The Twilight Saga

Ok, so I guess you get the idea of the thread.


What are you reading at the miniute?

How are you finding it?
Would you recomend it to a friend?

How did you discover said book?

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I really enjoyed the Trylle series....thinking of getting some other books by Hocking

I will get both Incaceton and Cosmopolis later....I like to read them before see the films...

like you I have a few books to start....I am in the middle of Trapped by Michael Northrop...BORING !!!!!....It will take a while to finish...

 Next I think I will read Warped  By Maurissa Guibord while I trudge though Trapped.....Starting a book is the hardest for me....besides Twilight few books have sucked me in....hopefully Warped will be good...for sure it can't be as bad as Trapped.....

I am saving the best for last.... Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare  because I am sure that I will love it....if it is anything like Clockwork Angel then I know I will be happy




Which book was your favorite in the Trylle trilogy? :D

Lemme know if you have any other good book suggestions.

Mortal Instruments is amazing. You definitely will love it. And the male lead is just ooolalala. The sense of humor is great and the plot too is epic. Read it asap!!

**********Trylle Series Spoliers**********

unlike Twilight I only read Trylle once...I think I like the  last one Ascended....Wendy goes through so much in a short time and I like how she handle things....I like who she ends up soon as Loki steps on the scene I knew he was the one....Fin was great but for the same reason Wendy gives is why she belonged with loki....I wish she could have had more time with her mother....I believe both mother did what they could had to be hard for both mothers....and you know that Wendy wont have to go through the pain of her mothers....yes got to get on Mortal Instruments.....


as far as suggestions I have a few on my post with my reviews and book trailers....let me know if you have read any of them...and if you liked them.....





Same here. Ascend was my favorite too. Loki *sigh*. Me too!! I loved him from the moment he stepped into the book. Fin was nice but again Loki was special. I would've kept him for myself. XD 

I developed great respect for her birth mother,what was her name?, in the last book. Her character was really strong and the way Wendy dealt with everything was impressive.


I'll go check. :)

*****more Trylle Spoliers*********


yeah her birth mom proves you cannot judge a book by it's the mom thougt as mom.....she always knew there was something wrong and no one believed her...

I am not saying that she was justified in trying to off a child....but knowing that was not your child and worring about her real child had to be sent her over the edge.....I hope that maybe getting to know (rhyes, I think that what his name was) may help her surrogate mom...

Yea, it threw her off the edge but still her hysteria cannot justify her stabbing a child. Well, maybe she thought Wendy to be a monster or something. I don't think Matt would forgive his mother too easily. Rhys on the other hand would've ignored Matt.
Just finished Linger, the sequel to Shiver. Gotta say I really got into it at the end, sad how it had to end. Now i'm reading a trilogy my fiance's mom told me about by Nora Roberts. The book I just started today is called Blood Brothers. Only read one chapter so idk how it is yet but i'll keep you all updated!

Reading Passion.

I am absolutely loving it!

I would recommend it, as long as they read the previous books.

It is one of the Fallen novels, and I saw it on a book shelf at the store, read the back, and fell in love! :)

me2 i`ve been inlove with the harry potter series for a long time and while im excited about the next movie im sad to be saying by to harry and the gang because they hav been wit us for over 10 years
The Girl who played with fire.(It's awesome!)
Im reading the sookie stackhouse series.It`s amazing.I would definetly recomend it.I discovered it after watching true blood a series based on the books.
I have the first of those books ready and waiting - just haven't got round to it yet, shall have to dig it out soon!


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