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haha! Yes, those two! But the REM song I meant was losing my religion.



Loooove this song!

I was going to post tthis one first, but I always loved "It's the end of the world" so catchy!

End of the World is one of those songs that you only really remember the chorus to, and you walk around singing the same few lines over and over. lol. Great song by a great band.

I LOVE this song she did with Sean Kingston called Letting Go. It makes me feel happy

Yeah. Some of her stuff is a little too much for me, but when she takes down the front I like her a lot

Today I'm in a Placebo mood. They're a league of their own, and I don't listen as much as I used to, but I love em!!


I really like this song.

Me too. They have their own sound, but it's nothing too strange. I love the band.

I know I heard about that today! RIP Donna

I just listened to the whole album Hospice by The Antlers, about to start it up again.

Best album to listen to when you feel lousy about yourself. 

Ooh, you should. They're not really like anyone else, which I love. Listen to "Wake", that's my favorite. :) 

His name is Peter Silberman. :) That is the same way I felt when I first listened to them! 


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