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Yeah, yeah, straight to the moon... So long as you stay away from my moon and go somewhere else with your daydreams about Beiber's hair and whatever it is you fantasize about doing to it... because that, I really don't even want to know.

I could wash his hair for hours... and then spend even longer brushing it--but not with any brush, oh no. It'll have to be the highest quality, natural boar's hair brush, to help bring out that gorgeous, lustrous shine... And I'd use a nice, spray-in conditioner... probably something that smells like sunshine and morning dew and babies--babies smell magical, but you wouldn't know, being the dried up prune that you are.

And it'll be just what you always wanted: Your own little head of Beiber hair. You'll name it George, and you'll hug it and pet it and squeeze it and pat it and pet it and rub it and caress it and...


Hey, I know what babies smell like. I happen to like babies, so long as they aren't mine. How dare you sir.

Ay, true, true. My bad. Want to come down and watch some BSG with me?
Do babies taste like chicken? Chuh! I'll even let you pretend my hair is Beiber's--so long as all you do is comb it >.>



*BOL next to Dani*
Hungry eyes
Black Ops and my hubby going on about how awesome he is doing in the game.....XD
You are the one that I want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton... Nice song!!!
How Does It Feel- Avril Lavigne
The Funeral- Band of Horses


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