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You know what they usually say about characters that don't have any flaws, defects or problems.  They tend to be boring and not very believable.  Now, don't get me wrong, Nessie is an interesting character, but don't you think her world is a little too perfect?  And besides, Renesmee herself seems a little too perfect at least for my taste.  

In the books as well as in the movies, she's all sweetness and goodness, and there just isn't that edge, you know?  Of course, I'm speaking only for myself, but if you're one of the people that usually likes characters to have a tragic flaw to make them more human, then you might enjoy a new story that I just published on  It's called The Twilight Saga Winter Solstice and it's Renesmee's story after Breaking Dawn Part 2.

You can check it out at

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Hi Lady Sybilla,

Oh yes, it is and the more I think about it the more I think driver of the Force is intention. The creator of Continuum work, Emilie Conrad, a body therapy wherein the body (which Emilie proposes is mostly made of water) can move without a direction from the mind under the right conditions. In her book, Life on Land she says there is a biointelligence in every body that can create new ways of doing things when the first way has been damaged/destroyed. Emilie worked with more than one polio patient and was able to help the person learn to walk again (unheard of before that point.) She was also able to bypass her own knee surgery by finding another way to make her knee works. (She can walk very well/function just fine with out the surger.)The Star Wars saga suggests that there is also an intelligence that allows us to create outside our bodies. We call these miracles, but are they really intentions that are opened by thought, feeling and the spoken word? Big field to discuss anyway.

On your original topic it has also occurred to me that Renesmee is a biter. She could do a lot of damage with those teeth. Before her dad began to teach her proper treatment of humans she bit her mom. Renesmee can't turn someone like the male hybrids can but she certainly could tear someone to shreds if needed. She'd be an asset in any battle as an adult hybrid with that ability and her better than human speed, agility, etc. I just hope she stays sweet and continues to astound us with her other abilities.

P.S. had the same problem trying to reply to Jacen's comment. What I found was that I could go to the top of the page and reply in that space. My answer ended up next to Jacen's comment about The Force where it was supposed to go. I just indicated where it needed to be.

That is a characteristic of NING. Their websites allow us to reply to specific comments within a thread, but has a limit. We had reached that limit.

Once upon a time, my friends and I used to encounter this many times every night. happens rarely.



Hi Jacen.  Oh, okay, I see, so it's Ning then.  And also I can no longer see the first thread of this discussion.  Did our previous thread disappear?

Hi Barbara,

Wow, I never heard of that before.  It sounds a little similar to a movie I watched a few years ago.  It's called What the Bleep Do We Know.  It explains that the water in our bodies reacts to words, so that's why many people are sick, because they are constantly putting themselves down, accepting negative labels, calling themselves idiot, stupid, stuff like that.

I noticed a huge difference in my life in the past year or so.  I started becoming very conscious of just how powerful what I tell myself is.  I used to literally worry myself sick before.  I would stay up all night, thinking way far ahead into my future, stressing out about problems that only existed in my head.

After I started studying the Qabbalah (which is basically a practical study of the Force), I started realizing that the more I tell myself, or think to myself, positive things, the better things turn out for me.  I feel more energized throughout the day and I feel like I have "the eye of the tiger," to put it in Katy Perry's words.

I definitely believe in our capability to create miracles and to manifest wonderful things that people usually don't think are possible.  Hey, look at Stephenie Meyer, what a prolific and talented writer she is, and she did it all by focusing on the Force to manifest her vision.  I wish I had that incredible discipline she has.  It's truly admirable what we can accomplish when we focus our thought energy on a specific project.

As for Renesmee's story, I haven't been able to continue it (talk about my lack of discipline, this is a perfect example), but I didn't remember that she'd bitten Bella.  I'll have to reread that part of Breaking Dawn.  Thanks so much for pointing that out.  It'll definitely come in handy when developing her character.

Lady Sybilla, you rock! Everything you mention: What the Bleep, the Qabbala, positive self talk versus worrying, and many other books, movies, too, such as The Secret, The Missing Secret, The God Code,  Huna, (ancient Hawaiian spiritual beliefs), etc, all speak of positive thoughts, words and feelings, brought into manifestation by thought, spoken words and the feeling that what is desired is already manifested bring about the 'miracles' we see everyday. One friend wrote all her friends asking for distant healing and prayers for her little niece, who was deliberately burned by her babysitter (over 15% of her body). They delivered. The little one has healed with no need for skin grafting even though that had been recommended! The common denominator was LOVE in action.

Let's not forget that Stephenie Meyer acted on a dream vision. Timing is crucial, plus paying attention to what one dreams! Robert Moss, who call himself 'A Dream Ambassador' recommends writing down dream fragements and then revisiting each one to expand on what the entire dream is. Stephenie certainly did that as did JK Rowling to produce Harry Potter. I remember reading that Stephenie had more trouble doing what was expected (cooking and eating dinner, for example) than writing down the story that was streaming through her consciousness.

Why not ask for a character of your own? It could be that in your heart you believe that Renesmee belongs to Stephenie and that there is a character that is calling to you for ownership and development. I can't wait to read who that character is!

Hello Barbara,

First off I gotta tell you this, that once I started writing a novel, and my main character's name was Barbara.  My story has gone through all kinds of changes since, so by now her name is Karen, but still.  This is pretty cool.  One of the things I've learned through my studies of the Qabbalah and other systems of mysticism is that, in this life, there are no coincidences.  

