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What do you think would happen to the story and what do you think will happen to Edward?

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Edward would go to the volturi and ask them to kill him. and they will refuse. they will convince him that he is not useless without bella. he will join the volturi for spite and revenge. Eddie will tell the volturi about shapeshifters except he will tell them they are werewolves since caius don't like werewolves. and they will go and kill all the wolfpack and then bella will weep over jacob's dead wolf body. and Eddie will grin at her with his new evil red eyes.
Edward is not that bad though. Remember in Eclipse? In the tent scene? Edward promised that he will let go of Bella if ever she chooses Jacob.

Yes, but then again he was mean when he let Bella talk about their marriage when Jacob was just around. Isn't it?

And I think that Anne-Elizabeth has a good plot, but the ending... DIFFERENT! Jacob can't die! Not just because I'm Team Jacob, but there are also Team Edward members who like him even if it's just for a bit.

I don't think so, serves Jacob right for butting in all the time. but if we all loook at were the complication started, we must all point our finger to Bella.
:D That's true!!! lol
haha :) But that came from an Edward addict, i don't really know what the Team Jacob guys will think. LOL
yes bella was part of the cause but so was edward and jacob. edward for promising to stay and then leaving and jacob for wanting more then she was willing to give. she told him from the beginning that she loved edward and jacob didn't want to listen. he also became a complete jerk so he got what he deserved in eclipse when edward and bella talked about getting married. he shouldn't have played with bella's emotions like that and he should have been better then what he was and acknowledge that bella would always love edward

I agree

yes edward did mention about bella and him being engaged but i believe that edward was right in what he done cause if left up to bella it would have been after she had been turned. he should have been told from the get go. edward would have waited forever for bella cause he knew that they were soulmates and not jacob and bella

Edward is jealous but he wouldn't try to suicide, cause that wouldn't be good for Bella, that wouldn't make her happy, and Edward wants the best for Bella, even thought she'd be with another....

Edward was mean?

Jacob is stupid for getting angry over Edward and bells marriage.

its inevitable, I mean what  did Jake think? Bella  would suddenly choose him over Edward?

not likely.

what a moron.

Umm, Bella is imprinted by Jacob. Jacob has imprinted on Bella ever since they were making Mud Pies when they were kids.


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