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Chapter One


     What if?

     That’s always the big question, isn’t it? What if I had followed him? What if I hadn’t agreed to go to this new house? What if I had been a rebellious kid? What if I had hung out with the cheerleaders? What if I hadn’t turned out as guyish as I did? What if I did wear makeup once and became addicted to how it made me look?

     I could do on and on—these questions pierce everyone’s minds at least once in their lifetime. Thinking questions that start with “What if” is an addicting thing to do—even if it tortures you, and you know it does, you can’t stop. Those two words are like persistent flies that don’t get the phrase, “I’m going to kill you with a fly swatter” until you’ve already done it and they’re long gone—except, they never leave until they’ve been answered.
      I, personally, don’t have many questions like these in my head for several reasons—one key reason being I live in the moment and don’t have any regrets…mostly. The only time I’m not brave is when it comes to emotions—besides that, I just go with the flow without any rhyme or reason. Pretty sweet, huh?
     Now, as I sat on the counter in the local bakery-type-thing-that-also-serves-milkshakes-and-muffins-and-such, I most definitely didn’t have any of that on my mind.
     “Well that sucks,” Jade announced as I gave her the news—I was moving. Not far, really, we were just moving a bit closer to the newest store my dad was working at as he tried to “turn it around”.
     Jade was the gothic one in the bunch of us---I mean, I didn’t view her as goth but everyone else did. She had raven black hair, piercing green eyes, and relatively pale skin. She always had her nails painted black and she loved to complain and be sarcastic—but, she was one of my best friends. From the moment we’d moved here and I’d gotten to my new—erm, old now I supposed—school, I had pinned her down to be my friend since she didn’t seem like the type to pry or care even in the slightest that I was about 75%+ boy—technically. I mean, I was still a girl, I just didn’t act or dress like most girls did.
     “We’ll still get to see you, right?” Lilly’s voice quivered as she asked me this.
     Lilly was a ditzy blond with some memory problems. She, too, had green eyes but hers had more of an Aqua tone to them then Jade’s did. Her skin wasn’t as pale, but still pale and, also, freckle-less. She may have been seventeen, but she acted like any six year old—you know, minus the bratty attitude. She was distracted by shiny objects—basically anything, really--, had wandering thoughts, and an attention span that was roughly the equivalent of a ten year old; maybe a tad bit better than that.
     I laughed at Lilly’s comment, now, though. “Of course you will, Lilly! You live with me and I’ll still work here so I’ll be able to see Jade.” I rolled my eyes, smiling now however.
     Lilly blinked at this then giggled herself. “Oh yeah! I forgot!” She beamed at me, not the least bit phased.
     "You’re moving schools, too, you know,” I reminded her gently since I had a feeling she’d forgotten that, if I was moving schools, she was as well.
     “I knew that, silly Kris!” She laughed again and said to Jade, “Hey, Jade, isn’t Kris silly? She is, isn’t she?”
     Again, I rolled my eyes with a grin but—truth be told—I felt terrible for Lilly. She had no parents, a horrible memory, and she also talked to herself at times by answering her own questions or murmuring stuff to herself when she didn’t know something. I thought she might be slightly insane, but I’d never say that to her—she was a bit too…fragile. Sure, she’d take it good at first, but once it settled in she’d go into hysterias of sobbing and she might run off—I wouldn’t want her to do that.
     While Lilly had no parents that we knew of, Jade had parents—and two brothers as well, though she rarely spoke of them--, her parents were split. Jade lived with her mom—her brothers with her dad-- and had switched her last names when her mom had remarried.
     The chime above the door sounded and Lilly yelled as cheerily as ever, “Hi! Welcome!” She gave the person who had walked in a big smile as she poised at her station behind the counter, ready to grab something at a seconds notice.
     Lilly worked behind the counter getting ice cream, muffins, and milkshakes--whatever the order was. She used to work at the cash register because of her perky and people loving nature, but she’d always press the wrong buttons, give too much change or too little, and she’d take forever as she’d try to remember what to do—so we switched her and put her behind the scenes so she wouldn’t cause as much trouble…although, she did—occasionally—spill something and make a big mess it was really no trouble at all to clean it up.
