The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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Just completed Shadowfever (God, it was long) and then Passion by Lauren Kate. More on both, later! 

Re: Shadowfever. I totally know what you mean. That freaking book was HUGE! I think it could have totally been shorter....
Or bifurcated into two. There was a new theory for who Mac was every hundred pages, and it was tiresome to read her ten-page internal monologue for each of them. But all in all, I enjoyed the series, it was different from the rest of the paranormal series. I recommend it to all adult readers. Thanks, Buffy. XD

I totally agree.


And you're very welcome. :)

I am currently on the 4th book in the Vampire Academy books... it is fantastic... I LOVE the series... would def. recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Twilight Saga!!
I have a friend who is in love with those books. She keeps telling me to read them. I guess I'll have to give them a shot at some point during this summer.

They are nice, an easy read.

The last book disappointed me though. =/

I read the first four then gave up after that... they started to bore me... Liked the first one as something mildly entertaining though.

I'm currently reading-------Th1rteen R3asons Why, a novel by Jay Asher. He's a new author,and he just recently came to my town, and I got to meet him and he signed my copy of the book.


Th1rteen Reasons Why is about a 16 year old girl named Hannah Baker,who commited the beginning of the book, Hannah's crush, Clay Jensen recieves a package, inside is tapes. In the tapes is the voice of Hannah Baker,who commited suicide 2 weeks earlier. In the tapes, she says the thirteen reasons why she killed herself. It's a really great read, if you're into mystery. Some of you may have heared that Selena Gomez is going to play Hannah,why yes, she is...

I've read that book. I thought the reasons she killed herself were really stupid though. (I won't spoil anything for you though, it is still a pretty good book)

Yes, it is. :)

And  the reasons why she killed herself were kinda stupid, some of them were really hurtful. And from what I read, Clay is doing a great job in understanding the reasons.

I'm currently re-reading J.R. Ward's Companion to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It starts off with a novella called: Father Mine, so I'm basically reading that. 


I'm loving it, as usual.


I would definitely recommend it to friends who have read the series. I would recommend that they read it after finishing the 6th book in the series, though.


I discovered said book in Barnes & Noble last summer and the person I was with bought it for me because he knows of my obsession with this series. 


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