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what did everyone think about when the denali coven refused to help the cullens in there time of need

i think that was so wrong because the denali coven is like family to the cullens and just because the wolves killed laurent doesent mean u abandon your family especially in a time of need

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i was very shocked that they didnt want to help out the cullens. if they were family friends, then the denali family should have helped them out, because it was a very serious situation. even though one of the denali family members didnt like the cullens, the rest of the family shouldnt have followed her. i mean,, laurant was a bad buy anyways. right? he was going to kill bella.
i was mad, the denalis were the cullens closest friends and when they the cullens could die they wouldent help because of Irina
It showed absolutely no loyalty towards the Cullens. Laurent was killed by the wolves, for being on lands that he should not have been on in the first place. He got what was coming to him and he knew what he was getting into. The Denali Coven should have looked past Irinas hurt feelings for the time being and done the right thing. But then again, it would've changed the backstory for Breaking Dawn if they had.
Shocked! But of course, it was necessary to the unified crux of the book.
I did think it was unfair that they did this, the cullens would have helped immediatly, it was a great betrayal i thought. Irina would not have gone but for tanya and carmen and the others i thought they could have gone to help on their own :)
Hey I agree, the Cullens most likely would have helped them if they were in trouble, even if it was against what one of the Cullen's might have wished, but only if it was the best thing to do for the family. You know those non-human-killing vampires, they are capable of forming bonds that the other kind are not--just goes to show that Tanya and her family were more loyal to their own clan's wishes versus helping out Carlisle and betraying their sister, Irina's wishes.
Didn't they know that Laurent would have killed Bella? Even if they don't care about the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileutes, Laurent was going to hurt someone the Cullens love, Edward especially. And didn't they think at all? The newborns are a much more important than any perceived wrong done to them.
I understand where they came from. its very hard to risk your family for something you had no part in. but i still would have tried to help in other ways.
I was shocked bcof Tanya's love of Edward and Carlise and how she thinks of herself and her family as "there exteneded family"(as said in the 4th book)!!
i was shoccked i truly thought that they were goiing to help them if they were family friends, then the denali family should have helped them out, because it was a very serious situation. just because one of the denali family members did not like the i mean laurent was a bad guy n e ways right ... irina waas the cullens friends and for her to do that i was disapionted
that was just rude because Laurent was trying to kill Bella, and the Denali's are a family to the Cullens.
I think that it's pretty patheticc that afterr this wholee timee togetherr, theyy don't comee togetherr just becauseee Laurent was killedd. He was gonna kill Bella for cryingg out loud!! If theyy weree really a "familyyy", theyy wouldd havee come throughh for the Cullens, but luckilyy, they were'nt evennn needed in the end, but still, somee familyyy.


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