     Jade, now, worked at the register---which probably wasn’t the best position for her considering she didn’t really like people, but she was quick with cash. She didn’t mind it, but she didn’t love it. I sensed she would rather be behind the scenes so she wouldn’t have to talk to anyone who came in, but she didn’t complain because she didn’t truthfully care.
     I, on the other hand, was a mixture between the supervisor, behind the scenes person, and register worker. Basically, I did it all when I wasn’t doing what I was now—resting and taking my break.
     I wasn’t going to go to school for a few days, however, because I was procrastinating. I’d told my dad that I needed to say goodbye and that I was a bit nervous—he’d just muttered, “yeah, yeah, sure” in response. If he’d been listening, I’m sure he would’ve said different but, hey, who was I to argue?
     The door chimed again and I glanced over to see a little girl with hair so blond it was almost white and bright blue eyes that were shining. She had regular skin—not tan, but not pale—and a smattering of freckles across her nose. I was proud to call this girl Tatum, my younger sister.
     Tatum had inherited our dad’s looks while I had acquired my mom’s strawberry blond hair and eyes such a pale blue that sometimes they were mistaken for being grey. My mom had always said that, when the sunlight hit them just right, it made it seem like I was in a trance of sorts.
     “Kris!” Tatum shrieked as she saw me. She dropped her backpack and ran over to me as I slipped over the counter just in time to scoop her up and twirl her in my arms.
     “Hey, kiddo, how was your first day at your knew school?” I asked her as I kissed her forehead.
     “It was awesome! I met so many new kids and I got to go outside for thirty minutes and play on the swing set! I slid down the slide and everything! I almost knocked into Adam but he moved out of the way!” she gushed, beaming at me. “And after, Adam’s mom offered to bring me home since dad wasn’t there to pick me up!”
     “Oh?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “You know you’re not supposed to take rides from strangers, Tate.” I shook my head. “Next time, go to the office and call my cell phone, okay?”
      Tatum nodded obediently and I said, “Good girl.” I set her down and walked over to the woman who had come in after her, assuming she was Adam’s mom.
     “I’m Kris,” I greeted her, giving her the smallest of smiles. “Kris Gracelyn, Tatum’s older sister. I’m so sorry you had to take her here.”
     As I spoke, I examined this woman. She had dark brown hair and extremely tan skin—not a freckle in sight. She had chocolate brown eyes and the corners of her mouth were tipped up, as if she were ready to smile at any moment.
     “Oh, it’s no big deal really!” She laughed, her voice slightly high-pitched. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kris. I’m Mrs. Jackson.” Mrs. Jackson smiled at me and gave me a hug—which I thought was a bit personal considering we had only just met. “I’m actually not Adam’s mom; I just help his dad around the house.” She gave a small smile at this then paused before asking, “Is your real name Kris? Or is it Kristen?”
     I shook my head. “No, my real name is Krissy but I absolutely hate it so I’m Kris.” I looked her dead in the eyes as I spoke, hoping she got my silent message that meant she was supposed to call me Kris as well if we ever met again.
     Mrs. Jackson nodded. “Well, as I said, it was a pleasure to meet you Kris and I’m so sorry to have to rush out on you like this, but Adam is waiting in the car right now and I don’t want him to be late getting home.” She gave an apologetic smile and waved as she left.
     I shook my head, making a face at the back of her car as she left. “I don’t like her,” I announced. “Too…girlish.”
     Jade snorted, but the snort was unsteady and I turned around to see her slightly paler then usually.
     “Jade?” I spoke her name softly—something was off.
     “It’s nothing,” she said, waving me off as easily as if I were asking if she had done her homework.
     I nodded, not pressing her further.
     “Now lets get home, Tatum, Lilly, we’ve got to start unpacking.” I took Tatum’s hand in mine and waited for Lilly to come out around the corner. “Are you okay for the last twenty minutes alone, Jade?” I asked her.
      Jade nodded and said, “I’ll just close up early.” She grinned slightly and waved us off. “Have fun in your new house.”
     “Oh yeah, it’ll be a joy,” I grumbled as I left out the door and walked to my car, slipping in after helping Tatum in her booster seat. I started up the car, backed out, and left as a small sense of unease slipped over me.

