The Twilight Saga

This takes place after Breaking Dawn-It's called Sunrise Tide, and is my fanfiction.


Chapter One-Bella's POV
I stared out the window in the bedroom of our cottage. Peering far out into the forest, I spotted them, using their laughter as a map. They were running, her on his furry back, almost home. It was raining out, but not too breezy. I sighed. I watched as Jake shifted back to human, his hair and bare chest dripping wet. Nessie was close behind, a big smile on her face. Only five years after her birth, yet she looked and acted the equivalence of a girl around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Yet she was far too advanced in her knowledge to be so young.
“We’re home!”, Jacob shouted, shaking his head furiously in an attempt to dry it.
I wrinkled my nose and gave him a small grin.
“Ugh, wet dog”, I noted.
He gave a small laugh, and just as abruptly, his smile turned into a frown and he rolled his eyes.
“Gotta go”, he said.
Nessie placed her palm on his neck, her expression pleading.
“Don’t go”, she whispered.
“I have to, honey”, he whispered back, leaning in closer.
I huffed, and he quickly turned around, a sheepish look on his face.
“See ya, Nessie”, he called, dashing into the forest.
Renesmee waved back, standing in the doorway and watching even after he was clearly out of sight.
“Nessie”, I said softly.
She turned, her quick movements graceful, and slammed the door shut.
‘Where’s Daddy?”, she asked, shaking her wet curls out the same way Jacob did.
“He went into town to pick up a present for Grandpa”, I said, running a finger through my daughter’s beautiful bronze curls. She was wearing a pale green silk dress, and matching flats. “Is that a new outfit?”, I noted, trying to make conversation.
She nodded, a grin filling her face.
“Aunt Alice got it for me yesterday. It’s for Grandpa Charlie’s party later.”
I sighed. Of course, she had to put it on two hours early to impress Jacob.
The thought made me shudder, which is odd, if you’re a vampire, like me. We’re never cold.
Nessie noticed, her chocolate brown eyes hinted me. But I pretended not to see it.
Renesmee looked as unbelievably beautiful as the first time I had held her, as a baby, if not more, but expressed it in a less childlike form now. Seeing her in “adult clothing”, the silk wrapped around her perfect, extra slender frame in a stylish way, made me a little nervous. She was almost fully matured, not only mentally, but physically. And it was hard to be prepared for all the things that would come with that new age. I’d only had five years to prepare. And though I didn’t sleep nights, it still came as a shock to me when Jacob displayed little tidbits of affection for my daughter. It was so weird to remember my blurry human days, when Jacob had done those things for me.
Just then, Edward came through the door, fashioning a jacket so he wouldn’t look too out of place in the town. In his hands were a giant box, wrapped up in silver wrapping paper and topped with a bow.
He gave me my favorite smile, and I dashed toward him like two magnets attracting. We kissed quickly, the big box in the way. He placed it on the floor gently, and sweeped me into his arms, then the same for Nessie.
He eyed her clothing.
“Alice”, he said, giving a velvety chuckle.
“Do you like my dress?”, she asked him.
“Of course. It’s beautiful.”
“What’s in the box?”, she said.
“Your grandfather’s new HD TV”, he answered.
“He’s never going to leave that old couch of his now”, I joked.
“Good thing Carlisle and Esme got him a new one”, Edward noted, smiling.
I smiled back, shaking my head.
We decided to go out and hunt for an hour, and then head over to the Cullen’s house to set up for the party. Little did I know of Alice’s upcoming vision……
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wow!! lubbb itt i waNT moreee! huh yuo are so good keep it up!
New chapters 28-2 and 29 will be out tonight instead, no joke
whats the website you have posted the story on?????
i want to know so i could go and check it!!!
keep it going!!! you are a great writer!!!!=]
I add each chapter as i add them here, so you can find them at whichever location you choose
your story is breathtaking!!!! keep writing=]
i'm waiting for the next chapter!!!!=]
are you almost done with chapter 29???
i can't wait to read it!!!=]
So sorry for the wait!!! Here's chapter 28-2-
Renesmee's POV-

