The Twilight Saga

bella is a talented vampire that knows how to sing, dance and have fun. she is known as the popular perfect rich girl in a little town called forks. she is accompanied by her family called the stewarts. one day during her dance recitals, the cullens moved to forks. will she found love other than her passion? is her love strong enough to conquer her it?

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Chapter 1 Dance recital

“Hurry drew!! I’m going to be late!!” I ran in human speed across the lawn towards the gym. Ugh! I hate running so slow. It makes me even more nervous. Today is my dance recital. Well this isn’t actually my first but every time I have a dance recital, I always get so nervous. I breathe in and out. I reminded myself. It’s not like I needed air, but it’s the only method I know that calm me.
“Relax Bella. Don’t worry everybody will love you.” drew said this as he me pulled to the backstage.

Drew is my brother. He have average built, pale just like every vamp I know. And he has a blonde shaggy hair. Drew is not my brother by blood but I treat him like one. “Hey drew, what time mom and the others are coming?” I asked nervously.

“Um... I don’t know maybe, before the show starts. Duh?!!” humph! He said as he raises one of his eyebrows. I just rolled my eyes at him. He is sometimes annoying.

After I got ready, the emcee started to introduce us. If I my heart is still beating, I swear it’s going to burst right out of my chest. After fidgeting for 20 minutes, my name was called. I went into the stage and started my ballet/hip hop dance. Drew was the one who thought of that idea.

The music was able to relax my body. I really love this song, Single Ladies by Beyonce’. Drew put a touch of his orchestra skills on the music by remixing my cd with some of his compositions. The crowd applauded when I was over. I’m kinda used to it though, the standing ovations, bouquets flying everywhere. I just want to have fun.

I saw my family sitting at the back row. Zon waved at me while the others just smile. I smile at them in return. I went directly to my dressing room to change. My teachers congratulated me, unexpectedly, Gail, my other brother came in with a bouquet of red roses.

“Congratulations lil sis. Your dance was awesome!! The people watched you with their mouths open. It was so hilarious.” His booming laugh surrounded my room.
I smack him in his head. “Stop it!” Gail is an annoying yet funny type of brother. He’s always there to make fun of me. Well every brother is. There was a silent knock.
“Oh mom!!”I run towards zon to catch her adoring hug.

Zon is the leader of our coven. We kinda treat her as our mom. She’s always there whenever you needed support and advice. She was the one who created us. She works as a doctor. I really admired her because of her self control and her passion to help others that needed her. “Bella you were great!!” she hugged me even tighter.
“Congrats Bella!!” Gleb and Quinn both came in.
“Well thanks guys. Where’s drew??” everyone looked at zon. “Guys?”
Zon was first to speak “there are other vampires that watched your show so drew was the one who entertained them.” she looked at me assuringly.
“Well then come on let’s meet them.” They all nodded.
Zon was explaining about the vampires on the way home.

“I don’t know anything about them yet, but drew was the one who meet up with them. They will be visiting us, so guys please behave, okay?” Gail, gleb and I just laugh at her.
Zon and Quinn looked at the three of us murderously.
“Don’t worry zon, I will make sure that there will be nothing to worry about.” Quinn reassured zon.

Gail snorted. “Yah like that’s gonna happen.”

“I mean it.” Zon said in her motherly tone.

“Yes, mom.” We all said.
When we came to house we saw a Volvo parked in front.
We went out all at the same time, all have wondering faces.

I heard drew’s voice “there home. Just wait till you see Bella.” I was surprised. I didn’t know that I will be a topic. I looked at zon curiously.

“They really wanted to meet you because they were amazed by your dance.” She smiled at me.
All I can say was “oh okay”
Drew opened the door for us.

Chapter 2 a new dimension

“Hey” drew greeted me.
I hugged him. “So how was the recital?”
I looked at him confused. “Didn’t you watch the show?”
He looked at me apologetically. “Sorry I didn’t, I have things to do.” He motioned his head towards our guest. “I see.”