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O.O LILLY!!! NO!!! WHERE DID SHE GO?!?!?!? She better not be hurt! If she is I'm blaming Eli! *turns head away* Because even if it was only a bet... HE BASICALLY TOOK KRIS AWAY FROM HIM!!!  

*calms down* But seriously, I think it was actually... dare I say it... *whispers* Josh's? *turns away* I can't even say it in reality, it hurts to blame Josh!!! I am not joking!

hehe Josh just got there and Kriss is blaming him already... it must be love <3 <3 <3 and sorting some things out Jost eh? 


P.s. I wish we had ice-cream in our school :(


OH dang, so serious stuffs bout go down! haha jk


You need to update more! Like for real!!


I miss this story!


And Josh is sneaky, i have a feeling i know what he was up to. ':)

Chapter Twelve

“Oh no,” I whispered, my eyes wide and terrified. Immediately I spun around and quickly unbuckled Tatum then pulled her into my arms and made a dash for it into the school.
My sneakers squeaked against the floor as I ran and I almost would’ve ran into Josh had I not had enough sense to stop.
“I thought you texted Eli!?” I demanded angrily.
“Why did I text Eli again?” Josh asked me, seeming confused and wary.
“To watch after Lilly you idiot!” I exclaimed, wanting to yell.
“Woah, woah. Kris, calm down. I texted Eli—now why are you in such a mood?”
“Show me,” I said simply, giving him a challenging look.
“Sure, whatever calms you down,” he grumbled and took out his phone. Josh went to sent messages and showed me the message he’d sent to Eli.

Hanging out with Kris for a bit—watch Lilly?


