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I looooooooove Sade, I was listening to "Pearls" the other day...(I just realized that

I've been listening to Pink Floyd - The Wall Disc 1 today. Extremely talented band.

yes Brandy....they certainly are!!.....seeing them live playing all they're stuff and Roger Waters live performing the Wall......WoW.....just WoW.

You've seen them live? Or just Waters? Oh, my.. I'm so envious of you! He has such a beautiful singing voice. The music they record and release is amazing but I think he does a better job on stage. He alters a little between the two, and the stage voice is much more raw and melodic.


I can't even explain how much I love the band, though. They are so creative, and definitely ulike anyone before or after them. Probably my favorite song from disc 1 is "Don't Leave Me Now". The lyrics are so ironic.

Here :)


Yes I saw Pink Floyd in "94 and Roger Waters in May this year...performing the Wall.....fantastic!! Plane crashing into the Wall...Flying pig and everything!!

Gah. I'm completely mad at you right now. lol :)

The background music to NCAA '13 'cause that's what the male-type-unit on the couch next to me is playing.

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

I sat stood by her grave in Liverpool a couple of years ago....Apparently John Lennon used to sit in the graveyard, killing time smoking, while skipping class.

Wow, I had no idea. John Lennon had such a creative mind. I love that in a person, and in music.

genious....pure musical genious


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