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What do you think would happen to the story and what do you think will happen to Edward?

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Mud pies come from Rosenberg. In the original story Bella met Jacob later than Edward.

Imprinting is not fully about putting it on your soulmate, it's about loving someone over the complete percent. About your talk, with the other members. What Edward had done was a bit devious, but the talk between Edward and Jacob in the tent had reminded him that Jacob thought he had a chance to be with Bella. Yes, he technically does have a small chance of fate, but according to the stories, he doesn't. So, ofcourse, Edward had to advise him that they were engaged to be married. In a way he was helping Jacob to understand, not to go to the farthest limit to Bella to love him, when Edward owned and signed his name on it. That was one of the very rare times, I didn't understand Bella. She gets angry, it's obviously she loves him, she should've been in a way glad that she didn't have to say it herself. She still should've been angry that it wasn't when she wanted to tell him, but she could've never told him. it's just better how that worked out. Edward's plan backfired when Bella had to save Jacob from killing himself by fully having her first kiss she's ever had with Jacob.

Uh. Do you really believe Jacob would go to kill himself??

Jacob doesn't have a snowballs' chance in hell.

If that happened I would be soooooooooooooo upset! Then again it wouldn't matter if Jacob imprinted on Bella. Bella and Edward belong together forever. They are unseparatable. Yay Team Edward!

According to author, imprinting happens only in very first time when werewolf sees the girl. So no, Jacob will never imprint on Bella.

According to author, vampires can love never but once. So  Bella always will be The One for Edward.

if that did happen and alice could see the wolves there would be a fight a big one too

didn't Jake see ness before and not imprint?

funny how much he hated her and then imprinted on her.

what a jerk

In my perspective I think Edward would wait in the shadows, if Bella ever left Jacob he would be waiting. Edward explains this in Eclipse while talking to Jacob.

the whole story would be messed up nd no nessie

i think that the sort would change a ton cuz then there woulden't be as much action and stuff and also there would be no Renesme and if Bella became imprinted on BEFORE she got to Biology class on that first day then Edward would go on hating her and then the story would be just Jacob and Bella but if she did't get imprinted before she got to class then the same thing would've happened on that first day everything would go the same except that when Bella went to La Push and got imprinted on then everything would change and Edward would just be her friend like Jacob is Bella's best friend. Maybe Jacob and Bella would get a kid and Edward would hook up with her. If it was a girl

Edward would probably leave Forks until Bella had a child or until Jacob and Bella got married.But I think that Edward might fight for her because he lived for centuries and has never had a one true love.


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