The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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Yeah, I think that the ground was laid on pretty well for those two...*coughing fit*


I'm just finding myself having withdrawals now that I've finished it and I'm counting the days till the next one. :(

At least we don't have to wait long. I should only forget about half of what happened in 45 days rather than all of what happened...



It's not like Infernal Devices... * stifles a cry*

Well afterlife comes out in a week or so. At least we will be distracted.



I'm reading Eclipse. It's very good. I'm at the part were there about to do the war with the newborns. 
Today in the mail I got Life By Keith Richards and I Me Mine by George Harrison. I have promised my self to not start to read them until I board a plane bound to Florida on Saturday. Ahaha, I doubt that will happen. At this exact moment, I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It makes me wicked sad that Borders is bankrupt. Uhg, where will I get my books?!?!
Life is supposed to be amazing.
I know, Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars, they never give anything 5 stars.
i often read the books with interesting title,i always choose the books to read by myself.i recomend to a friend to read it if i like it.

I completed City of Bones by Cassandra Clare yesterday..And m currently reading City Of Ashes..I'm also reading Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr (the second book in the wicked lovely series)..

I'm really enjoying reading the Mortal Instruments series..Also, I have to get back to Black Dagger Brotherhood..My friend who got the series from me is already done with the 8 books..>.> I feel like a slow reader now..

Ah...another person I can obsess with regarding the Mortal Instruments and BDB. Woohoo!


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