The Twilight Saga

ITS GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE! she hasn't even seen or read them and she wont have anything to do with them!

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there really isn't anything you can do about it just don't bring up twilight around them so they don't have an opening to bash it.
thanx but i talk/ think about it constantly but i'll try to shut up around her
I understand just how you feel. I have a friend that totally HATES twilight, but I also have a friend that absolutely LOVES it! So we have a lot of arguments about it all the time.

You just have to try your best not to bring it up, or just listen to what they want to say; whichever is easier! ♥
i have that same problem too. i'm pretty much the only one who is heartbreakingly obsessed with twilight in my class. i can't talk to it with anyone cause the haven't read any of the books, they just watched the movies. and the guys in my class HATE twilight. especially rob and taylor. they're always saying that rob/edward and taylor/jake are gay! urgh! but, i let them go. who cares what they think, right?
hey i'm a guy and i love this saga, at first i was like that though so just give it time and nudge them little by little
Y do they always say rob and taylor are gay..........
they just jealous in my opinion...........
actually i have a friend who is a harry potter just happen that we always argue if who is better....but then we just laugh about it.......i don't care 'bout her addiction and she don't care 'bout mine too....but she always says that i'm soo into Twilight....sometimes i just ignore her and pretend i don'tt hear her but inside i know it hurts......
Oh, I love Harry Potter too! They're both amazing!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER AND TWILIGHT!! (Wizards are hot and vampires are sooo like Greek gods and goddesses, so who doesn't love them??)
i know what u mean....but just because my friend(s) dont like it and wont give it a chance doesnt make me not like her (them). not everyone is going to love it like we do...and we just have to accept it, cuz there is nothing that we can do about it. and hey...doesnt that just mean more for us??? LOL!
my friend used to be like that. but she loves to read and i finally convinced her to read the books, she loved them, and we watched twilight at my house. then, we went together and watched new Moon in theaters.
my advice to you is to just give your friend some space and when there ready, if they want, they'll like twilight. don't force it on them. i mean your friend may be totally twi-hard and you don't know it, time will help you.
thats like everyone at my school
I have a friend like that and (this is actually kinda funny) we were rearranging my room bcuz we were bored and she got a call from her friend (she ended up talking to him for like 45 minutes cuz she liked him) and she put it on speaker and I said something random about twilight, I think, and she goes "Julie loves twilight" and her friend goes "oh, not another one!"

So now that I've bored you with my long and rambling story, I'll actually give you advice.

There really isn't much you can do if they absolutely refuse to have anything to do with it. Try not to talk about it if they won't even tolerate hearing it mentioned, and then drive your mom insane by going on and on the way you would with your friend if she liked twilight.


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