There are five vampires sitting in the couch. They smiled at me, I just smiled back.
“Well hello, welcome to forks.” Zon said.
“Thank you.” The bronzed haired guy said.
“May I introduce you to my family, I am marizon by the way, but you can call me zon. This is Quinn, Gleb, Gail, and Bella.” Pointing at each one of us. “And I think you’ve all met drew.” They all nodded.
We all said hi to them. The bronze haired guy spoke again.
“It’s nice to meet you all. I am Edward. This is my sister Alice” pointing to a pixie like girl with deep black, cropped short hair pointing in all directions.
“Hi” Alice said. Then she hugged me, I hugged her back. “We are going to be great friends.” she said. I just smiled at her. She went back beside Edward.

“This is Rosalie, Emmett, and jasper” Edward continued.

Rosalie has golden blonde hair. She looked like a goddess, with her beautiful figure and a very confident face. She smiled at me. Emmett was big muscled guy with brown hair. He looked like Gail, just bigger. Jasper has honey blonde hair, tall and slender but till muscular.
“Hey Bella congrats by the way, I love your dance! Can you please teach me how to do it?!!”Alice said.
“Yeah sure” as Alice and me make our own conversation, the others did too. Emmett, jasper, drew, and Gail talked about sports and other guy stuff while Rosalie, Quinn and gleb went to hunt. And Edward and zon talked about the other two members of their coven that will visit us. Sometimes I caught Edward glancing at me.

I just smiled at him, don’t want to embarrass our guests. Well actually I want to. He’s expression was the funniest thing I’ve seen. I hope he doesn’t have someone else yet. Holy crap! What am I thinking? I just met the guy. I can’t just walk up to him, and tell him I love him. Oh wait. Did I say I love him? No way! Erase, erase, erase!

I shook my head. Alice keeps on babbling about shopping trips and some family facts about them.

What I learned so far, they are also vegetarians. They also have unique powers like us. Edward is a mind reader; Alice can see the future and jasper can control the emotions.

Suddenly Alice asks me a question. “Bella I was wondering, how come Edward couldn’t hear your family’s thoughts when we went to your recital?”

“Actually, that’s because of my power. I am a shield.” I told her glumly.

“Are you the only one who has a power in your family?” curiosity burning in her eyes.

“Actually Zon can heal any sick people while Quinn makes the time stop and Gail controls the weather.” She looked amazed.
“Really? She can heal people?? She should meet Carlisle, but he’s working at the hospital right now.”


“Yeah he is our father and the leader of our coven. Oh and esme, she is Carlisle’s wife. She stays home while the five of us goes to school.”

Wow. Big family.

“Well that’s good, because zon is also a doctor. And since Quinn and gleb have work,
you and your siblings can...” Alice cut me off.
“Hangout together!” how did she?...oh yeah psychic

She’s very happy about the idea of us girls shopping together in Port Angeles. I really hate shopping, Quinn always drag me to different stores and always dress me up like a freaking Barbie doll. Ugh! So much for being a vampire, when you can’t have freedom. I’m really frustrated from all the nerve wrecking events this day.

When Carlisle and esme came to visit, we introduced ourselves again. As they make their way up to whole new conversations, I excused myself to the dance room to have a little relaxation. When I dance, it relaxes my mind. It’s very peaceful. Just me and the dance floor. When the song changed to my immortal by evanescence, there was a silent knock.

It was Edward.

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say. What does he want?


I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded. He smiled at me. I crooked smile that took my breath away, if that was possible.

“Don’t worry I’m just going to watch. Your dancing amazes me.”

What? Is that for real? I amazed him. “Thanks”

I continued my dancing. Twisting and twirling around. The soul of music and the message of the song took me to another dimension. I went back to reality when someone clapped their hands. I was surprised Edward was still here. Usually when I danced like that, my family went out of this room. Maybe because they knew that I’m not with them at the moment. He walks across the room in human pace towards me. I just stood there confused at the same time shocked.

“That was the loveliest dance I have ever seen in my existence.”

What??!! I don’t know what to say. No one has ever said those things to me. I just stood there, still shocked with my mouth open.

He chuckled, and then put his hand under my chin to slowly close my mouth. I must look like an idiot! I can’t believe it. I lower my head to hide the embarrassment. I didn’t realize that his hand is still holding my chin. I took a glance at him. I was locked in his gaze. His beautiful golden eyes are dazzling. Its like filled with thousand diamonds and stars.
He smiled at me thoughtfully.
“When you were dancing, it’s like you’re in another dimension. And I didn’t know how but I think I was sucked in the black hole you were creating. Like a force, that wants me to be with you.” Those words that he let out, makes me want to hug him and kiss his mesmerizing lips.

