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What if Bella had picked up the phone instead of Jacob when edward rang in newmoon?

if Bella had picked up he phone first instead of Jacob in new moon, what do you think Edward would have said?

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Things would then be different, because of reasons.

I think Edward would have said nothing.  He would have simply hung up, but he would have known that Bella was alive and so I doubt he would have gone to the Volturi.  

But then again, maybe not. he might have apologized profusely and then come home immediately.

Then, he would have said to bella all of the things he said at the end of new moon.

I've been away a while from the forum....but, I always contemplate the ''what if's"  within the story....and this particular ''what if" Bella just answered the phone and spoke to Edward....what would have been the probable out-come?

I personally think it would have not changed the directive of Edward's mind entirely to preserving Bella's human life over his own wants/needs/desires for her to remain away from his limited, fossilized vampire life/existence.

Why I say this??? Because he was calling to confirm or disprove the rumor that Rosalie expelled to him. When Bella proved she was alive, then he'd be relieved of his anxiety.....and remain in his perpetual, sacrificial state of hell to keep Bella away from him for her own ''good" so she can remain human....and "LIVE".

Not until Edward is misconstrued by  Bella's 'confirmed' death by speaking to Jacob on the phone....does the true reality of Bella's lack of presence in his life and how it gave him true life/meaning in his idle existence hit him.

Like the saying don't know what you truly have until it's GONE. Even if Bella was a fragment of his memory while still 'alive'....she still physically existed...and that gave Edward "hope/meaning" in some microscopic way. When he thought Bella was dead....that is ''final", forever.....and  a bitter reality that he couldn't cope with for death for him was liberation of his pain without Bella and it had no meaning. Edward savored Bella's human 'life' force for himself as much as her...  and for that short period of insanity  or  emotional coma he endured to ensure her happiness and well being it eased his conscience (the ultimate form of sacrifice/unconditional love).

That is why I don't think Edward would have come back home to forks or to Bella if he had spoken to her directly on the phone confirming she was alive....

Edward needed Bella's 'concrete' death to make him realize he was living corpse, physically/emotionally  without Bella "physically" within his life. Being a vampire becomes a euphemism....without Edward was defeating his own intentions/purposes of protecting her from himself.... because he was directly killing her in the  process with his selfless intentions. Edward had to hit 'rock bottom' so-to-speak, to see the truth....and if he never thought  Bella died and she 'saved' him...he may have never learned to hear the truth inside him.

Vampires rarely 'change' their thought processes....only if they are dealt dramatic situations/circumstances that challenge their fossilized mentality. Bella's perceived death was the necessary catalyst to change Edward's mentality/outlook forever. So in a way...Jacob did a indirect favor for Edward...he made him 'change' and  answering the phone call instead of Bella.



What does "yeah" mean?

Are you in agreement with my ideas or essentially mocking what I said? Either way, with all respect,....I'd like to get your expanded feedback whether in agreement or not?

Thanks for creating this post question...I always pondered it myself!!!


i am in agreement your comment just blew my mind

"But then again, maybe not. he might have apologized profusely and then come home immediately.

Then, he would have said to bella all of the things he said at the end of new moon."

-- Not sure if Danette helped to change your mind or if you still think your original statement is still true.   What you said is possible, but simply not very likely. 

I tend to agree with JJ that Edward probably would have hung up right away. I agree with Danette, also, on this one, that it took thinking Bella was dead to shock Edward into changing his behavior of seeming isolation, even from his family. He probably would have continued with the path he was on if Bella had answered--in his continued attempt to save her life from his much more dangerous way of vampire existence. He needed to think that Bella was truly gone to be shocked into action--into realizing that life without Bella wasn't, for him, worth living in any way. Jacob may have thought he was helping to keep Edward away, and also protecting Bella, but his actions certainly boomeranged. Everyone's choices certainly led to exciting and life-altering situations. Thank you, again, Stephenie, for your endlessly fascination and stimulating Saga!

yeah but Edward said that he would of come back soon anyway

I do think Edward would have come back because he was tracking Victoria (or attempting to track her) and we know that Victoria was in the Forks/La Push area.  So Edward would have eventually made his way back there.  But I think Edward would have done what he said he would do in Eclipse if Bella did choose Jacob and that is he would watch from a distance.  

But Edward didn't see a threat from Victoria then because he thought she wanted him dead, rather than Bella, for killing James. I agree he would have not intruded on Bella's life with Jacob, had they gotten together.

Bella's cliff jumping 'adventure' in order to see Edward, as she had done during her motorcycle rides, etc., precipitated the whole sequence of events leading to Edward's return to Forks.


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