but already I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and try to give her everything she ever wants. We walked into Alice’s and Jasper’s room and I was pleased to hear the gasp from Bella, finally she was realising what a mad fashionista Alice was!
“ Alright Edward I see what you mean about Alice, but I still want to hang out with her though, she won’t make me like a Barbie doll will she?” Bella suddenly sounded quite scared, but I did try to warn her about Alice.
“ I’m sure if you ask her nicely Bella she will only take you shopping for a day love, unlike the long week-ends her and Rosalie go for.” I watched as her mouth popped open, was she actually shocked by this, I thought she would realize that Alice was totally mad!
” Edward, why is it I am suddenly scared to be with your sister, I can’t go a whole day without seeing you it will be plain torcher” I had to laugh at that even though what Bella was saying I could relate to and I felt exactly the same, how was I going to take my mind of her?

The day passed very quickly, I showed Bella all around the house but she really loved my room, especially the music that I had. She was very surprised to find out that I didn’t ever sleep though, that conversation I would always remember she was so funny and shocked. She did get annoyed that I kept laughing at her, so she kept reminding me that this was all new to her.
As we were making our way down the stairs Alice caught us, I could hear what she was thinking and I knew what Bella would be thinking too once Alice asks her, well I think that Alice is going to have to beg Bella for this though.
” Alice, I can’t answer this one for you, your going to have to ask Bella. Though I would beg her if I was you, I don’t think she will let in easy this time.” I chuckled as Alice stuck her tongue out at me; of course she thought that she knew Bella better than me. I knew better than to go against what Alice saw in her visions though, at this moment in time though Bella hadn’t made her mind up what she was going to do.
” Bella please please please will you come shopping with me tomorrow, we can fly back when we are done and you can stay here for a slumber party, of course Edward will be here for you too, but please, for me.” Alice really wanted this I could tell, she loved Bella a lot and was trying to sell the idea of going shopping for the day, if I know Alice though she will end up buying a whole new wardrobe for Bella and probably something expensive from tiffany’s.
” Alice, I will go shopping with you and stay here but there is one thing I am worried about” she had no reason to be worried, I was slightly worried though, why had Bella given in so easily? I thought she would make Alice get on her knees and beg like a puppy.
”Bella you have nothing to worry about, you’ll be safe with me and we will have a great time together” Alice spoke to Bella but also smiled at her, as she knew she was getting what she wanted.
” Alice, you said fly back! Where are we flying too?” I laughed so much that I nearly fell over, here was I thinking that Bella knew Alice, obviously Alice wouldn’t want to shop in port ageles.
” Oh is that all, well we are flying to New York because the weather has been predicted as cloudy and I really wanted to get you something from tiffany’s, Edward has wanted to get you one thing in particular for a while so I thought we would have a look, and I see that you actually will love it and I get it for you so don’t worry Bella all you will have to do is stand there while I buy it for you” Alice let out a laugh and so did I, it was so beautiful the necklace I saw for her, I asked for a key to be specially made for the end of it because I had something else made for her too, something that only that key would let her into. The necklace had a heart key pendant with round diamonds set in 18k white gold, I was suddenly looking forward to Bella having this gift, and I would be the one to give it her.

Alice picked Bella up around 4 in the morning to go to the airport; I watched her leave to get my beautiful Bella and went to wake Emmett and Jasper ready for a whole day of hunting.

Here is the link to the necklace that Edward really wants to get Bella and that she will get.

Hope you liked this chapter, please comment. Thanks X
I love the necklace. Please continue. Your doing great.
if the link doesn't actually work you can all try this if you would like to see what edward is getting bella, well that edward ordered that alice will get :
I LOVE IT!!!! and the necklace is beautiful!!!!! POST MORE SOON, PLEASE!!!!!! ;)
I love your story!
Awesome post more soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Realy good!
New reader. Ah that necklace is so beautiful! I can't wait to read the expression on Bella's face!

