The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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I am currently reading three books.

At the miniute I am reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
I am finding it as wonderful as the first time I read it.
I would, and have to many allready.
I discovered it when it became the Potter mania, and though I would see what all the fuss was about.

I am also reading Good Omens.
I am finding it entertaining, and most amusing.
I would, so far atleast, as I'm only a small way through.
Recomendation, I bet you will never guess who from. ^-^

Last, but not least:
I am reading Perfume.
I am finding it good, but strange, haven't read much as this one is taking the back seat due to Good Omens.
So far, proberly, but I shall have to get a bit further in before I make my mind up about it.
The film, and also my auntie recomended it.
OMG. I am a big fan of HP. I suggest you read everything u can about him.
Copy this.

I have recentley read Philoshpers Stone like Buffy, and I am finding just as wonderful when I read it the first time. I read PS for the big Potter read but, Im an extremley fast reader, so I am onto the Prisnoer Of Azkaban, which I have only read once.
really, I'm quite a slow reader but I can't put a book down until I finish it so my parents will find me at 12 in the morning sitting up and reading the book i'm on.
Quite funny actually
Ahhh... But being a Ninja you would give them karate chop?
Oh soo true. Next time.....I will give them...................the karate chop.
I lyk ur thinking
i love HP too.
go to you can find out stuff about everyone there
I've read Perfume - it is really strange... I started feeling sorry for the main character...
That's so strange i just finished HP and the philosophers stone and am now on the chamber of secrets,
Ive also been reading parts of Jane Austens 'Sense and Sensibility'
*hus you* Your reaaaaaaaaaaading harry poooooooootter!! OMG Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
I luv HP book and novels and especialy da first one.Its very thrilling.
omg! that is a really really good book


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