I was happy.

Suddenly his smile turned into a frown. Maybe because of my face, I checked my mouth if it was still open. Whew! It’s a good thing it’s not; I would really look like a total idiot if I did. I rearrange my features. Then said

“Thank you, I don’t know what to say actually. No one has ever said that to me in my existence.” I smiled at him brightly.

His face lit up, and then became irritated. I suddenly heard voices.

“Nice one Bella!! Way the go to ruin the moment by looking like an idiot!” drew exclaimed.
Gleb and Gail started to whistle while jasper and Emmett was rolling on the floor laughing. What’s so funny?

That made me furious. I controlled my anger as much as possible. I didn’t want to make a scene. Edward frowned beside me.

Then gleb shouted “hey Bella! Look what I got!”

Gleb was waving a picture of me in a shocked expression with my mouth hanging open.

That’s it!!! I launched at them.


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Chapter 17 the dance

“Heeeyyy!!! What ya doin’?” Alice said innocently while Rosalie and Quinn were snickering behind her. I pushed Edward away then buttoned my blouse. I looked down embarrassed like a kid that was caught while stealing a cookie out from a cookie jar.

“What do you want Alice?” Edward asked irritated at her sudden interruption.

“Well, as much as I love what you guys are about to do…” she paused looking smugly at me then at Edward. “ I saw that it will be hard for me to snatch Bella away from your PMS mode so I stopped it before it will happen.” That was it, rose and Quinn were rolling on the floor laughing their butts off and holding on their stomachs as if it will burst open. Ugh! This so worst than hell. If I were still human I’ll blush tomato red.

After the laughter died, Emmett and the rest of the guys came looking confused. Great! More humiliation, oh god, just kill me now!

“Hey what’s so funny?” Emmett asked a bit left out that he didn’t know the joke.

Edward wrapped his arms around my waist from behind end rested his chin on my shoulder while chuckling. I shot him a glare so he immediately stopped. The boys were still confused so Quinn was the one who explain.

“Apparently, these two love birds over here was caught when they were about to do something fishy.” Alice and rose were laughing together with jasper and Gleb while Emmett, Gail and Drew were still confused. Before anyone would care to explain, I tried to change the subject.

“Hey Alice, what is it that you want anyway?”

“Oh right. Um…Bella we need to go to the gym to decorate the party since it’s almost ten”

“Oh yeah! We better go” I turned towards Edward then kissed him. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Don’t miss me too much, okay?”

He flashed his famous smile unto me then said

“Be back soon to me, my love. I’ll always be waiting.” He kissed my forehead then as soon as his lips left my skin, Alice dragged me out of the room, grabbed her purse and mine then actually ran out of the house and pushed me inside her Porsche then drove off out from our driveway.

“Wow. Excited much?” I asked stunned at what this little pixie can do.

Alice giggled then said “of course I am! I can’t even sit straight right now.”

There was a moment of silence then she said “Hey, sorry by the way. I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys. It’s just that, I saw that I’ll be hard for you guys to stay away from each other when that happens.” She looked at me apologetically.

“It’s okay, after all we’ve got all the time we need.” I flashed my winning smile at her.

Actually, I really want to do be with Edward right now but I also wanted our first night together would be perfect. Even though we’re vampires, I still want things to be normal. I want our relationship to be in a level that every normal couple would be going through. I want to take things slow. You know, get to know each other better and have normal dates like what humans do, even though we don’t eat. I was knocked out of my reverie when Alice stopped the car.

“Come on Bella, we need to hurry because after this, we’ll go shopping to buy clothes for the dance.” the little pixie said while jumping out of the car. I followed her inside the gym while carrying some boxes of decorations.

“al-ice” I whined “I already got clothes for both the dance and the presentation. And besides, it’s impossible to find a dress this late. The good ones are probably taken.”

I let the box drop on top of the table then looked at her with both hands on each side of my hips. She shook her head as if I’m missing something important. She danced into my side then wrapped her arm on my shoulder while the other is up in the air doing different motions.

