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Hi all, I was wondering, All you readers out there. What did you feel you got out of reading the Twilight series? Was it that is was initially a love story, or a story of two worlds trying to survive Or something else?

Please do let me know your thought :)

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This is a good question.

For myself, I went on a personal journey with the Twilight Saga, and I ended up taking my entire family on the ride with me.

At first, it started out just a fantasy love story in Twilight. Then it took me through a true love story in New Moon. I found myself revisiting unrequited love in Eclipse, and then forcing myself past a horror story in Breaking Dawn.

But whether the books were eliciting the feeling of Love (New Moon) or the feeling of hate (Breaking Dawn) two powerful emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum, I appreciate the Twilight Saga for many reasons.

Through these books, I rekindled the love that I held for reading that I'd let slip since high school. And even bigger than that, I found a hidden passion for writing. Something I never would have imagined myself doing before the Twilight Saga came along. I know it has been the same for many of us in this fandom. Be it vamp-girl or wolf-girl, these books gave us all something to say and some thing to share.

But above all, I have met so many wonderful friends from all over the USA and from other countries as well. My family and I even traveled to Washington and stayed with gals who would have otherwise been strangers, in a Cabin between Forks and La Push. These girls, my Edge Girls, have become like family to me. We speak nearly every day and have taken other family vacations together since that very first. We are each other support systems now. And for this, I will be forever grateful to Stephenie Meyer.

And look at all the new authors that came out because of Twilight. The Twilight Writing and Reading Fandom surpasses all other Fandoms out there. Stephenie Meyer truly created a movement.

Someone somewhere once said that Breaking Dawn and the imprint between Jacob and Renesemee was about bringing families together. Well, I didn't buy it!

But now that time has passed and my hurting for Jacob--with the help of fan fiction, that is--has disappeared, I can honestly admit it. The Twilight Saga has been about bringing people together, regardless of what team we are. And that is what I got from reading the Twilight Series.

I couldn't agree more with almost everything that you said.  I love the Twilight community and the "family" that it has created.  :D 

Very well put Bear :)  One of the things you mention about making good friends through Twilight echoes all over this website. So many people have found friends through Stephenies books.


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