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Alice's nephews doing their chores. Ahh, free child labor 

Isn't it lovely?! Eventually I'm going to need to start making the sounds of folding and putting away my laundry... Will you help? You're ever so good at folding my sweaters ♥

Yes, but we have to turn it into a dance party so that we can work off the midnight poptarts.

DEAL. Deal so hard.

"Tears Don't Fall" - Bullet For My Valentine

"You Look Good In My Shirt" - Keith Urban

"Bad Company" - Five Finger Death Punch

Atreyu - "Becoming The Bull"

I am  listening  to  Twilight  audio  Cd.... has  anyone  ever heard  of   them or have them?
My  parents  and  I  went to  the  local  Half Price  Book  store  and  I  was  browsing  for  something Twilight or  on any of the  Twilight  movies  and  I  found  these wonderful  Twilight audio cds  I  got  and  I  am excited!  I found Twilight, Eclipse, The  Moon  and  yes  even  Breaking Dawn but  Breaking  Dawn  was $26.00  for what I payed   for  the 3  I got it payed  for Breaking Dawn when they  have  it  at  a lower price  or on  sale  I  will  buy  it too.  OHHHHH how  I  wanted  to get it.

I am so  happy  I  have  these   that  I have  there  are lots  of  cds but  the  book  is  thick  and  there in  excellent condition.

If  you  want  to  buy  them  I would  suggest going  to  half  price  books  because  you may find them cheaper there like I did  I hope.   If  you  don't  mind them being  used.  I am  going  to  the  2nd  chapter  of  Twilight  now.

They are  so cool!  I absolutely  love  audio  cd's. 

If you  have  these please tell  me what  you  think  of  them?  If  you didn't know about them  wanted to let you know.  

thank you,


Duality - Slipknot

"Cop Car" - Keith Urban

"You And Tequila" - Kenny Chesney


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