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This takes place after Breaking Dawn-It's called Sunrise Tide, and is my fanfiction.


Chapter One-Bella's POV
I stared out the window in the bedroom of our cottage. Peering far out into the forest, I spotted them, using their laughter as a map. They were running, her on his furry back, almost home. It was raining out, but not too breezy. I sighed. I watched as Jake shifted back to human, his hair and bare chest dripping wet. Nessie was close behind, a big smile on her face. Only five years after her birth, yet she looked and acted the equivalence of a girl around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Yet she was far too advanced in her knowledge to be so young.
“We’re home!”, Jacob shouted, shaking his head furiously in an attempt to dry it.
I wrinkled my nose and gave him a small grin.
“Ugh, wet dog”, I noted.
He gave a small laugh, and just as abruptly, his smile turned into a frown and he rolled his eyes.
“Gotta go”, he said.
Nessie placed her palm on his neck, her expression pleading.
“Don’t go”, she whispered.
“I have to, honey”, he whispered back, leaning in closer.
I huffed, and he quickly turned around, a sheepish look on his face.
“See ya, Nessie”, he called, dashing into the forest.
Renesmee waved back, standing in the doorway and watching even after he was clearly out of sight.
“Nessie”, I said softly.
She turned, her quick movements graceful, and slammed the door shut.
‘Where’s Daddy?”, she asked, shaking her wet curls out the same way Jacob did.
“He went into town to pick up a present for Grandpa”, I said, running a finger through my daughter’s beautiful bronze curls. She was wearing a pale green silk dress, and matching flats. “Is that a new outfit?”, I noted, trying to make conversation.
She nodded, a grin filling her face.
“Aunt Alice got it for me yesterday. It’s for Grandpa Charlie’s party later.”
I sighed. Of course, she had to put it on two hours early to impress Jacob.
The thought made me shudder, which is odd, if you’re a vampire, like me. We’re never cold.
Nessie noticed, her chocolate brown eyes hinted me. But I pretended not to see it.
Renesmee looked as unbelievably beautiful as the first time I had held her, as a baby, if not more, but expressed it in a less childlike form now. Seeing her in “adult clothing”, the silk wrapped around her perfect, extra slender frame in a stylish way, made me a little nervous. She was almost fully matured, not only mentally, but physically. And it was hard to be prepared for all the things that would come with that new age. I’d only had five years to prepare. And though I didn’t sleep nights, it still came as a shock to me when Jacob displayed little tidbits of affection for my daughter. It was so weird to remember my blurry human days, when Jacob had done those things for me.
Just then, Edward came through the door, fashioning a jacket so he wouldn’t look too out of place in the town. In his hands were a giant box, wrapped up in silver wrapping paper and topped with a bow.
He gave me my favorite smile, and I dashed toward him like two magnets attracting. We kissed quickly, the big box in the way. He placed it on the floor gently, and sweeped me into his arms, then the same for Nessie.
He eyed her clothing.
“Alice”, he said, giving a velvety chuckle.
“Do you like my dress?”, she asked him.
“Of course. It’s beautiful.”
“What’s in the box?”, she said.
“Your grandfather’s new HD TV”, he answered.
“He’s never going to leave that old couch of his now”, I joked.
“Good thing Carlisle and Esme got him a new one”, Edward noted, smiling.
I smiled back, shaking my head.
We decided to go out and hunt for an hour, and then head over to the Cullen’s house to set up for the party. Little did I know of Alice’s upcoming vision……
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It's actually good but i think I'll like it better Renesmee used more sweet words when talking to Edward and Bella..
I agree
me too!!!
Chapter 32-2
Renesmee's POV

All dressed up and waiting, I fell backwards onto Alice and Jasper’s prop bed, a motion that my aunt probably wouldn’t be too happy about later.
I could hear the guests arriving from downstairs. The Denali Coven was first, followed by the wolf pack’s family members and imprintees. The wolves were getting dressed back in La Push. I wondered who guarded Jacob now.
I sighed. He was just downstairs, his musky, woodsy scent skimming my nose. I couldn’t understand how the rest of my family hated the shape shifter’s smell; I hardly smelled the animal portion. This was because I was half-human, I knew.
There was a small knock at the door.
I hopped off the bed, slowly opening the door to allow Billy, Rachel, and Rebecca in.
“Oh, Nessie! That dress is gorgeous, you look amazing!”, Rebecca exclaimed, wrapping me in a tight hug.
“Careful, Becca! She’s in her gown!”, Rachel reminded.
“Oops, sorry”, she apologized, releasing her grip.
I turned to Billy; he smiled back.
“Wow, Billy. You look great”, I said with a small smile.
He gave a small chuckle, looking down to straighten the tie on his gray tux.
“If you think I look good, wait until you see Jake”, he chortled.
My heart bloomed at the sound of his name.
“You’ve seen him already?”, I breathed.
Billy nodded.
“Poor kid’s so nervous, looks like he’s gonna phase any second.”
Wow. Jacob was nervous. To see…me.
Everyone was always telling me I was beautiful. Irresistible. But it meant nothing to me unless Jacob could see it too.

