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in new moon what did u do when edward left my friend cryed and me and her love the books so what did u do when edward left

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My friend Adrionass did the same thing, Me and my friends all gasped too :P
I threw the book too
i cried, then i stopped reading for like 1 hour then read more, until the next day bella went to save edward and fell in love again :)
cried,definitely. felt sorry' bout what happened with bella,and really don't care 'bout Jake. I hate dog!
at 1st i was in shock. i was like no way did tht just happen. then i flipped to the end just to make sure he came back. then i forced myself to read about jacob!!
I just cried and felt really depressed.
I crie, then cried, and cried some more xD I felt bad for Bella
It was a good thing I was at home and not at school when I read that part..LOL....i was just wishing he would come back..thank goodness he did!!
I was so devastated and poor Bella. I couldn't even think through the rest of the movie...I was just hoping and wishing that Edward would come back. Bella belongs with no one but him.
I cried and was super sad!!!!!
I cried nonstop for, like, five minutes before I could force myself to stop.


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