For some reason, the fact that the message had been successfully sent didn’t calm me, because the moment I’d finished reading it I set Tatum down and began pacing back and forth, muttering to myself worriedly.
Josh sighed and came over to me, setting Adam down next to Tatum. He gently put his hands on my shoulders and spun me to face him, not dropping his hands when he did so.
“Kris, calm down and tell me what happened,” Josh told me softly, so softly only I could hear.
I took a couple shaky deep breaths and responded, just as quiet, “Lilly’s gone.” My lower lip began to tremble and I quickly tore myself away from him and turned around so I wouldn’t cry. I didn’t want to cry—especially in front of Josh and the kids.
I heard Josh’s footsteps follow me and he turned me around and gave me a soft, gentle hug that I found oddly comforting. I let myself bury my face in his chest for a moment, drinking in the warm feeling I got from him, before I pulled back to look at him.
“I need to find Lilly,” I murmured quietly and he nodded solemnly in response.
“Do you know anyone who would watch the kids for us while we’re busy?” Josh asked.
“Heather might,” I murmured at last with a nod and took out my phone to call her. I still hadn’t move out of Josh’s arms at this point, and—quite honestly—I didn’t want to.
Heather picked up on the third ring and I quickly rushed in to quietly explain our situation to her.
“Lilly’s what!?” She shrieked loudly from the other end of the room. I could just see her expression—wide eyed, frantic, horrified…it was all too familiar at this point.
“Gone…” I whispered quietly, about to lose it. “She’s gone…”
Josh, seeing my expression, kindly took my cell phone from me and asked if Adam and Tatum could go over to her house.
“Heather, please? This is urgent. They won’t stay past ten o’clock.” He was silent for a moment before nodding and murmuring a quick, “You’re a lifesaver.” Before hanging up the phone and giving it back to me.
“Lets go check the car to see if Eli’s there, then drop Adam and Tatum off at Heather’s, then we’ll go searching alright, Kris?” He spoke softly to me, almost as if I were a fragile child who’d just lost a parent.
“Okay…” I agreed easily, letting Josh guide me carefully out of the school, Adam and Tatum following me.
“Are you okay to drive?” He asked me warily, looking a bit uncertain.
“Yeah…yeah, I’ll be fine,” I said with a nod, helping Tatum into her car seat. Josh hesitated by my car for a moment before nodding and going over to his car.
I paused outside the driver’s seat, waiting for Josh’s reaction. He peered around in his car for a moment after strapping Adam in, then peeked his head out and solemnly shook his head.
The fact that Eli was gone as well actually made me feel better; if they were both absent, there was a possibility that they were together, right? It made me relax a bit—but only a bit.
I slipped into the drivers’ seat and waited impatiently for Josh to get going, then quickly followed him over to Heather’s house. The moment we stopped I hurried to get Tatum out of the car, far too eager to start the search for Lilly. Where could she be? Was she alright? Was she hurt? Was she alone? Had she been kidnapped? Or perhaps she just wandered off? With Lilly, the possibilities were endless.
Before I could even ring the doorbell, Heather threw open her front door.
“Are you alright?” Were the first words out of her mouth as she stared at me anxiously.
“As alright as anyone who’s about to lose it could be,” I joked weakly but Heather went ahead and humored me anyways by giving a light laugh and small smile.
Josh brought up the rear a moment after and glanced between the two of us before saying, “I think I’ll go get Tatum and Adam settled in.” Then he waltzed into the house, one toddler on each side of him, as if he owned the place.
Heather stepped outside and shut the door quietly behind her. We stood there for a moment before Heather opened her arms and I gratefully fell into them.
“This is awful!” I choked out, tears pricking my eyes. “I haven’t even been here a month and I’ve already lost her!”
She rocked me back and forth gently and whispered comfortingly in my ear, “Don’t worry, honey, I’m sure she’s just fine.” Heather gently smoothed my hair and let me go just as her front door re-opened.
“Thanks Heather,” I said quietly and she gave me a quick reassuring smile before slipping back into her house.
Without a word, Josh took my hand and led me to my car. After a moments hesitation by the door, he thought better of it and brought me to the passenger’s seat of his car.
I opened the door and gently slid into the passenger’s seat then pulled onto the seat belt, expecting it to pull down smoothly as all seat belts do.
However, it refused to budge and I continued to yank at it. After another moment, I became frustrated and felt like ripping it in half. The tears were almost overflowing, now, so I was grateful when Josh reached over and gently put my hands in my lap then felt around on the seat belt for a moment before tugging on it and buckling me in.
He was leaned over me a bit awkwardly and began to pull back into his seat when I caught him by the sleeve. He turned to face me—surprised—and waited for me to say something.
“Thank you,” I whispered at last and pulled him into a tight hug against me, my hands bunching up his shirt as they balled into fists.
He hugged me back after a moment and gently brushed away a piece of my hair then pulled back into his seat. He looked both ways then pulled out into a street.
I glanced out my window with a quiet sigh, tears falling down my cheeks now.
My voice came out in a shrill scream that sounded as if it were coming from a different person. “Josh!” I shrieked and curled into a tight ball just as it hit.



Sorry it's so short! (And sorry it took me forever to update :3 ) I just didn't know what to do with this chapter. But I figured it out--and you're going to hate me once you figure out the cliffy!!!! 

:( post more soon love it as always



Will do (:

AHH!!! OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! NOT COOL! What happened to them? What the hell happened there?! Are they okay!?! WHERE IS LILLY! WHY IS THERE A CLIFF HANGER!!! DAMN YOU!!! 

Omg! I can't believe it! What did they crash into!?! I need to read more and soon! Hurry Yuuki! Write!!!

Hehe! Question by question you'll be left without an answer.... (;

I'll write soon! I'm Updating Rose Blood First!

-_- You left me in the dark Yuuki... *sits in dark corner* Can't you... tell me a little bit about it? *puppy dog eyes*

YAY!!!! *coughs* well... I guess that's a reasonable excuse... XD CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!

