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good song
jesus of suburbia Green DAY
>.> All the are threads being stolen...

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings
XD Brilliant. They're going through quite a history.
I am quite the thread stealer, though >.> I have no mercy.

In the case of this one, I wouldn't have a clue who to give original credit to, so I just left it out =P
XD -Saw-

Nathan? I can't remember who posted it first on MX. I think it twas Nathan. She would have credited someone else on Z's site if she didn't make it first...
Well, I know theres a thread like this on other sites I'm on, too. *shrugs* Its not exactly a genius/original type idea. If it was something remarkably clever, I'd worry about giving credit XD

Makes sense.
move along-the all american rejects
awesome song

i luv that song <3


FantasMic by Nightwish.


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