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Chapter One


     What if?

     That’s always the big question, isn’t it? What if I had followed him? What if I hadn’t agreed to go to this new house? What if I had been a rebellious kid? What if I had hung out with the cheerleaders? What if I hadn’t turned out as guyish as I did? What if I did wear makeup once and became addicted to how it made me look?

     I could do on and on—these questions pierce everyone’s minds at least once in their lifetime. Thinking questions that start with “What if” is an addicting thing to do—even if it tortures you, and you know it does, you can’t stop. Those two words are like persistent flies that don’t get the phrase, “I’m going to kill you with a fly swatter” until you’ve already done it and they’re long gone—except, they never leave until they’ve been answered.
      I, personally, don’t have many questions like these in my head for several reasons—one key reason being I live in the moment and don’t have any regrets…mostly. The only time I’m not brave is when it comes to emotions—besides that, I just go with the flow without any rhyme or reason. Pretty sweet, huh?
     Now, as I sat on the counter in the local bakery-type-thing-that-also-serves-milkshakes-and-muffins-and-such, I most definitely didn’t have any of that on my mind.
     “Well that sucks,” Jade announced as I gave her the news—I was moving. Not far, really, we were just moving a bit closer to the newest store my dad was working at as he tried to “turn it around”.
     Jade was the gothic one in the bunch of us---I mean, I didn’t view her as goth but everyone else did. She had raven black hair, piercing green eyes, and relatively pale skin. She always had her nails painted black and she loved to complain and be sarcastic—but, she was one of my best friends. From the moment we’d moved here and I’d gotten to my new—erm, old now I supposed—school, I had pinned her down to be my friend since she didn’t seem like the type to pry or care even in the slightest that I was about 75%+ boy—technically. I mean, I was still a girl, I just didn’t act or dress like most girls did.
     “We’ll still get to see you, right?” Lilly’s voice quivered as she asked me this.
     Lilly was a ditzy blond with some memory problems. She, too, had green eyes but hers had more of an Aqua tone to them then Jade’s did. Her skin wasn’t as pale, but still pale and, also, freckle-less. She may have been seventeen, but she acted like any six year old—you know, minus the bratty attitude. She was distracted by shiny objects—basically anything, really--, had wandering thoughts, and an attention span that was roughly the equivalent of a ten year old; maybe a tad bit better than that.
     I laughed at Lilly’s comment, now, though. “Of course you will, Lilly! You live with me and I’ll still work here so I’ll be able to see Jade.” I rolled my eyes, smiling now however.
     Lilly blinked at this then giggled herself. “Oh yeah! I forgot!” She beamed at me, not the least bit phased.
     "You’re moving schools, too, you know,” I reminded her gently since I had a feeling she’d forgotten that, if I was moving schools, she was as well.
     “I knew that, silly Kris!” She laughed again and said to Jade, “Hey, Jade, isn’t Kris silly? She is, isn’t she?”
     Again, I rolled my eyes with a grin but—truth be told—I felt terrible for Lilly. She had no parents, a horrible memory, and she also talked to herself at times by answering her own questions or murmuring stuff to herself when she didn’t know something. I thought she might be slightly insane, but I’d never say that to her—she was a bit too…fragile. Sure, she’d take it good at first, but once it settled in she’d go into hysterias of sobbing and she might run off—I wouldn’t want her to do that.
     While Lilly had no parents that we knew of, Jade had parents—and two brothers as well, though she rarely spoke of them--, her parents were split. Jade lived with her mom—her brothers with her dad-- and had switched her last names when her mom had remarried.
     The chime above the door sounded and Lilly yelled as cheerily as ever, “Hi! Welcome!” She gave the person who had walked in a big smile as she poised at her station behind the counter, ready to grab something at a seconds notice.
     Lilly worked behind the counter getting ice cream, muffins, and milkshakes--whatever the order was. She used to work at the cash register because of her perky and people loving nature, but she’d always press the wrong buttons, give too much change or too little, and she’d take forever as she’d try to remember what to do—so we switched her and put her behind the scenes so she wouldn’t cause as much trouble…although, she did—occasionally—spill something and make a big mess it was really no trouble at all to clean it up.