Chapter 5
Alice POV

I was so excited! Taking Bella shopping would be so much fun at last I can make her wear fashionable clothes and not the ones she wears now, and Edward said that I would have to beg to make her come with me ha, don’t make me laugh. Bella would have had to come with me, if she loved me at all as a sister to be, she would have to give me what I wanted.
It was 4 in the morning when I left to pick Bella up, I told her not to bother bringing anything to sleep in or clothes for the next day because I would buy her clothes shopping, it would be fun and I would make sure that she would want to come shopping with me every time I asked. I was smiling all the way to Bella’s house; as soon as I got there I honked the horn of Rosalie’s bmw. Bella ran out of the house straight away with a smile on her face, admittedly I was kind of shocked that she was smiling but I smiled back. Bella really needed my help when it came to fashion; she was wearing a mustard yellow strappy top with khaki coloured pants. What was she thinking!?
” Good morning Alice” Bella smiled at me and seemed genuinely happy that she was going shopping, considering it was only 10 past 4 in the morning she was surprisingly chipper and talkative.
” Morning Bella, looking forward to shopping today?” I asked her honestly curious, I wonder if Edward asked her to be happy about this, I would have to ask him later or get it out of Bella.
” Actually Alice I am, I have never been shopping in New York and I have never owned anything designer either” shock washed over my face immediately.
” NEVER…OWNED…ANYTHING…DESIGNER!” I might have gone a bit over the top, but seriously nothing designer, how can she live without any Gucci heels or Armani jeans and no Christian Louboutin shoes!
“ Calm down Alice, I know I have never owned anything fashionable really, but I know you Alice and if anyone can change that I know you can” aww Bella is always trying to make me feel better, I have to admit though that did do it.
” At least you are starting too see that going shopping with me isn’t really terrible”
” Alice I never thought shopping with you would be terrible, I just thought it would be very tiring” so I was lead to believe Bella would never go shopping with me! I am gonna kill Edward when I see him.
We arrived at the airport 10 minutes before our flight left which suited both of us, as we had no time to sit around waiting and bored. On the way to New York Bella slept so that she would be ready for the tiring shopping trip.
” Bella, wake up sleepy head” I shook Bella to try and make her get up, even I had to say that these first class seats were really comfy.
” okay okay Alice, stop shaking me I’m up!” Bella yelled at me, that wasn’t nice. I suppose I deserve it though I was shaking her quite fiercely.
“ Right Bella, you should be prepared for today. We have to go to tiffany’s as you know and then we can head to Madison Avenue as they have 15 blocks of shops like Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul, Giorgio, Prada and Chanel, after that we can go to 34th street to Macy’s to get all the designer places and my favourite shop, GUESS!”
” Alright Alice I will go along with all of this, but as soon as I am tired we get drinks and food, then I’ll carry on shopping with you.”
“ Oh and one more condition Alice, I have to get Edward something nice, and Esme and Carlisle, no wait all of the family including you. You can’t go spying on the future to see what I get you though, you can buy me clothes if you want and anything else you want but I am buying the family presents okay?”
” Aright Bella but please let me have a say what you buy for them, especially Rosalie” I can’t believe she actually wants to buy us all something this should be fun, I wonder what she will get me? Will I like it? Of course I will Bella knows me well enough by now. I chuckled at the thought of her buying Rosalie something and Emmett; maybe we should just buy them a pack of extra strong condoms though, they would maybe get a laugh out of that.
As soon as we landed I went over to hire a car for the day, obviously I wanted a sporty fast car, they gave me a nice fast yellow Porsche. I was really gonna have to get me one of these; it was exhilarating flying down the motorways here in this amazing car.
“ Bella we are here, would you like too actually come in or are you just going to sit in the car while I get your present from Edward?” I asked her this just because I knew she wanted to get Esme something from Tiffany’s, I wonder what though as Esme loves simple things but also loves diamonds and any blue stones too.
We both go out of the car and headed into the store, we were nicely welcomed and got straight down to what we wanted, as soon as Bella saw this one ring she immediately bought it, she had said it was perfect for Esme and that she would love it so I didn’t ask her if she was sure, that was the first thing she had bought and that was $3,400 gone already.
I didn’t see what she spotted next as I was busy getting her present from Edward, by the way she was acting I was guessing it was for me, bless her I didn’t really expect anything from her. Within no time she had bought some more things.
I was just going around looking when I heard Bella.
” Alice please can you help me, I have no idea what to get for Rosalie” Well this one would be hard really for her, lucky I know rose though and she loves over the top diamonds like nobody else I know.
I was having a look around the charms and bracelets and then I saw this gorgeous pendant, the symbol of love in it and I thought that it’s the one thing Rosalie has ever wanted, to be loved. I asked Bella what she thought and she like me loved it. That was just another $3, 800 gone.
We left tiffany’s and headed for all of the other shops around, I bought bella a really nice dress, this would be for the meal her and Edward would be going out too soon, the one she didn’t know about. The dress was so nice and suited her perfectly. Of course it was designer and I was ecstatic when she said I could buy her the Chanel dress.
We then went to Emporio Armani and Bella bought a nice watch for Carlisle, at least he could make sure he knew what time it was and he’d never be late for a meeting or surgery ever.
Bella had to get Emmett something so she thought she might as well have a laugh out of what she got him, as he jokes around with her so much. She bought Emmett some Emporio Armani boxers, at least he couldn’t say they weren’t designer, she was also going to say that she thought him and Rose would have shredded all of his like they had with there first 3 houses.
She wanted Jasper too have something too and as she noticed he always covered his arms and things up she thought it would be nice to get him a jacket to wear for going hunting in, I liked the fact she was getting something for my jasper as it was so hard for him to be around her yet he did it, and he really likes her too.
The only person left was Edward, she found a real nice watch that he would love and that some of the money paid was going to children in Africa, which she though was nice. She bought that and then we left to head for the airport back home.
I could tell Bella was missing Edward and I felt proud at the fact that I was the one who new they would be together forever and that they were meant to be, it would all work out and I knew it would. I knew this more than anyone else and thanks to my visions I knew how this would all happen and turn out. It made me feel extra special at the fact that Edward had no idea what he was about to do after me and Bella arrived.

