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You know what they usually say about characters that don't have any flaws, defects or problems.  They tend to be boring and not very believable.  Now, don't get me wrong, Nessie is an interesting character, but don't you think her world is a little too perfect?  And besides, Renesmee herself seems a little too perfect at least for my taste.  

In the books as well as in the movies, she's all sweetness and goodness, and there just isn't that edge, you know?  Of course, I'm speaking only for myself, but if you're one of the people that usually likes characters to have a tragic flaw to make them more human, then you might enjoy a new story that I just published on  It's called The Twilight Saga Winter Solstice and it's Renesmee's story after Breaking Dawn Part 2.

You can check it out at

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Lady Sybilla, I really like the premise for your 'What If...' in the absence of any new Twilight craftings by Stephenie Meyer. It seems logical that as evolved and quick to learn as Nessie has always been she might rebel at some point. That being said I'm hoping that her rebellion doesn't involve killing humans. That would seem out of character with what Stephenie has already written, which to me, is the scenario of the clearly good guys: all the Cullens and their friends.. vesus the clearly bad guys: the Volturi and also free agent vampires that wouldn't consider a vegetarian lifestyle, in fact abhor the smell and taste of animal blood. I guess I'm a bit of a purist, especially where Twillight is concerned.

Hi, Barbara, thanks for the reply.  I understand your position.  Stephenie Meyer would never have Nessie kill humans, but I thought it would be fun to wonder what would happen if Nessie chose a different lifestyle than her parents.  Especially since we don't get to see what happens to her as an adult.  We only get some idealistic glimpses of the adult Nessie in the movie, so we assume that she goes on to live happily ever after with Jake, pretty much acquiescing to the life that has been planned out for her.  Oh well, since I love gothic stories, I figured I'd write one about Nessie and was curious to see what Twilight fans would think of my what-if scenario.

Hi Lady Sybilla, I really like the idea of Nessie rebelling and your whole idea of wondering what if.., in fact, thank you for creating this line of thought. Is there another way she could rebel other than to kill humans? I love that she has a sweetness and innocence that is as impenetrable as her (now) warm skin. Wouldn't the Volturi find a way to test her to see what her skills and limits are? And wouldn't they be very sneaky and creative about it? It would seem also that Nahuel and his sisters might want to check Nessie out. I wonder if they'd try to convert Nessie to a human blood diet. We already know she prefers donated blood over animal blood. Also might she turn the tables on them in her sweet, convincing way and convert them to the joys of hunting deer and mountain lions? On the other hand, Edward rebelled by hunting and killing humans, albeit criminals, for a while until he realized he was still killing people and that in some ways he was no better than they were. Hopefully she wouldn't follow suit but it might be interesting to read about her wrestling with and finding a resolution in that temptation.

You make some really good points.  Thanks so much.  This has really got me thinking.  I can totally see what you mean.  Basically, it's important to show her struggling with the temptation, but at the same time, I have to keep her sympathetic by demonstrating that she's still a good girl in spite of the darkness she is tempted by.  Not sure if you like Star Wars, but that's kind of what George Lucas did with Anakin Skywalker.  He showed us the humanity beneath Darth Vader and showed that he, too, struggled with morality at some point in his life, so I guess that would be a great thing to do with Nessie.  Not that I'd want to turn her into a Darth Vader, of course, but I can definitely learn from how George Lucas managed to give Anakin a whole sympathetic side that we hadn't seen in Darth Vader before. 

Really good comparison, Lady Sybilla. Nessie does offer an interesting challenge. She convinced her father even before she was born that she was good, not a monster, despite his fears that the offspring Bella was carrying was the worst of worst. She touched even the horrible Aro and was unchanged. It seems that unlike we humans (except for Bella) who affect each other with our energy (even without touching) Nessie was able to remain unchanged while changing others. No one was able to keep her out or miss her unique communication technique if she touched him or her.

George Lucas also wrote an amazing saga that described the human energy field in a new and intriguing way:'The Force'. This Force, when once aligned in a positive way with the understanding and belief that we are far more than what we appear to be, that we can do things that have been thought impossible.

Oh wow, I never heard of this saga, The Force.  I have to read it.  Thanks so much for telling me about it.  And, yes, Nessie is definitely a fascinating character.  There's a lot to do with her.  It's such a shame Stephenie Meyer didn't write another series based on Nessie, but you never know.  She might decide to come back to the Twilight universe in the future.  JK Rowling is revisiting the HP universe, and Stephen King went back to the Shining, with Danny as an adult, so it's very possible that someday we may see a Renesmee book on the shelves.  I would sure hope so.

The Force is not a saga or book.It's what Obi Wan told Luke to rely on.

Oh, hahah, I was going to say, why haven't I heard of it before?  Oh, okay, I see what you're saying, he wrote a saga based on this principle of the Force.  Lol, yes, of course.  There have been many sagas written about the Force.  There's just different names for it, but pretty much any author writing about magic is really referring to the Force.

The Force, when mentioned in George Lucas's Star Wars movies, was the first time I'd heard of such a thing. It was an extremely challenging time in my life and hearing about The Force and seeing it in action in the movie gave me hope that there really was such a thing -- such MAGIC -- available to me and to all of us for living. I am realizing at this moment that this idea completely changed my life and gave me hope for some needed changes.


The Force is strong in my family.

This is a reply to Jacen Caedus's comment that the Force is strong in his family. :D times 5

Hi Barbara, for some reason I didn't get the option to reply to your previous message.  The reply button just didn't show up.  I guess the thread was closed or something, but yeah, the Force has made a great difference in my life, too.  I know it probably sounds farfetched but the Force is real.


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