     Jade, now, worked at the register---which probably wasn’t the best position for her considering she didn’t really like people, but she was quick with cash. She didn’t mind it, but she didn’t love it. I sensed she would rather be behind the scenes so she wouldn’t have to talk to anyone who came in, but she didn’t complain because she didn’t truthfully care.
     I, on the other hand, was a mixture between the supervisor, behind the scenes person, and register worker. Basically, I did it all when I wasn’t doing what I was now—resting and taking my break.
     I wasn’t going to go to school for a few days, however, because I was procrastinating. I’d told my dad that I needed to say goodbye and that I was a bit nervous—he’d just muttered, “yeah, yeah, sure” in response. If he’d been listening, I’m sure he would’ve said different but, hey, who was I to argue?
     The door chimed again and I glanced over to see a little girl with hair so blond it was almost white and bright blue eyes that were shining. She had regular skin—not tan, but not pale—and a smattering of freckles across her nose. I was proud to call this girl Tatum, my younger sister.
     Tatum had inherited our dad’s looks while I had acquired my mom’s strawberry blond hair and eyes such a pale blue that sometimes they were mistaken for being grey. My mom had always said that, when the sunlight hit them just right, it made it seem like I was in a trance of sorts.
     “Kris!” Tatum shrieked as she saw me. She dropped her backpack and ran over to me as I slipped over the counter just in time to scoop her up and twirl her in my arms.
     “Hey, kiddo, how was your first day at your knew school?” I asked her as I kissed her forehead.
     “It was awesome! I met so many new kids and I got to go outside for thirty minutes and play on the swing set! I slid down the slide and everything! I almost knocked into Adam but he moved out of the way!” she gushed, beaming at me. “And after, Adam’s mom offered to bring me home since dad wasn’t there to pick me up!”
     “Oh?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “You know you’re not supposed to take rides from strangers, Tate.” I shook my head. “Next time, go to the office and call my cell phone, okay?”
      Tatum nodded obediently and I said, “Good girl.” I set her down and walked over to the woman who had come in after her, assuming she was Adam’s mom.
     “I’m Kris,” I greeted her, giving her the smallest of smiles. “Kris Gracelyn, Tatum’s older sister. I’m so sorry you had to take her here.”
     As I spoke, I examined this woman. She had dark brown hair and extremely tan skin—not a freckle in sight. She had chocolate brown eyes and the corners of her mouth were tipped up, as if she were ready to smile at any moment.
     “Oh, it’s no big deal really!” She laughed, her voice slightly high-pitched. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kris. I’m Mrs. Jackson.” Mrs. Jackson smiled at me and gave me a hug—which I thought was a bit personal considering we had only just met. “I’m actually not Adam’s mom; I just help his dad around the house.” She gave a small smile at this then paused before asking, “Is your real name Kris? Or is it Kristen?”
     I shook my head. “No, my real name is Krissy but I absolutely hate it so I’m Kris.” I looked her dead in the eyes as I spoke, hoping she got my silent message that meant she was supposed to call me Kris as well if we ever met again.
     Mrs. Jackson nodded. “Well, as I said, it was a pleasure to meet you Kris and I’m so sorry to have to rush out on you like this, but Adam is waiting in the car right now and I don’t want him to be late getting home.” She gave an apologetic smile and waved as she left.
     I shook my head, making a face at the back of her car as she left. “I don’t like her,” I announced. “Too…girlish.”
     Jade snorted, but the snort was unsteady and I turned around to see her slightly paler then usually.
     “Jade?” I spoke her name softly—something was off.
     “It’s nothing,” she said, waving me off as easily as if I were asking if she had done her homework.
     I nodded, not pressing her further.
     “Now lets get home, Tatum, Lilly, we’ve got to start unpacking.” I took Tatum’s hand in mine and waited for Lilly to come out around the corner. “Are you okay for the last twenty minutes alone, Jade?” I asked her.
      Jade nodded and said, “I’ll just close up early.” She grinned slightly and waved us off. “Have fun in your new house.”
     “Oh yeah, it’ll be a joy,” I grumbled as I left out the door and walked to my car, slipping in after helping Tatum in her booster seat. I started up the car, backed out, and left as a small sense of unease slipped over me.