Chapter 28-2

I watched as Alice led Jake into the bathroom stall, as discreetly as possible with Jacob towering over her.
I felt the strange urge to apologize for his behavior. But just as I was about to speak, a barely audible crash echoed from the bathroom.
“Uncle Jasper?”, I whispered suddenly .
He looked my way and nodded with instant understanding.
An ounce of relief dispersed throughout the fear that clung so tightly to my chest, yet I still caught myself wondering what was taking Jake and Alice so long.
I turned to face my parents.
“This isn’t at all easy for us to do. We don’t like to keep things from you, Nessie. But from what Alice saw, it’s vital to sustain you from knowing”, she spoke quietly.
I placed a hand on her neck.
“How exactly did Aunt Alice see the vampire manipulating her visions?”, I asked, turning to the only one here who was able to answer me.
“Normally, when Alice has a vision, she feels a control over them. A familiar feeling that’s very hard to describe, to someone unable to experience them first-or in my case, second hand. But the visions she most recently had, there was- some sort of hold over them. Something unusual, that she never quite experienced before. It felt as though someone was forcing emotions onto her, forcing the images to frighten her, if that makes any sense.”, Daddy explained, just as Aunt Alice and Jake strode quickly back to their seats.
Evidently behind me, Jake breathed startlingly in deep, heavy pants.
Slowly, I took him in.
Jacob stared back, his dark brown eyes wide and alarmed. His eyebrows were mashed together tight, ravaging his already strange expression in a way that almost scared me.
“Jake?”, I asked.
He shook, his hands balling up into tight fists as he turned his head to the floor.
I watched helplessly as my Jacob’s eyes became blurry and wet. The moisture gathered into a drop as it slowly fell down his cheek, leaving a wet streak behind.
I reached a finger to his face and slowly wiped it away. He stiffened and cleared his throat, trying to appear fine.
I rested my head on his back, his head still down towards the floor.
“You don’t have to be brave for me”, I reassured him silently.
He didn’t answer, just continued to sulk.
I didn’t know what was coming, but clearly it wasn’t like anything that had ever happened to us before. Nobody had any hope, not even my father. Nobody except Uncle Emmett, who seemed as casual as ever. Maybe I didn’t have him figured out after all. Unless he was so used to good fortune, nothing out of the ordinary pursued to bother him. Out of the ordinary life of the vampires.
Or could he possibly think his strength would always be enough?
Suddenly, I felt Jacob sigh from beneath me. I slowly stood up as he straightened his posture.
“I do have to be brave for you. You’re my Nessie, my Renesmee. Just the thought of any…”, his voice trailed off, and he grabbed my shoulders. He leveled his head just exactly to mine, and stared into my eyes. I felt my heart pounding underneath me.
“-just the thought of anything happening to you just drives me insane.”
“Something’s going to happen to me?”
Although I had already assumed this, due to the various behaviors of my family around me, still I had to ask. To put it out in the open.
For about a second, everyone froze around me.
I looked around at the humans on the plane. They sat unknowingly in their seats, some watching a movie through earmuffs, some just staring out the window in boredom.
They hadn’t heard anything of our conversation, yet the details to low for them to hear had drastically changed everything.
“Nothing’s gonna happen to you. I’ll always be there to protect you”, Jake said, almost sternly.
“Don’t worry, Nessie. We’ll get those bad guys for ya”, Emmet blurted.
Nobody else said a word. They just stared my way, concerned. For my life.
please dont let anything happend to nessie
geez i cant wait to know what's goin on. oh boy i wanna read chapter 29!!!
that was a always have me wanting more...wondring wats ganna happen and when i think i have figuered it out it's not what i have exspected
Here is yet another Jacob and Nessie moment...

