The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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1. I am rereading Wings by Aprilynne Pike

2. It is just as good as the first time I read it

3. yeah, if they like contemporary mythical books

4. I saw it at walmart and bought it.

I was reading Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. It was AMAZING I would definitely recomend it to someone and it was just at the library so I checked it out. I also recently read Frozen Fire. I cannot remember who wrote it though. It was ok but I couldn't really get into the book but yeah I would recomend it to someone

Wing is a amazing book! : D

Spells as well, I'm exited for the next book!

charlie st cloud


Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz (fifth book in the Blue Bloods books). 
So far quite girly, but I like it. >.>
One that likes fantasy romances. Like Buffy. 
It's one of my favorite series and I found the latest book in the library.
The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. 
Very good, for a book about the IRS but I'm being biased.
A few that I can think of.
A... family friend sent it to me.
Life - By Keef Richards, yeah, still, it's good, I'm almost done!




-Kept finding threads about it on /co/, decided to give it a look-see

Divine Evil by Nora Roberts. 
Surprisingly really good, in a sick way.
I just picked it up at Safeway.

Raised by Wolves by W.A.Hoffman


Just realized I need to go check if Kyell Gold's done anything new.

Lament  by Maggie Stiefvater

I'm only 60 pages in but it feels like there is a chapter missing :/ I'm not sure what i think atm

I'll see if i would recommend it when i'm done.

It was a part of the 2 books for £7 at asda and as I fancy non vamp books atm

M gonna be reading City of Fallen Angels!!!!!!!!


M gonna be reading it!!!


Well, this is to make Jen, Buffy, Shannon, Dani everyone jealous. XP

You suck said with luffles but you still suck


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