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its amazing and the banner is so gorgeous.

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Chapter Seven


                I was ticked off till lunch—even more so when I realized I hadn’t gave Tatum breakfast, and she told me happily that “Joshy” gave her candy for breakfast! Oh joy!

                When 12:00 rolled around I got onto making Tatum a PB&J sandwich when the doorbell rang. I cut it in half and gave her a glass of milk and wiped my hands off on my pants and went over the door and opened it to find Lilly and Alex standing there…holding hands?

                “Sorry I just kind of…took her,” Alex said a bit sheepishly.

                “I had fun, Kris!” Lilly laughed and hugged Alex, making him blush in the process as he mumbled something and stared at his shoes.

                “Well, sorry to take her back but Lilly has a sleepover tonight,” I told him with a sly grin as he looked back up at me.

                Lilly gasped upon hearing the news. “Really!? With who!? Am I sleeping over at Alex’s house!?”

                Apparently, Lilly still didn’t get that—past age ten—you couldn’t sleep over at a boys house. “No, Lilly,” I said with a slight laugh and shake of my head. “You’re sleeping over at Jade’s.”

                Lilly gasped and Alex looked to be a bit surprised. “Jade?” He said a bit unsurely.

                “Yay!” Lilly shrieked. “I’m going to go get ready!” she kissed Alex’s cheek—making him flush again—and ran past me upstairs to pack her things. 
                “Yeah, you know Jade?” I tilted my head to the side.

                He coughed a bit uncomfortably. “No, but…” he trailed off then, deciding it didn’t matter or what have you, just shook his head with a sigh of, “It’s nothing important. My theory didn’t make sense, anyways.”

                “Cool?” I gave him a weird look then said, “Thanks for walking her home. Has she had lunch?”   

                Alex nodded and said, “We cooked Hamburgers and hotdogs, had some chips, soda for me juice for her—watered down juice.” He added that last part as if he knew I was about to ask that.           

                I raised an eyebrow at him. “Tell me, have you ever met Lilly before?” I joked, finding it odd that he knew to do that—we treated Lilly like a kid because, well, to be honest, she kind of was a kid what with her slight insanity problems.

                Alex laughed and grinned at me. “No,” he said, still chuckling slightly. “Hey, thanks for letting her hang with me.”

                “Yeah, no problem. Hope you two at fun.” I gave him a devious grin and he gave me a slightly annoyed, slightly happy look and gave me a wave over his shoulder as he turned and left.

                “I’m almost ready!” Lilly called down to me.

                “I’ll come help you pack!” I called up and went up the stairs and into her shared room, helping her remember everything she needed as she packed it.

                “Now, don’t forget your toothbrush,” I said and she nodded and went off to get it. “And your toothpaste!” I called after her.

                “Got it!” She said happily, showing them to me as proof, as she skipped back into the room and put them in the front pocket, zipping up the last compartment. “All done!” Lilly smiled at me and I smiled back.

                “Okay, we’ll go drop Tatum off at Josh’s for a bit and then we’ll go drop you off at Jade’s, okay?” I said, remembering how Tatum always managed to somehow annoy Jade.

                “Okay!” Lilly replied cheerily, following me down the steps and into the kitchen as I told Tatum what we were going to do.

                “Okay! Lets go!” Tatum clapped and chanted, “Going to see Ad-am! Going to see Ad-am!”  

                I smiled slightly, wondering if she had a crush on Adam—she probably did. I ushered them both out the door and Tatum rushed ahead across the lawn ahead of us.

                “Tatum!” I exclaimed and Lilly and I hurried after her. By the time we got there, Tatum was frantically—and repeatedly—pressing the doorbell. At last, I grabbed her hand.             

                “I think they heard you the first time, Tatum,” I sighed slightly.

                “Nah, the extra twenty was what got us to the door,” Josh joked as he opened the door with a grin.

                “Oh shut up,” I sighed.

                “You’re here early,” He observed. “What? Can you not wait to spend and entire night with me that much?” His grin was cocky and teasing.

                “That’s definitely not it.” I made a face. “I need you to watch Tatum for about half an hour while I go drop Lilly off at Jades.”
                He made a face. “Can’t you take her with?!”

                “Nope, Jade doesn’t like kids.” I grinned a bit but Josh just groaned and muttered, “I should’ve known.”

                Tatum squeezed past Josh into the house yelling out Adam’s name as she disappeared.

                “I’ll be back before you know it,” I said, mocking him slightly.

                “You better be,” He warned me. “I know where you live.” He shot me a wink and I made a face before turning and taking Lilly to the car.

                She slipped into the passenger’s seat and I into the drivers. I waved a bit sarcastically to Josh—who was still standing in the door—before starting up the car and driving off.




   When we got to Jade’s, Lilly bounded out of the car and ran up the door and dinged the doorbell twice, practically bouncing up and down on her feet. I rolled my eyes with a grin and followed her, arriving just in time for Jade to open the door.

                “Long time no see,” she joked with a grin.

                “Oh yeah,” I said with a small smile. “Are you sure you want her to spend the night?” I gave her a hopeful look.    

                “Heck yeah! She can stay as long as she’d like.” Jade shot me a devious grin.