“Bella, there is never a reason for shopping.” I raised one eyebrow at her. “Fine. Sometimes we do, but we needed masks for the dance and we also might need some outfits for the up coming trip in Italy. We’re going to have so much fun there!” she started squealing and jumping uncontrollably. What? Italy? I think I’m going to be sick! The last time I went to Italy was the worst thing that ever happened to me and my family, considering we were almost got killed by the volturi. I shuddered at the memory.

Alice noticed this and wrapped both her arms around me and lay her head on my right shoulder.

“Don’t worry Bella, you and you’re family will be safe. Remember, we’re practically family too, so don’t worry I and my family will do everything to protect you guys” I hugged her little tiny form then thanked her.

After that little drama we had, Alice turned on the boom box then shouted


‘That’s not my name’ by the ting tings was played and she started moving her hips in the beat. We sang and dance at the rhythm and before we know it, the whole gym was decorated by black and white decorations and several photo booths were put up. Alice also ordered a lot of food and she also rented a DJ, two guards to guard or stand all night in front of the school entrance and a host. She’s really awesome that’s what I’ll say.

When we’re done, we packed our things and went to the parking lot but I was amazed by the decorations outside.

“Oh my! Alice, this is so amazing. You really are the greatest!” I hugged her.

“Please! This is nothing. Come on. We need to find masks before the stores closed.” She dragged me once again to her car and drove all the way to Port Angeles. Our shopping only took half an hour, thank god! Since it’s almost six in the afternoon, so we need to hurry home.

The boys went over to the Cullen’s house to get ready while the girls came to my house. As soon as I stepped inside Quinn’s room, Alice and Rosalie grabbed me and started their magic by doing my hair and make up. After I’m done, I helped Rosalie in doing her hair while Quinn helped with her make up. Alice, on the other hand, insisted that she doesn’t need help since her hair is short and she can do her own make up.

After all the commotion, we all got dressed and pose in front of the mirror. I’m wearing a plaid black and white dress with a white belt, black stockings, a feathered silver mask and black and white heels. (bella's outfit: is wearing a white dress with black belt and black and white patent high heels with a black feathered mask(alice's outfit: while Rosalie wore a black dress with a silver belt and accessories, a Venetian style mask and black stockings and heels. (rose's outfit:

We all walked downstairs to be welcomed by Zon, Quinn and Gleb.

“Alice, where are the boys? Oohhhh they better not be late or they’re dead meat.” Asked Rosalie.

“Relax. They’re not going to fetch us. We’re going to meet them there and since it’s a masquerade ball, it’ll be pretty hard for them to find us” Alice chimed while clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

Rosalie’s impatient face and mine’s confused expression faded and was changed into evil grins. This night will be exciting! So after we planned that we’re going to the back entrance so the boys would be confused and Alice also told us that we’re not allowed to speak once we knew the boys are near and I should put shields on both of them to avoid Edward hearing our thoughts.

So we took Rosalie’s convertible and drove all the way to school. We parked beside Edward’s Volvo and sneak at the back.

When we entered the room all the teenagers we’re dancing all around while some are standing beside the buffet table and the others took pictures at some picture booths. Some heads turned in our direction and but not all. Rosalie was a bit upset about it but we told her it’s a good thing so that the boys won’t be able to find us easily.

“Come on guys!!! Let’s dance!” I pulled Rosalie and Alice onto the dance floor as we dance to ‘Just Dance’ by lady gaga. We swayed and bumped our hips together. Some guys started to stare at us and some girls glared but we just ignore them and enjoy ourselves.

I noticed some guys near the entrance waiting impatiently and looking at any sign for their dates I bet.

“Hey, I think I found the boys” I told Alice and Rosalie. The three of us walked to the other side of the room and watched the boys while laughing our butts off. Gail and drew left them and went dancing with some girls.

“You know Bella; I’m really amazed at you and your family. You guys never get scared at interacting with humans. It’s like you treat them like your family even though they’re complete strangers.” Rosalie said while Alice nodded.

“Well, at first, it’s hard for us to change our diets but after what I’ve been through, Zon and I convinced my family. After a few decades of practice, it’s easy to ignore the scent and since we’re around humans more we forgot the smell of human blood. There was once an incident here at forks which involves a lot of blood we thought we’ll never survive but when we came into the open we didn’t know the smell anymore it’s like when we breathe our body doesn’t register the smell.” Alice and Rosalie’s face was in pure awe and amazement.