Here is a list of the things bella bought for her family:

Esme's Present:

Alice's Present's:

Rosalie's Present:

Bella's Dress:

Carlisle's Present:

Emmett's Present:

Jasper's Present:

Edward's Present:

Hope you guys liked this chapter, sorry if it was a bit boring... i started to feel quite ill but i wanted to make sure this chapter was up. Please Comment. Thanks X
Of course not!!! I enjoy it!!!! And I like it the presents too!!!!!!! Keep working like that!!!! ;)

Chapter 6
Alice POV

We would arrive at home around half past five; Bella wasn’t too tired, as she had slept on the flight from New York. She had told me she wanted to be as energetic as possible for seeing Edward and everyone else so she could give them their presents, I could hardly disagree with her, she’d be getting hugs and kisses from everywhere. I also knew that Rosalie wasn’t her biggest fan but surely this gift from Bella would soften her up, and how could Rosalie not want Edward and Bella to be together I mean when you look at them together you see the love they have for each other in their eyes, Edward has also been so unhappy for so long in this life and I am finally glad that something good has come out of it for him.
” Alice, I am nervous about everyone being there, I know that they will all be nice but I am still scared because what if they don’t like their gifts” I couldn’t believe that she was actually nervous about this, of course they would love her gifts… I helped her pick them out!
” Bella, you seriously have nothing to worry yourself about, they will all love your gifts and I am sure I will like mine too”
” Alice how did you know?” Haha was she seriously asking me this, I giggled but her face did look like she was curious.
” Well Bella dear, I saw you getting something and as you didn’t ask for my opinion I thought it was for me and also I knew you wouldn’t leave me out”
I felt proud of myself; I thought it was a very good answer to be honest.
” I really want to get back now Alice, I am dying to see Edward again I miss him so much” wow only away from him for less than a day she really must love him, well no time like the present to ask her, it’s not like she can run away.
” Bella do you truly love Edward? Well that was silly actually I know you love him but how much do you love him?”
” To be truthful Alice I don’t think I could live without him, it’s like he makes me whole and without him I’m not me anymore, when he isn’t close to me a part of my heart is missing like I have left it with him so if he ever left I don’t think I would want to live anymore, it’s like he is the only reason I was put on earth just to find him. I never really believed in the whole love at first sight and sole mate thing but after seeing Edward and being with him I have changed my mind totally” well I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that one, she is so going to be the luckiest girl alive when she gets back. I wonder if she knew where I went when she couldn’t find me for about half an hour, well of course she wouldn’t, she’s not that smart… not trying to be nasty but only a vampires mind would be able to run through all the places.