                “Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes again and Jade ushered Lilly inside with another devilish look.

                I looked her up and down for a moment, trying to see any trace of the panic I heard in her voice on the phone, but found nothing and grinned then waved over my shoulder as I left to my car. “Have fun!” I yelled

                “You, too!” Jade called back.

                “You’re lucky I don’t have anything to throw at you!” I  shouted with a slight grin.

                “You could throw your cell phone?” She suggested.

                “Don’t think so! But nice try!” I grinned full on now and slipped into the drivers seat of the car, started it up, and drove back to Josh’s house before she could get another word in edge wise.




   I parked my car in my driveway and strolled over to Josh’s house and pressed the doorbell three times and waited for him to answer. I made a face and hit it another five. After several more minutes of nothing I spammed the doorbell till my finger hurt and opened his front door.

                “Okay, I know you’re partially deaf but could you really not hear that?!” I exclaimed as I walked into his house. I slipped off my personalized Vans shoes and walked into the house, my hands stuffed into the pockets of my black and blue striped hoodies. Out of no where, I suddenly got tackled to the ground.

                “Go, Go, Go!” Josh called and Tatum and Adam came over and pinned my arms down.

                “What are you doing!?” I exclaimed.

                “We’re playing a game!” Tatum beamed.

                Adam gasped. “No! This is not a game! This is real!” H e grinned.

                I raised an eyebrow at Josh and he leaned in and murmured in my ear, “We’re pretending we’re in the army—and you’re the intruder.”

                I rolled my eyes and said, “I’ll give you five seconds before I grab a war prisoner and leave.”

                “You wouldn’t dare!” Adam and Tatum said in unison.


                “She’s serious!?” Adam gaped.


                “Run away!” Tatum shrieked and dashed off, Josh going with her.

                “One.” I grinned, sat up, and grabbed Adam and put him over my shoulder.

                “She’s got me! Man down, man down!” Adam yelled, poking my back.

                I laughed and he said firmly, “I’m not telling you anything!”

                I set him down on a chair and I squatted down in front of him. “I don’t want information. I want you to go and get Private Tatum and bring her to me. Got it?”
                “Ma’am yes ma’am!” He answered and ran off to where Josh and Tatum had run off to and came back, moments later, with a screaming Tatum.

                “Thank you,” I replied and picked her up in my arms.

                “Awh! We’re going already?” Tatum pouted.

                “We’ll be back in a couple of hours, don’t worry,” I reassured her and she smiled a bit at this.

                Josh emerged, Adam coming over as well, and said, “Awh, c’mon! It’s just two hours, how bad can it be?”

                “I haven’t had lunch yet and Tatum needs to have her nap,” I pointed out and Adam sighed.

                “I can make you something to eat and Tatum can take a nap with Adam in ten minutes,” Josh proposed.

                “Yeah! That works! Please Kris? Pretty please?” Tatum begged me.

                “Tate…” I began a bit hesitantly.

                “Be right back,” Josh said after a moments silence. “Don’t go anywhere.” He rushed off out the front door and I made a face and was about to leave when Tatum reminded me, “He said don’t do anywhere!”

                “Okay, okay,” I sighed and he came back ten minutes later with my electric guitar, amp, and my acoustic guitar all in his hands. I gaped. “You best not have scratched anything,” I warned him and set Tatum down then grabbed my acoustic from his hand and he grinned.

                “I didn’t,” He promised. “I just figured that if you had your music you might be more inclined to stay.” He shrugged and set down the things on his couch softly.

                I sighed and strummed my guitar softly, wondering whether or not I should do it.

                “Pretty please!?” Tatum begged, on her knees now. I rubbed my temples and, at last, nodded and Adam and Tatum erupted into cheers of excitement, and even Josh grinned a bit.

                “But we’re not staying any later then nine o’clock tonight,” I warned them and they nodded, this being good for them.

                “For now, you need to have your nap so lets go.” Tatum and Adam nodded and Adam led the way to his bedroom as I followed. Tatum rushed past me a moment later and came back, holding out my guitar to me. I smiled and turned around and took it from her, just now noticing that Josh was following as well.

                Tatum scurried up the stairs after Adam and I came up into his room right behind her. They were both laying on Adam’s bed under his blanket when I came in and I grinned slightly.

                “Since Tatum got my guitar, I’m guessing you guys want a song?” I raised an eyebrow.    

                They both nodded, smiled, and said, “Please?”
                I laughed and said, “Okay, okay, just get comfortable and then I’ll start.”