But, yes, getting back to the Twilight subject, you're most definitely right.  Nessie belongs to Stephenie Meyer, so, unless I had her official permission to write in her universe, there's not much of a point in trying to write a story about Renesmee.  

I tried that in the past, especially now that I kind of shifted my interest from Twilight to the Vampire Diaries, and I started writing a story about Damon Salvatore.  What I realized is that I was building my house on sand (to use a biblical metaphor) rather than on a firm foundation.  I say this because, in the case of the Vampire Diaries universe, the story is still unfolding, and every time a new plot twist is introduced, my story falls apart, because whatever I wrote becomes dismantled by the new developments on the show.

So I have altogether given up on writing fan fiction.  It's a nice exercise in writing, and I've definitely learned a lot about myself as a writer, but, in the end, it's not my story.  They're not my characters, and therefore, it's not a firm foundation to build a story on.  Even though the Vampire Diaries franchise has, to a certain extent, legalized fan fiction through Kindle Worlds, the fact remains that they are someone else's characters.

Hey, look at L.J. Smith herself.  She originally got hired by Alloy Entertainment to write the first Vampire Diaries book trilogy, and, in the end, she got fired and replaced by a ghost writer because she didn't write what her employers wanted from her.  So if an established author like L.J. Smith learned the hard way, I should be smart and learn from her mistakes.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and my problem is not so much that I can't create original characters and stories.  I have plenty of ideas for original characters and stories.  My true problem lies in my lack of discipline.  I got into fan fiction because it provided me with an audience that was already built, so it seemed easy.

But lately I've been realizing that fan fiction is a very unstable foundation to build upon.  Unless, of course, you do what E.L. James did and just change the names of the characters and settings of your fan fiction and get lucky enough to get your story picked up by a mainstream publisher.  Still, E.L. James will always be known for having rewritten her Twilight fan fiction, at least in my view.

So, yeah, the one thing I did learn from writing fan fiction that I can use for my future writing is the writer's trance.  This is something I had never consciously experienced until after I got into writing fan fiction.  Stephen King talks about it, and I've also read about it on blogs.

It's a state of mind where a story just pours out of you.  I think that's what happened to Stephenie Meyer with Twilight.  She was so enthralled by her dream vision that she just gave into the writer's trance and wrote and wrote and wrote.  Once you can get that story out, you can start worrying about revisions and editing and proofreading, and all the other stuff.

But the important thing is to go with that original vision that belongs only to you and just allow yourself to get into the writer's trance because that's when The Force kicks in.  All sagas come from The Force.  That's another thing I learned from the Qabbalah, that a writer's best inspirations come from The Force, from letting it flow freely through you.

So yeah, my thing is that I need to allow myself to let The Force flow through me and create that original saga that we all have inside of us.  Because that's another thing I learned from watching "What the Bleep Do We Know": That we are all meant from greatness.

Ooops, I meant to type, we are all meant FOR greatness

There is a book, actually a series, called The Artist's Way. This has been around for a while but can help writers or other types of artists develop self discipline and also can show how to nuture the creative, expressive self.  It works.

I hadn't heard of the term Writer's Trance but it definitely sounds like it is a strong connection to the story that wants to come through. Good to work with that. The science, Human Design, says each of us is being led/drawn by energetic connections to who and what (including actions such as writing, etc.) we are supposed to connect with in our respective lifetimes. That greatness is about 'dreaming big', allowing the sky (or beyond) to be the limit conciousness-wise. I think that reading things you love and watching movies that draw you in for one reason or another is a form of helping you move to each next connection that's waiting for you. 'The Force' is definitely different for each person. Sometimes it's all about creating a space to do nothing or just what you feel like doing. If you are trying to force youself to do something the creative part of you might rebel. An inner full cup is definitely a better space to work from than running on empty.

Oh cool, thanks for recommending The Artist's Way.  I've never heard of that one either.  Yes, the Force manifests differently in people according to their calling, vocations and life purpose.  In my case, for a long time, I have felt the need to write novels and screenplays, but, for some reason, I can't stick to it for long enough to finish anything.  I have my blog and I write every now and then, but I have two jobs, so that always takes precedence.  However, I do understand that that's not an excuse because I can write during my spare time.  I'll definitely check out The Artist's Way.  Thanks again for recommending it.  Happy holidays BTW.

Why not write short stories for now? A collection of short stories can become a book. I believe once the inspiration/dream comes for a full novel you'll be like Stephenie and write like there's no tomorrow! Work always takes precedence but you are wise to keep writing even if what you produce is incomplete. Great that you have a blog. That is great writing exercise. Happy holidays to you, Lady Sybilla. I can envision Edward, Bella and Renesmee spending at least part of Christmas day with Bella's dad and Sue, Jacob, Seth and Leah, and hopefully Jacob's dad and sisters as well.

You read my mind.  I have been thinking a lot about writing a collection of short stories.  That's a great idea.  I will start developing my ideas and, like you said, a collection of short stories can become a book.  As for the Twilight characters, I guess they will live on in our minds and collective imagination for years to come even if there are no more books to continue the story.  Hey, maybe one day one of Stephenie Meyer's kids might decide to continue the story or something.  Sorry I couldn't reply below but I didn't get the option to reply to your most recent comment.


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