Chapter 29-Renesmee's POV

It was a beautiful first day back in Washington. An autumn aura, and the unpretentious scent of pine set deep inside the spiced woods resettled the lost feeling of home. I looked down at my glowing hand, luminescent and pale. The pearls on my engagement ring shone as well, matching the tone to my sunlit skin.
I was over at La Push now, sitting cross-legged atop a huge black rock lodged between the waters. Jacob waded around me, popping up from the water every now and then to say something.
The rest of my family was back home, away from the rest of the world, while the rare sunlight shone upon them and created a dazzlingly beautiful reflection. In some ways I was glad my skin didn’t shine exactly like theirs. It was on these days Jacob and I could discover the hidden wonders of Forks that just barely ever came around. For instance, the clear aqua waters of First Beach shimmering a fiery red close to the glowing sunset.
With a splash, Jake jumped up from the water, this time coming to sit next to me.
“You got me all wet”, I complained with a smile.
Deliberately, he put an arm around me, and stared up towards the horizon.
The beach became two shades darker as the sun slowly made its way down the side of the Earth, leaving streaks of white, orange and pink while we watched the day relax. I snuggled into Jacob. Near us, a few other couples did the same.
My appearance now edged towards sixteen , which made everything just a little less awkward.
“This has been a really nice day”, I breathed.
“Eh, I’m not such a special guy, Ness. But it means the world to me that you came.”
I laughed, remembering that line from a movie we’d watched on our plane trip home. He joined in, and it died down with a kiss. As the sun continued to lower past us, I realized we were almost directly in the center of the ocean. I sighed as I released my lips. He’d done this on purpose. Jacob could be so romantic.
At that moment, a familiar electric beat echoed from Jake’s shirt lying back on the sand. He rolled his eyes.
“Be right back”, he mumbled.
I slowly ran my hand down his arm, muscles still glistening with drops of water.
A few seconds later, he stood by the sand, yelling unnecessarily into the receiver.
“Who gave you my number, Blondie?”, I heard him say.
It was Aunt Rose. I shook my head, and jokingly moaned. It seemed every hour or so someone was calling to make sure I was alright, though from what little information I was permitted to know of Alice’s vision, the first few weeks of our homecoming would be calm and quiet, for the most part. But I guess since it was still hard for my aunt to see either of us, it helped to check in every once in a while.
“Yeah, yeah. She’s fine, and she’s been fine all day! I would never let anything happen to her. Oh, would you just…”
Suddenly I tuned Jacob out. Something caught my eye.
A small group of girls, around their mid-teens to early twenties were all bunched together, gazing over to Jake. At first I didn’t understand exactly what was going on. For some reason I instantly became irritated at their incessant giggling, their little waves to Jacob. My Jacob. I clutched the side of the rock hard, feeling the little pieces chip underneath my fingers, and splash gently into the water.
“Hey”, one of them called, walking slowly over to where he stood. She was tall and slightly dark-skinned, with large cleavage purposely revealed in a leopard print bikini.
The girl was no more different than any other girl. So then why did I feel so intimidated?
Jacob turned around, spotted the girl, and said a quick hello. He then proceeded back to me, a casual expression on his face. Both I and the girl stared back at him, confused for different reasons.
“Just the vamps checking in on us again”, he said, kissing the top of my head. I felt horribly guilty that moment, as I stared back at the girl, who watched us with a defeated stance. I felt pleased that she had gone unnoticed. That Jacob had ignored her, and wanted me.
He looked to me. He was so…beautiful. Hmmm. That was an embarrassing thought.
“Have you ever…regretted imprinting on me?’, I asked in a small voice.
He stared back wide-eyed, as if I had gone crazy.
“Renesmee, I had no life before I imprinted on you. I broke apart from my pack, I didn’t know where to live, or what to do. There was absolutely no purpose to my life then to stay by your mom's side through the pregnancy. And that was because I needed to be with you. Always. You gave me a purpose.”
His face reflected only pure honesty.
“So…when you see…other girls…I mean…”, I stuttered uncomfortably, motioning my head towards the girls from before.
He turned for a second, and then rolled his eyes.
“Wait. You were jealous? Of those wannabe’s?”
I sighed.
“I guess I was.”
He grinned showing all his teeth, clearly pleased.
“Nessie, have you even noticed all those big shot guys who like to stare at you? Boy, I gave ‘em such a look, think I sent ‘em straight to hell”, he laughed.
I couldn’t help but give a giggle too.
“I just feel bad for tying you down all these years.”
Jake slowly pulled me down until I lay flat against the rock, and gave me a gentle kiss. I reached up, running my fingers in his short dark hair.
“And five years was well worth the wait”, he said.
aww they're so cute together. its funny how some things repeat itself. like nessie and jakes moment in the ocean was almost like bella and edwards from their honeymoon. true love is will be as beautiful as ever. Great work Danielle. Do you by any chance know when you will be posting chapter 30? I also wanna ask to you post the new chapters on this site or on your site first?? i follow your work on both ;)


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