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I have it, but the front got messed up when I cleaned it after getting flooded from hurricaine Katrina. I know she's great. I don't quiet know where it is either; tomorrow if I can find it I will get back to U.
I Wanna Be Your Dog- The Stooges
Is that what you were listening to? Never heard of The Stooges
Mhmm, they are a very famous group fronted by Iggy Pop

Here is the song.
Thanks for the listen; I liked it. I cant say who they remind me of, but for some reason a few other bands just keep popping into my mind.
Bob Dylan- Tangled in Blue
The Galway Girl - I can't remember who sings it, but its a great song!
Stevie Nicks - Crystal :)
Good song
Monsters --Hurricane Bells
Brandy - Drum Life
linkin park-valentine's day


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