Bella POV

Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward, it’s all about Edward, I can’t stop thinking about him it’s like a re-run of images I have of him, when I go to sleep it’s Edward and when I am awake it’s Edward… I don’t mind thinking about him all the time but it drives me crazy when I can’t have him in my arms to hold him or too kiss him. I was getting so impatient having to wait to get back, I’m sure that if Alice didn’t love me so much she would have actually chucked me out of the car herself.
” Bella please stop fidgeting PLEASE! Your enough to drive me mad, we only have 2 minutes before we get there” that stopped me fidgeting and I heard Alice say ‘thank the lord’ under her breath that made me chuckle a bit but then I was back to panic, I really did want them to like there presents… well it’s too late now.
” Were home!” Alice couldn’t wait to see Jasper I expect but as always the shopping bags come first, I grabbed my bags out of the boot of Rosalie’s car and headed for the door…

Edward ran straight up to me took my bags and placed them on the floor and straight after gave me a huge bear hug and a nice kiss on the lips, I wanted more than that, I just wanted him and to be alone for hours with him. I knew that I had a job to do though; I hope they all love their gifts. Alice had gathered everyone in the lounge so me and Edward walked there too, his arm around my waist not wanting to let go of me for another second.
” Alice what’s this all about?” Edward asked her, obviously a bit annoyed at not having the time alone with me, I hoped.
” Edward, wait this is not for me and you should not ask me, you should ask Bella it’s all on her now” I stood there stunned, she could have at least helped me out a bit, so much for loving sister. I supposed I better start talking then:
” Whilst Alice and me were shopping I thought about all of you and what you all like and with a bit of help from Alice I decided that I would buy you all something from me, so I might as well start handing them out”
” Bella you didn’t need to do this dear” Esme said, she was smiling like always but I knew she felt a big guilty, I wasn’t at all sure why though.
“ Esme I know I didn’t have to but I wanted to” I replied
I picked up the lovely gift wrapped present and gift bag and headed over too Esme.
“ Here you are Esme I hope you like it” with that I walked back to stand with Edward and started to sort out Carlisle’s present so that Esme wouldn’t feel bad opening hers on her own. I handed Carlisle’s to him and told them to open them. I spotted Esme’s eyes bulge out when she saw her gift and then relax and smile.
” Bella this is just wonderful, thank you so much. Blue stones are my favourites and this is just perfect” she ran towards me and embraced me in a tight hug that I returned. I saw her admiring it and then place it on her ring finger, which made me smile brightly to myself. Carlisle began to open his present with a massive smile on his face, the smile then turned into and o shape which I thought was hilarious and burst out laughing. So I take it he likes it then?
” Bella I love it, thank you very much”
” Well I am glad you like it, I hope the diamonds aren’t too much” I smiled at him and laughed a little before I headed over to the one that made me scared… Rosalie.
” I hope you like it Rose” I handed her the long box which was nicely gift wrapped, she tore off the paper and threw it to Emmett who was standing by with a bag haha bless him. I had never seen Rosalie stunned, but now I can add that to the list I have of things I never thought I’d see, wow that list really was growing a lot. All of a sudden I had arms around me like a cage and I instantly knew it was Rose, I was finally glad that she would be letting me into this family as her sister and that made me truly happy.
“ Thanks Bella I truly love it, but can I ask why you chose to get me this in particular?” I knew that she was serious and honestly wanted to know why.
“ Well Rosalie I chose it because I know that the X is a sign of kisses and love and I know how much you love all your family and especially Emmett so I thought it was appropriate for you” I smiled at her and again she gave me a hug.
