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What do you think would happen to the story and what do you think will happen to Edward?

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Well... if Bella decided to continue being with Edward i guess Jacob would surely suicide, cause he wouldn't put up with it... If Bella decided to leave Edward (i don't think so), they would be a great couple...

Jacob and suicide?? Never. (He would not do that for to please Edward.)

I think that that we would have a totaly new begining,plot,ending, and even a new book in that idea. Edward would proabaly have jacob and bella's kid would be edwards true love instead of it the other way around. But if it were to happen i would cry

The story would turn in Jacob's favor and Edward would go crazy of course.

But I would be repulsed by that. I don't think Jacob is a good match for Bella.

If Bella would imprinted by Jacob...


I do not see any basical changes (except Renesmee part). Bella would still be in love with Edward, and Jacob would become her friend - true friend, not pushy I-want-be-your boyfriend.

if that happen i would puke all over the place...... that would be so werid! :] im glad that she picked edward!!

agreed im glad she picked edward

that could never happen!

Edward is the one

Jacob just messes the whole thing up


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