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OOUCLD....I loooooove Bono...he is my all time favourite voice I could listen to until I die. I've seen U2 in concert 5 times and would gladly go see them again and again. *sigh*

The album is also called "unforgetable Fire" and the whole thing is excellent. It is best when listen to in it's entirety...begining to end.

Placebo- Every You Every Me

OK....If you listen with your eyes closed it sound better.....Josh has this "Cowardly Lion Look" going on and It distracts me from the song....this is the only song of the season that stopped me in tracks and also the only one I purchased and downloaded from the Xfactor site....hope you enjoy....


I think I much prefer a guy singing that song....he does it well.

The bustling sounds of a city waking up...

The Maine - into your arms !

Man in the mirror - MJ

The "Ghostbusters" theme song.

Violent Femmes - Good Feeling


Love this song.



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