                The did as they were told and squirmed around for several moments only to end up back in the positions they started. I rolled my eyes and was about to start when Adam sat up and asked, “Can you play piano?”
                I nodded. “Why?” I asked.

                “Mommy used to always play the piano for me when I was about to take a nap,” He confessed a bit sheepishly.

                I smiled softly. “Okay, where’s a piano?” Adam got up and Tatum, Josh, and I all followed him downstairs into the living room. Adam pointed to the corner and I sat down on the bench.

                “Where’re you going to sleep?” I asked and, in response, Adam grabbed a blanket and laid down on the couch, patting the spot next to him for Tatum as she came over.

                I laughed and shook my head and began playing Rachel Sage’s “Frost”.


The thing that burns me up the most
Is how I tried to do the right thing
I kept my magic at a distance
Cause logic has a price
The thing that haunts me like a ghost
Is how I squandered all my weakness
I let you think that I was perfect
For that I'll pay the piper
For all this vice

Cause I

Crossed that line, the line reserved for angels
Once you cross that line then you are lost
So best think twice before you break commandments
Cause forgiveness comes at the highest cost


The thing that makes me want to scream
Is how I tried in vain to fight this
I could have plunged headfirst into it
But that would have been cruel
I crocheted secrets like a blanket
I let you think that I was happy
We let life fall all around us
Like leaves upon the ground
Hardly make a sound

Till you

Crossed that line, the line reserved for angels
Once you cross that line then you are lost
So best think twice before you break commandments
Cause forgiveness comes at the highest cost


Some people think there is no time
That everything's already happened
I knew I'd fail you from the moment that I
Looked into your eyes
Still you approached me with conviction
No sense of doubt in your reflection
Harbored none of my hesitation
In spite of Fate's surprise

And so I wait for your response
I know my destiny's in your hands
I don't expect it to come easy
I know I'll get what I deserve
The only question that I have now, is
Do you think that I've been childish
Or is it part of growing wiser
To reckon with your flaws

When you

Crossed that line, the line reserved for angels
Once you cross that line then you are lost
So best think twice before you break commandments
Cause forgiveness comes at the highest cost



As I played the last two keys to the song I glanced over to see Adam and Tatum, their eyes closed, sleeping on the couch. I quietly got up and one of Adam’s eyes peered open.

                “One more?” He mumbled. “Mommy always played two songs.”

                I smiled softly and nodded. “One more,” I agreed and sat back down. I played a few random keys, wondering what song to go with next, and the next thing I knew the song was flowing out of me—Vienna Tangs “Lullaby for a Stormy Night”.


Little child, be not afraid 
The rain pounds harsh against the glass 
Like an unwanted stranger 
There is no danger 
I am here tonight 

Little child 
Be not afraid 
Though thunder explodes 
And lightning flash 
Illuminates your tearstained face 
I am here tonight 

And someday you'll know 
That nature is so 
This same rain that draws you near me 
Falls on rivers and land 
And forests and sand 
Makes the beautiful world that you see 
In the morning 

Little child 
Be not afraid 
The storm clouds mask your beloved moon 
And its candlelight beams 
Still keep pleasant dreams 
I am here tonight 

Little child 
Be not afraid 
The wind makes creatures of our trees 
And the branches to hands 
They're not real, understand 
And I am here tonight 

And someday you'll know 

That nature is so 
This same rain that draws you near me 
Falls on rivers and land 
And forest and sand 
Makes the beautiful world that you see 
In the morning 

For you know, once even I 
Was a little child 
And I was afraid 
But a gentle someone always came 
To dry all my tears 
Trade sweet sleep for fears 
And to give a kiss goodnight 

Well, now I am grown 
And these days have shown 
Rain's a part of how life goes 
But it's dark and it's late 
So I'll hold you and wait 
'til your frightened eyes do close 

And I hope that you'll know 
That nature is so 
This same rain that draws you near me 
Falls on rivers and land 
And forests and sand 
Makes the beautiful world that you see 
In the morning 

Everything's fine in the morning 
The rain will be gone in the morning 
But I'll still be here in the morning


I glanced over and smiled seeing them both fast asleep, holding hands, as if it were a picture out of a movie.



Add me for updates! Below are the two songs that she song (:




I enjoy reading this story haha


it keeps you upeat in a way


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Thats kinda what I was going for--the contrast from her boyish violent shut up image with people and kindness with her sister and Lilly xD


loive it i literally cried when i heard that song lullaby for a stormy night :D love it post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!
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