The Twilight Saga

I'm just finishing up the book eclipse... and want to have another good "series" or book lined up for when I"m finished with the entire series. Any more good series out there that you ladies can suggest ???

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Replies to This Discussion i dnt kno any series. but um stephanie shuld finish writing the twilight series in edwards point of view. dnt u thnk? i do. and she shuld write a series abt jake's and renesmee's life together. but edward and bella hav 2 be in it alot. bcs thy r her parents. oh and the cullens and charlie and renee bcs thy r her family. lyk the series in renesmee's view and thn in jakes dnt u thnk?
i would suggest the house of night series there are about 7 books out(more still to come)...this series got me hooked and i wouldnt but it down!!!
i know of a few depending on what you like to read:

the Shiver series - maggie striefvator
The awakening series - kelley armstrong
Wicked series - nance holder and Debbie Viguie - this is a wicca series
Fablehaven series - brandon mull
Septimus Heap series - Angie Sage

I'm reading Vamp Diary, they don't hold a flicker of a candle to TWI Saga.It fills the gap.I've also read True Blood series,its good but  the Tv to book on both are way different...I mess with writing and it really gets me when a writer changes the plot

from the book to the series. I prefer the care and anticipation of the movie instead of television.Sigh, I'll be one of the first in

line to buy any new work Ms. Meyer writes...Host was intresting too; not Saga but well worth reading.  


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