The Twilight Saga

What if Bella was blind? What if she was blind ever since she was 12 years old after a bad car accident? Then 5 years she moves back to Forks because she want to relieve Rene of taking care of her so she can go with Phil on the road. Bella hates being taken care of and is very self sufficant. There are still vamps and werewolfs but will it all hapen the same way


Chapter 1- Forks



Its been five years, 4 months, and two hundered forty seven days since I've been in the blackness. Not seeing, not seeing color, light, shapes, movement abosolutely nothing. I remember the day like it olny happened a few moments ago.


Flash back


"But Mom! I dont want to go the dentist! He's so creepy!" I whined


"Well we wouldnt have to go if someone didnt get a cavity" My mom teased me stopping at a stop light.


"Hey it's not my fault that pixy sticks taste so good" I said looking out my window as my mom started to drive foward at the green light. But then I saw a large SUV coming straight towards us at alaraming speed. "Mom watch out!" Then the SUV it my side of the car pushing us into oncoming traffic. Thats when it all went black.


End of Flash Back


That SUV was the last thing I remember seeing. Not the top thing I wanted to my last thing to see. But on the other hand I never thought I would be blind.


I was on a plane at the moment heading to Port Angels so i could live with my Dad in Forks. I felt like I needed to leave so I could my mom time to be happy. She was always trying to take care of me, which is ironic because until the accident I felt I was taking care of her. But she needed to go Phil on the road, she was going to stay with me but I knew it would make her happy to go with him so I decided to spend some time with Charlie.


I felt the plane come to a sudden jolt meaning the plane landed. I heard the dor open and passengers started to get off.


"Miss Swan" My eyes of the airport said in a overly loud voice . My mom got him for me so I wouldnt get lost. I always feel so helpless "The plane has landed"


"I know" I said getting up and getting out my cane "I'm blind not deaf!" I yelled and began to make my way off the plane.


The man escorted through the airport showing me which way to go. I felt so unconfortable until I heard the familar voice of Charlie.


"Bella!" He called out to me. I could hear his foot steaps as he ran toward me "Its ok I can take her from here" he said to the guy. He gave a low grunt. "Wow Bells you look nice" Charlie said sounding thrilled for me to be here.


"Not like I would know" I whispered. Rene picked out all of my outfits. For all I know I'm wearing a potato sack. She packed my outfits for it in bags so I wouldnt look rediculous.


"Um ok let me walk you to the cruiser and ill go get your bags" He said puting his hand on my shoulder leading me in the right dicrection, but I shook it off.


"Just tell me the direction of the car" I said a little harshly .


"Um South East" he said a little shooken, and I took my cane and walked to the car. Charlie opened the door for me and I sat down in the seat. "So what color is your bags?" he asked. I could the pain in the last word knowing he regretted saying the last few words.


I sighed "Mom says there red with black flames easy to spot"


"Um ok" he said shutting my door. As I sat there I could actually feel the wetnes in the air, it was nothing like Phoniex where it was completely dry. The only slightly good thing about being blind my other senses where heightened. I could every little thing, From the quieest squeak of a mouse to the farways boom of a building falling. It was also to impossible to have a good night sleep.


I heard the trunk door open as Charlie as he put the bags in the trunk and then he came around the car and sat in the drivers seat. He started the car and drove off.


"So how was your flight?" he asked awkward tone


"It was as fine" I said quietly


There was more slienece and I could feel Charlie starring at me. It was weird i could always feel it when people starred, and I was always right.


"Please stop starring" I said in a irritated tone.


"Sorry" he said and the feeling went away.


Soon we arrived at the house and Charlie helped me find my way in but soon we were in and I found the stairns and I grabbed the railing and started to walk up with charlie behind me carrying my bags.

He set them in my room and left leaving me be. The best thing about Charlie is that he didnt hover.


It didnt take me long to fid my way around the room feeling how small it was. I soon put my bags of clothes in drawers and found my shampoo and such and found the one bathroom. I was careful so I didnt slip and let the cold water invigerate my body. Cold water never felt this good when I could see but it was always the best now. I soon got done and managed to get back to my room.


I sat down on my bed and pulled out one of my brail book "Wuthering Heights" when I heard Charlie walk into my room.


"Are you sure you want to go to school tomarrow? I could always enroll you to that special school in Seatlle" He said sounded concered


"No dad I'll be fine. I went to a regualr school it Phoniex" I said as confidently as I could.


"Ok If your sure" Then he left me in my room as I listened to the wind blow outside. Tomarrow is definalty going to be interesting.


hey if you think I should post more say so I will only write more If i get 10 comments





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