Our conversation was interrupted by the DJ
“Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to really start the party? Be ready ‘cause in just few minutes, Miss Isabella Stewart will be performing!!!” the crowd turned wild and Alice and rose instantly dragged be to the dressing room.

I changed instantly and they let my long brown hair hang loose. When we’re done, they left me and I went straight to where the DJ was.

“hey, can you play ‘new classic’ by Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez and dim the lights before you introduce me and my brother his name is drew okay?” I whispered.

“ sure” the DJ said.

I pulled out my cell phone to call drew’s cell but a voice stopped me

“Hey, I see we have a show tonight.” Drew said.

“Drew! Great you’re here. The song is ‘new classic’. You know the rest, right?” I asked him

“Of course! Even though it’s just for fun, I remember it clearly.” He flashed his winner smile then went over to the other side of the room. I grabbed the mic then signaled the DJ we’re ready.

The whole room became dim then the DJ introduced us

“Ladies and gentlemen, the performance you’ve all been waiting for, PLEASE WELCOME, BELLA AND DREW STEWART!!!!!” And the crowd goes wild.

Then the song started…

Oh Oh
Oh Yeah

Ever Try To Reach For Something
But Its Someone Else's Dream
Every Step That You Take Forward
It Takes You Right Back Where You Been
And Then When You Least Expect It
And You Tried About Everything
Somebody Hears Your Opinions
Somebody Cares What You See
You Woke Me Up
No Longer Tired
With You I Feel Inspired
You Help Me Find My Fire

You're The New Classic
You're The New PYT
Stands For Pay Young
Taking On The World From The Driver's Seat
You Look So Classic
When You're On That Floor
Bring The Beat Back Once More
Let Me See You Do That

Oh Trying To Do It Right
No Rehearsals
It's Your Life
If Your Doing This Crazy Dance
Cause Your Making These Crazy Friends

Then I burst right out of the door to be welcomed by whistles and shoutings of my name. There was a spotlight pointed at me and the other was pointed at drew.

It's Just This Is Not a Test
You Put In Work To Be The Best (ohhh)
(ohhh) It's A Classic Take
On A Brand New Game
Before The Needle Drops
They're Gonna Know Your Name

The crowd made a path for me to pass and in the corner of my eye; I saw Rosalie and Alice dancing.

When It Gets Old Don't Lose The Light
You're Cold I'll Warm You Up
(You Up) Your Fire Is Hot Enough (enough) Enough (enough)

Then drew came into view and we dance all our way until we reached each other. I noticed that he took his mask and his coat off.

You're The New Classic
You're The New PYT
Stands For Pay Young And
Trying Everything Just To Touch Your Dreams
You Look So Classic Fantastic
When You're On That Floor
Bring The Beat Back Once More (bring it back) (once more)
Let Me See You Do That

I danced around drew then went over to where the Cullen boys and Gail are. I saw Edward staring at me while jasper, Emmett and Gail laughing at his expression. I put my elbow on jasper and Edward’s shoulder while singing

It's Become So Hard
For Me To Be Surprised

I kissed Edward on the cheeks and waved on jasper. I went over to drew’s side then we booth circled around each other

You're Bringing Back The Real Me
No Judgment In Your Eyes

Cause When I Dance With You
It's How I Speak The Truth
Just Classic When Me Met

Now You Make Me New

You're The New Classic
You're The New PYT
Cause You're Pay Young And
Taking On The World From The Driver's Seat
You Look So Classic
When You're On That Floor
Bring The Beat Back Once More
(bring it back) (bring it back)
Let Me See You Do That

After the song, I think the whole gym is going to collapse with all the shouting and whistles coming from different directions. Both of us took a bow and hugged each other. The rest of the family came to us except Alice and Rosalie who is still keeping their distance because they might get caught by the boys.

After being hugged by my brothers and the Cullens, two strong arms wrapped my waist then a velvet voice whispered in my ear

“You’re the most incredible creature I’ve ever met” he kissed my cheek then turned me around. I was faced, eye to eye by the depths of golden brown eyes. He leaned in to kiss me but we we’re disturbed by Emmett

“Hey Bella, have you seen rose and Alice?” jasper and Emmett looked at me with pleading puppy dog eyes.