” Emmett I’d like to give you yours now but I think you can wait seen as your bin man” Everyone laughed as Emmett’s face went bright red, I knew he was gonna get me back for that one day.
” It’s alright Bella I can have it now Edward can be bin man, it might be good for him to do something useful” I laughed and Alice joined in but not at comment Emmett said at all, only the two of us knew what this laugh was about. I handed Emmett his present which had Emporio Armani written all over it. He ripped off the paper in one go and instantly laughed.
” Well Bella thanks, I was running low on boxers”
” It’s my pleasure Emmett I thought you might be running low on them considering Esme can’t build you new boxers, your lucky she can build houses though, three times Emmett really?” Every burst out laughing at Emmett, he was really going to get me back for this.
” Who. Told. Bella!” I could tell he was seeing red but I sure as hell wouldn’t say who told me.
” Emmett, I told her earlier when we were shopping, she was missing Edward so I thought I would tell her something to make her laugh, it turns out she nearly wet herself when she heard, oh by the way don’t even bother chasing me or trying to hurt me as I can see you will loose” she smirked at him, I don’t think he saw any reason to go on though, he knew better than to bet against a psychic.
” Here you go Jasper, Alice you have two and thanks for a great day out, oh and here you are Edward I hope you didn’t think I’d leave you out”
Jasper opened his first, he engulfed me in a hug and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Alice was opening hers and was shocked too see the matching diamond earrings and necklace, she came bouncing over to me.
” Thank you thank you thank you thank you Bella they are amazing I love them so much, I am gonna wear them now!” she put them all on and waited for Edward to open his present.
“ I really didn’t know what to get you Edward but I thought you have me and wanted to get you something and I hope you like it”
Edward leant down and kissed me lightly on the lips and then opened his present.
” Bella you really didn’t have to, I love it though thanks love. I believe I have something to give you too” I smiled at him I wonder what it is though, Alice was quite a while getting it and I didn’t peek once, no matter how much I wanted too.
Edward handed me the box but I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was more worried about my reaction that how much this would have cost him I’m sure the guilt over that would come tomorrow though. It was then it suddenly clicked, that’s why Esme looked guilty, she was worried about the amount of money I spent on her, that was silly they are all worth it I love them like my own family, which I suppose they are now. I took a deep breath and opened the box, inside was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen, it was perfect. Edward knew me so well to get me this; I put it on straight away and immediately jumped into his arms to kiss him forcefully not wanting to let go, and to stay in his arms kissing him forever.
” Bella love, there is one more thing that I would like you too see, Alice can you go and get it and bring it in please”
“ Edward what is it?” What else was there for me too see? Alice hadn’t bought anything else. Alice walked down the stairs carrying a wooden box almost like the ones you keep your jewellery in.
” Bella your necklace isn’t just your necklace it has a key on the end, a key to open this box, can you do me a favour and open it please?”
” Edward the box is beautiful and yes I’ll do that for you”
I opened the box to find inside something else wrapped up. Edward took this and asked me to open it; I was sure opening a lot of things tonight. I did as I was told and was stunned to see what I did, Edward knelt down onto one knee and asked the question I had always dreamed of being asked.
” Isabella Marie Swan, I love you more than life itself and I would never want to spend a minute of my life without you now I have found you, my sole mate. Will you do me the great honour of marrying me? Will you marry me?


You can all see why bella was stunned this is the link to her engagement ring:

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