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What if Bella had picked up the phone instead of Jacob when edward rang in newmoon?

if Bella had picked up he phone first instead of Jacob in new moon, what do you think Edward would have said?

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is there a new twilight saga coming out ..

there's midnight sun............

Is Midnight Sun actualy being published? I keep seeing different stories on this and don't know what is correct. TY.

I know, its confusing with all those different stories. maybe you should check the stephenie Meyer website.

I understand that this is a hypothetical question, so no wrong answer can be given.  Based on the source material it seems really uncertain what Edward would do. 

I choose to believe that Edward is a man of his word, therefore if Edward says that he would only check on Bella and leave without his interference then I tend to believe him.  However Edward also gives us insight into his mind and how being away from Bella made him feel.  He seems like a man who's will was breaking. 

There also seems to be evidence to suggest that Bella humanizes Edward.  Compared to Twilight, in New Moon and Eclipse Edward demonstrates levels of immaturity that reflects more his teenage human years rather than the logical and experienced 100 year old man.  

So basically there is no concrete answer due to the text being contradictory.  There is support in the text for two opposite opinions.  

I would love to read and perhaps discuss some examples of what you define as immaturity from Edward in new moon and eclipse.

I will get back to you on an answer to your question due to it being a question that will take some research to find the specifics that you are asking for.   

I thought you had something in mind when you said this, but okay, I will wait, thank you. 

New Moon examples are harder to come by because Edward is gone for most of the book.  

Example: Edward's decision to leave without telling Bella the truth.  A mature man trusts his partner with the truth. 

Example: His decision to end his life if Bella had died.  Suicide is chosen by an immature person.  

Eclipse has many more examples, but I feel like there is one shining moment that illustrates his immaturity. 

"One more thing," Edward said slowly. "I'll be fighting for her, too.  You should know that.  I'm not taking anything for granted,, and I'll be fighting twice as hard as you will." 

"Good," Jacob growled. "It's no fun beating someone who forfeits." 

"She is mine."  Edward's low voice was suddenly dark, not as composed as before.  "I didn't say I would fight fair." 

"Neither did I." 

"Best of luck." 

Jacob nodded. "Yes, may the best man win." 

"That sounds about right... pup." 

Now is Jacob immature in this moment also?  Absolutely.  But I don't think anyone really thinks Jacob is that mature, outside of him taking care of his disabled father and having more home responsibility than most of kids his age.  There are other examples in Eclipse for Edward, but I felt like this moment illustrated it perfectly and I knew I could find it quickly.  

It was a subjective issue so thanks for sharing.

Actually, Edward is gone only in middle part. He still is more than Jacob in the book.

I'm not really sure what you mean.  It is a rather large middle part of the book where Edward is clearly absent.  

The comment about Jacob is also confusing because I don't see what his presence has to do with Edward's maturity level.  Unless you are trying to say that Jacob brings out Edward's immaturity, which I would agree, but Edward and Jacob are only together in the same space for a tiny portion of New Moon, so that isn't really substantial evidence. 


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