Don't pull a Tamaki-growing-mushrooms on me =.= Nooonononononooo! I like keeping secrets when it comes to F.F.'s!!!!! Besides, I let you in on the prologue of Rose Blood WEEKS before I published!!!!!


I'll try and post today (:

Chapter Thirteen


                Pictures of blood splattering across windows and roads painted my mind in red. Everything was blurry and all I could see was the face of a lifeless Josh sprawled across his seat, his arm bent at an odd angle.

                I knew it couldn’t be real—the car had hit on my side….right?—but for some reason, I just couldn’t wipe them from my mind. They seemed so real…

                In the distance, I heard sirens and the shrieks of several voices that I could identify if I worked at it.

                I heard Heather, who must’ve been looking out the window, completely freaking out. It sounded as if she were crying.

                Not only Heather, though, I heard Tatum and Adam as well. Adam seemed distressed but he must’ve been alright because he kept going, “Is she okay?” in that innocent way of his.

Tatum, however, was not alright.

I heard her screaming and sobbing and occasionally I felt a cold, tiny hand touch my arm only to be ripped away once again. I struggled to open my eyes and tell her that it was okay, that I was fine, but it felt as if I were suspended in a never ending parallel of darkness.

The one voice, I heard only if I pushed myself, was Josh. He sounded as if he were talking to himself, mortified. I tried now, to hear him, but all I caught was, “…it’d be all my fault…” before I couldn’t heard him anymore as the other voices got louder and new voices, along with a siren, sounded.

It wasn’t until someone opened the door on my side—or had it already been open?—that I realized I was whimpering. And it wasn’t until I wondered why that I recognized the searing pain in my right arm and left leg.

Someone with an unfamiliar voice cursed and I heard him yell for a stretcher as he detached me with a certain gentleness I wasn’t used to.

Something trickled down my temple and my first thought was sweat and I wanted to reach up to wipe it away but every time I tried the pain in my right arm grew and I hissed then gave a little pant of pain.

At last, I found the strength to force my eyes open and look at everything, but I was only met with red and I began freaking out. Red…red…red….I couldn’t see anything past the red.

It wasn’t the type of red you saw little kids drawing with; it wasn’t that bright cheery red I loved, it was a blood red color and I squeezed my eyes shut then reopened them and blinked, the color clearing.

My head lolled to the side in the stretcher and Tatum’s eyes lightened up as she saw me looking at her. She rushed over to me and took my left hand and I let out a breath of relief. My left hand was fine—it looked as if I was alright, for a moment. The paramedic swatted her hand away before quickly loading me into the ambulance just in time for everything to go red, then black.




When I woke next, everything was foggy and blurry. I had a massive head-ache and my mouth tasted of cotton. I groaned at the white ceiling, trying to remember what had happened. The car…it’d crashed into us…hadn’t it?

As if to confirm this, my left leg and right arm throbbed along with my head. Yeah, it’d crashed all right.

The door to wherever I was swung open and someone with a surgical mask and a chart walked in.

“Miss Gracelyn?” The person inquired, looking up at me with a questioning gaze.

“Hmmm?” I mumbled, not finding the energy to speak.

“Oh goodie! I’m so glad you’re awake! It’s been hours!” She smiled and walked over to my bedside, pouring a glass of water and offering it to me. I reached for it, careful to use my left arm, and quickly downed it. I almost choked, seeing as I was laying down.

“Hours?” I questioned. It’d felt more like days. “Where am I?”  I watched as the lady pressed a button and sat me up. As I got a better look around and smelled the antiseptic filled air, I remembered.

Paramedics….hospital….broken arm and leg….Josh?

“Oh,” I murmured and saw the person I now assumed was a nurse give me a pitying look.

“You’re not doing too well, Miss Gracelyn. You’ve got a broken arm and a leg if you haven’t seen them yet, and a pretty bad gash on your forehead.”

That explained the headache and why I’d been seeing red, earlier. The blood must’ve dripped down into my eyes. Of course, it also told me what I’d thought was sweat had been….blood.

