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I'm just finishing up the book eclipse... and want to have another good "series" or book lined up for when I"m finished with the entire series. Any more good series out there that you ladies can suggest ???

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Ive found this one (that a kid sugested). It is more middle school age group if you know what i mean. Its called the chronicles of vladimer tod: eighth grade bites. And the sequal is the chronicles of vladimer tod ninth grade slays. i liked them. you might too.
I found a really cool one. i dont remember what its called but the first one is called City Of Bones and it goes from there. i think there is three i'm on the second. Its fantasy and like faeries and "shadowhunters" and demons and vampires and werewolves and stuff. Its really good so far.
I just finished reading City of Bones last week and got my hands on City of Ashes. There are three altogether, City of Glass just came out last month. They're also knowns as The Mortal Instruments series. I thoroughly enjoyed City of Bones! I also read Tithe by Holly Black. It runs along the same genre, but is nowhere near Twilight or the Mortal Instruments books. I can't wait to start reading City of Ashes!
I also just started reading The City of Bones and it seems good so far I really liked The Sookie Stackhouse series.
Harry Potter would prabaly be good. Or The series of unfortunate events also... If u find anything good tell me!!!!!
I am still looking actually... I guess I got spoiled after reading the twilight series...nothing else has come close... if I do I will definitely pass it along to you !!!
Read crank, glass and books by ellen hopkins
omg thank u soooo much for saying that stephenie should write about jacob and renesmee,,,,,i love jacob and i would literally have a stroke if stephenie did that.
I highly recommend "The Host". It is an amazing read... filled with all of life's emotions and hope!! Don't let the sci-fi category fool you. It's not like I thought it would be... it was MUCH better!!!! Stephanie Meyer did it again!!
Yes!! The Host! It is so amazing! I have read it over 10 times it never gets old! Read it! =D
I have read "the inmortal" serie by Alyson noel- it's really good and there are I think 6 books in the serie :)
there is a website called bella's diary that has kind of continues the story after it is really good you should check it out..


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