The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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They are sent in the 1800's so it wouldn't matter which order you read them in :)

^This. Even though you'll recognise some of the names and the...characters...the series basically compliment each other and don't necessarily spoil anything. 

Because its set back in the 1800's I think I know who might pop up in that series.

I'll be sure to start looking for them. I'll be reading the last chapter of City of Ashes tomorrow. I'm trying to pace myself. XD

I'm so excited whenever someone is reading this series. Makes me wanna go back and re-read it.. :)



Only one more to go and then you can start with the Infernal Devices. :D

Indeed. ^-^ I think the world they live in is interesting to read about, and I've loved the Mortal Instrument books so far, so I'm happy to read any prequels it has.

You will surely find it to your liking. Also, the female lead Tessa is way better than the other YA novel female leads and then the male lead characters..*sighs*

Well, I'm not gonna say much, but do read them and then we can all talk about it and swoon over the characters, rant and stuff.. XD

Have you finished Prince Navs?

Check out goodreads. Buffy and I have even discussed some stuff. XD
I finished it 30th night.

Have you posted a review?? *runs to look*


I have got K started reading Clockwork Angel *squeals*


BTW, What took you so long to convince her? xP


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