I paled. Tatum….oh Tatum…she’d seen me. Oh god, that must’ve been awful for her to see her suppose-to-be-strong older sister in a pitiful whimpering and bloodied state….

“If you’re up to it, there are several people outside waiting to talk to you Miss Gracelyn. Four boys and four girls—two of the girls say they’re your sisters….?”
                “Two?” I questioned frowned.

“I’ll send them in,” The nurse said with a smile, seemingly unaware to my confusion.

One of them was Tatum, then the other….?

It hit me just as she walked through the door.

“Kris!” Lilly exclaimed and rushed over to me and threw her arms around me in a big—painful—hug.

“Where have you been?” I demanded, not even going through the motions. “You don’t just run off like that, Lilly! I was worried!”

Lilly pulled away, frowning. “I was with Alex and Eli,” She said, and as she did Eli and Alex both ducked their heads sheepishly. “Eli said that Josh said that you said it was okay.” She searched my expression for a moment. “Are you mad at me?”

“I don’t care who the hell you’re with, Lilly! You don’t go running off like that!” I  leaned my throbbing head back against the pillow and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to calm down with little success. “I just asked Eli to hang out with you, not to take you to God knows where and scare me half to death.” I shot Eli a small glare at this then realized I probably shouldn’t have—I had been nearly half to death, after all. I took a deep breath and blew it out. “No, Lilly, I’m not mad at you,” I said at last. “I’ve just been worried is all—don’t ever do that again, okay?”

“Ma’am yes ma’am!” Lilly giggled. “Next time, I’ll think.”
                I gave Lilly a serious look. “There better not be a next time,” I told her, looking at Alex and Eli as well. “There’ll be hell to pay if there is.”

“I-I’m sorry, Kris,” Alex managed to stammer out. “I didn’t know you’d be freaked out and Lilly said it was okay with you so I just kind of went with it….I should’ve called and double checked,” He apologized, giving me a sincere look. “Usually I’d give you a hug about now but you’re not a hugger plus I don’t feel like doing any more…damage,” He joked weakly and I rolled my eyes but gave him a little smile.

Eli sighed quietly and rocked awkwardly on his heels. “Can I talk to you?” He asked me. “Like….alone? Just for ten minutes?”
                I raised an eyebrow at him. “Ten minutes,” I agreed at last and everyone respectively left. I caught Tatum by the arm before she could go and gave her a kiss on t he forehead and a hug before she left with a smile.

“Well, we’re alone,” I said as last when everyone left and watched as Eli took the curtain and closed it off around my little area.

In response to my questioning look, he said, “They’re watching.”

“Well, that sounds stalkerish,” I mused and he laughed, giving me a smile.

“So, I guess this means our date is canceled, huh?” He joked.

“For now,” I said at last, hating that I had to live up to my bet. I was still miffed at how I hadn’t known he’d been a track runner simply by his build.

Eli smiled at me. “I’m….really sorry, Kris,” he said. “This is all my fault. If I had listened to you and kept Lilly around the school then you wouldn’t have gone to Heather’s to drop off Tatum and Adam and you wouldn’t have gotten hit by that car…” He trailed off sadly.

“It’s fine,” I said with a shrug. “I’ve broken bones before.” I gave him a grin that he didn’t return.

“I’m serious,” he said. “I feel awful—it’s all my fault. Is there anyway I can make it up to you? Seriously, I’m up for even being a slave for the rest of my life.”

“Eli, shut up,” I told him.

“But—“ he began.

“Eli, I said shut up. This isn’t your fault and I’m not going to let you think it is, got it?”

Eli nodded innocently. “Can I….can I at least try and make you feel better?” He offered.

“Knock yourself out,” I said with a  little shrug and was about to say something when he leaned over and gently pressed his lips against mine.

Lol!!!!!!!!! Josh is fine!!!!!!!!!! He's just not in this chapter (; 

Lol! Yay for Lilly!!!!!! :D

Hehe I try (:



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