The Twilight Saga

...right now.

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Wicked Games ... Three Days Grace
Major Tom (Coming Home) - Shiny Toy Guns.
I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith.... Such a beautiful song... :)
Howl- Florence + The Machine

I seriously have NO idea why...but I can't stop listening to this song... (Warning: Sanity Not Included is usually a collection of EXTREMELY crude, mature (immature), and nonsensical video game sketches. However, this is very tame compared to what they usually do.)

Hobbie Stuart- Pricetag

He's an amazing unsigned singer who's British (like me), but he sings beautifully. So check him out on youtube, because seriously people this guy needs a chance =) xx

Jessie Do it like a dude
The Flood- Escape the Fate
The Girl - City And Colour.
If That's All Right With You- Tom Felton
The Funeral - Band of Horses.


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