“Ohhh...I’m not telling anything. God luck finding them.” I laughed at their expression and kissed Edward’s awaiting lips. It was soft and gentle at first but the kiss started to deepen so I pulled away. Edward looked like he’s going to cry but I kissed the top of his nose.

“We can do it later but now, I’m going to do something.” I waved him goodbye then went over to the DJ.

“Hey, can you play ‘love bug’ by the Jonas brothers later? I’m just going to find a guitar” I whispered in his ear. I looked around to find any guitar but there’s none. Then drew went over to DJ then grabbed the mic

“Hey, can I have everybody’s attention please?” then the music was turned off.

“I have a gift to my favorite sister. And I believe she needs it right now.” Drew winked at me then all the heads turned to my direction. I put up a confused face then the door burst open. Emmett and Gail went over to the DJ to put two electric guitars. One pink and the other silver metallic. (bella's new guitars:

“Oh my god!! This is awesome!!” I squealed then hugged drew and kissed his cheek. Then looked at him confusingly.

“Why? My b-day is months away.” I looked at him suspiciously.

“Well, because of you, we’re going to Julliard’s, and I owe it to you.” he flashed his winning smile at me. I hugged him tightly then whispered in his ear “thanks, I owe you too.”

“What’s the song?” drew asked

“Love bug” he nodded then grabbed his acoustic guitar. The room went dim again then I grabbed the mic stand

“Hey, this is all for the lovers out there. I hope you people enjoys the dance tonight.”

Called you for the first time yesterday
Finally found the missin’ part of me
I felt so close but you were far away
Left me without anything to say

Now I’m speechless, over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this Lovebug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit by this Lovebug again

I winked at Edward’s direction then threw a flying kiss.

I can’t get your smile out of my mind
[I can’t get you out of my mind]
I think about your eyes all the time
You’re beautiful but you don’t even try

[You don’t even, don’t even try]
Modesty is just so hard to find

I noticed that all the couples are now dancing on the floor. I scanned the room to find him sitting at the side looking lovingly at me.

Now I’m speechless, over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this Lovebug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit by this Lovebug again

Kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everything I wished that it would be
Suddenly I forgot how to speak
Hopeless, breathless
Baby can’t you see?

Now I’m…

And now, for my guitar solo…


Now I’m speechless, over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this Lovebug again
Now I’m hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit by this Lovebug again
Lovebug again

After the song, the crowd erupted again then chanted “we want more! We want more!” I laughed at them then nodded at the DJ and Drew. I changed my electric guitar to Drew’s acoustic.

“Okay guys! Here’s the next song. I dedicate this to the most important person that made my long lost heart beat again and the reason that it still beats up to this moment.” I turned to Edward’s direction then pointed my index finger at him. “This is for you, love” I winked at him then started the song.

There's a song that's inside of my soul
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold
But You sing to me over and over and over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now you're my only hope

Then out of the corner of the room, Edward came up and sang the next lines. I was surprised and amazed at his beautiful singing voice. The crowd gave him way as he walked towards me. I mouthed him ‘I love you’ while he sings

Sing to me the song of the stars
Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing
And laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again

He came in front of me then touched my cheek with the back of his hand.

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope

I give You my destiny

I'm giving You all of me
I want Your symphony
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs I'm giving it back

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray

To be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope

(My only hope by Miguel escueta)

After the song, he kissed me like there’s no tomorrow and at the very moment our lips met, I forgot everything around us. The dance, the people, our family, and I think I even forgot my name! This kiss is so different. It’s like the first time our lips met. I wrapped my arms around his hair and he pulled me closer by carrying me. After what seems like hours of passionate kissing, he broke away because we need to catch our breaths. We stared at each other then he whispered

“I love you… forever” I smiled at him then kissed the top of his nose.

“I love you too... now and forever”

hey guys! comment me about everything and i hope you guys enjoy this chapter
Wow, that was soo cool, I know why you took soo long to wite this with the whole outfits it mst take a long time, I love that song "Only Hope" its in my play list, I think you should listen to the version by Mandy Moore, its very touching, Edward seems to be quite the romantic, it was soo funny in the bedroom!! and soo embarassing, I love their house, Rose's dress was the best!!

omg you are such an amazing writer!!!!!



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