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The Flower Duet by Delibes .. do yourself a favor and listen to it. :)


I could listen to this song 24/7. It's so beautiful. Their voices are amazing!

This was used in a British Airways commercial a few years back and I have been looking for whoever performed this piece ever since!!! Thank you Brandy!

You're quite welcome dear :)

Clint Mansell - Perfection   ... Scary song!

Permafrost- Laurena Segura.  


I like to listen to playlists I've made.

Rage Against the Machine - Bulls On Parade

I will see "The Wall" performed live in Vancouver by Roger Waters (formerly with Pink Floyd) on Saturday!!!

This album, by Pink Floyd, was released when I was in grade 10...the movie was released 2 years later.

<3 Pink Floyd!


I'm listening to Colorblind by Counting Crows

Hi Brandy! I don't know if you watch 'The Ghost Adventures' but recently on the show they made contact with Frank Sinatra's ghost in a penthouse in Las Vegas where he used to have his parties. It was cool!


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