I often wondered about our future together. It was indubitably cloudy.
A shape shifter and a half vampire, perpetually together in perfect harmony.
Vampires were supposed to be their enemies. We were supposed to hate each other.
But then my mother came along, and changed everything. Because of her, we all co-exist in mid peace.
Because of me, two completely different worlds will now coalesce; become a family, truly and eternally.
Billy reached into the side of his chair and pulled out a little silver wrapped box.
“This is for you.”
Rachel and Rebecca leaned closer as I carefully unwrapped the package and lifted the little wooden box underneath.
I gasped.
He smiled.
“It was my wife’s”, he said quietly.
“It’s beautiful. Thank you.”
It was a leather strand, decorated with feathers and a pattern of tiny gold beads, forming small but complex patterns all around. I examined the single bead strand hanging down. A tiny silver and gold circular charm with a little wolf hung on the bottom.
“I guess this has become my symbol now”, I joked.
“Here, let me put it on for you”, Rachel offered.
She tied the strand around my head, fixing the bead strand in with my hair.
“Perfect”, she said, looking me over once more.
I took her word for it.
Suddenly my dad flew into the room. He was wearing a gray tux similar to Billy’s, though darker, which contrasted with his pale skin flawlessly.
“You’d better get downstairs”, he advised them.
“Break a leg, little sister”, Rebecca called as she exited the room.
“Though that’s impossibility, for you”, Rachel added with a smile.
I smiled back, watching my soon-to-be new family leave the room.
My father and I stood alone in the room.
I concentrated on my breathing as it started to accelerate along with my heartbeat.
“You can do this Renesmee”, he whispered.
He wrapped his arms tightly around me.
“Why am I so nervous?”, I asked, mostly to myself.
“It’s perfectly normal to be nervous on your wedding day.”
I struggled to hold back my tears.
“I’m afraid.”
He knew well what I meant by that.
“We all are. But your mother and I are working out a plan. We’re trying to do what’s best for you. Even if it involves…”
There was silence. I looked up at my father. His eyes were dark, frozen.
I put my hand to his neck.
I love you Daddy
I showed him my memory of the first lullaby he had sung to me. It had always helped to calm me down.
He sighed.
“I love you too, my precious Renesmee. It isn’t easy to be giving you up to the dogs. And after only five and a half years”, he sighed.
I smiled, my eyes wet.
He gently wiped away the tear, and kissed the top of my head.
“We’re starting”, Alice whispered from somewhere downstairs.
We pulled apart. I locked my arm in his.
I hope I’m not annoying you with all my incessant thoughts of today
“Of course not”, he smiled.
The music began. I hardly discerned that we were already at the head of the staircase. I truly felt somewhat human as we took our first steps down.

From down below I could see the guests, turning their heads to look our way.
I tried to smile.
We descended the staircase gracefully, then onto a white carpet rolled out to the altar. I passed by my family, turning my head to smile to Mom.
She smiled back, looking as though she would cry if she could. Grandma Esme and my Aunt Alice shared similar expressions.
Slowly, I turned my head back to center.

And my breath left my being.

I unceremoniously came to an abrupt stop, forcing my father to patiently stand at my side along with me.
Situated on the huge mahogany piano in the corner, Rosalie promptly made an adjustment to the famous Wedding March, effortlessly blending the notes to a quick finish.
Jacob stared back at me, desire in his widened eyes. His short hair was neatly trimmed and combed, black tux carved to his tall, muscular body. Jake’s warm copper skin shone through the gloom and desperation reflected through the surrounding windows.
He was perfect. He was mine.
I dashed towards Jake, numbly encompassing my arms around his warm chest.
One of the Quileute elders read us our vows. I stared, hypnotized into Jacob’s warm brown eyes. He stared back, eyes burning.
He carefully lifted my left hand and slid the gold band onto my ring finger. He lifted it to his chest. I felt his heart beat against my palm.
We were then asked the ever famous question.
“I do”, Jacob said finally, a little too loudly.
“I do”, I repeated solemnly.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
He repeated this in Quileute, then smiled to us both.

Jake lifted me up into his strong arms, and slowly leaned his lips down to mine.
Instantaneously I felt the explosion. My ears rang. My mouth tingled at his touch, his taste. I never wanted to let go.
But reluctantly, we pulled apart and he set me down.
Our audience gave a thunderous applause.
wauw... just... wauw!
that was so cute please keep writing
Omg danielle. That was definately worth the wait. I loved it!!
I've read all of your story and it is the best fanfiction ever written! Are you secretly Stephenie Meyer? I would love to be your friend so I'll send you a friend request! BEST STORY EVER MADE!!! And I also love the tittle " Sunrise Tide" that was awesome! thanks for writing this it really was amazing! THANK YOU!!!
Thats amazing but does nessie still love bella it was like she was mad or somthin. but ur a great writer u should realy write more.i bet everyone will love it.
God!!! This is mazing...please I'm begging u add me and keep me posted..PLZZZZZZZ


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