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All the right friends-One Replublic

One by Metallica


I love Bon Jovi....That's another band that is a must see live....very energetic!


Love the Cure

A White Demon Love Song by The Killers.



Some of you might remember Michael Johns from American Idol....a delicious man...with an incredible voice and persona... I told Becca he should team up with Pattinson or Rathbone.....what a trio that would make..."EPIC" ha....

A white soul much passion and intensity....I love him.....

Neon Trees, ALWAYS

Lykke Li

Scars On 45


New Politics



The Kooks

Taylor Swift

Avril Lavigne


Feel It In My Bones - DJ Tiesto & Tegan and Sara

It's a wonderful song.

Knives And Pens ~ Black Veil Brides

Too Marvelous For Words - Diana Krall

I worked on Diana's teeth about 14 years ago when she first got nominated for  a Grammy award....she a total sweetie...just the nicest person. I asked if I came to New York and phoned her would she show me around. She said yes because she missed the peeps from home. I never did make it to New York that fall....what a drag.



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