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You know what they usually say about characters that don't have any flaws, defects or problems.  They tend to be boring and not very believable.  Now, don't get me wrong, Nessie is an interesting character, but don't you think her world is a little too perfect?  And besides, Renesmee herself seems a little too perfect at least for my taste.  

In the books as well as in the movies, she's all sweetness and goodness, and there just isn't that edge, you know?  Of course, I'm speaking only for myself, but if you're one of the people that usually likes characters to have a tragic flaw to make them more human, then you might enjoy a new story that I just published on  It's called The Twilight Saga Winter Solstice and it's Renesmee's story after Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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Remember that Renesmee is very special, beyond brilliant and very understanding thanks to her dual heritage. She was able to communicate in clear thoughts from inside her mother's womb. She also has a very bright father and mother. Edward began teaching her how to get along with humans from her first few moments of life breathing on her own by curbing her desire to bite humans, except for Jacob. She has a grandfather, Charlie, who expects fairly normal behavior from her even though her growth rate is way beyond normal. She already knew what not to do around him (try to communicate with him through thoughts). Also because of her exceedingly rapid growth rate I wouldn't expect that her family would allow her go to a public school--ever unless they entered her in high school at some point as her aunts, uncles and father had been. I can imagine that she would be reading and writing by age two or before and would be home schooled the way no human has ever experienced home schooling. I can imagine she would learn special skills from everyone in the Cullen family so that she could eventually hide in plain sight by performing all life skills with ease and great diplomacy yet know enought to make a few mistakes here and there to avoid drawing attention to herself. I would think Renesmee could easily teach those who would be her peers in human years.


I know, especially after such a lengthy saga.  After reading all four books, I became really attached to the story and the characters.  After I read the books and watched the movie, I realized I'd become emotionally invested into the story, so I needed to see more, I needed to know what happened afterwards.  I needed to read more books, but there weren't any to read.

But now that a few years have gone by and I've read up on Stephenie Meyer's perspective as to why she wanted to move on, I've begun to understand her position.  She got burnt out on the story.  It's perfectly understandable.  Writing such a long saga must have taken a lot out of her, especially after all the hate and criticism she's had to face, so I can totally understand where she's coming from.

Still, a part of me hopes that, one day, hopefully not too far into the future, she will want to come back to the Twilight universe.  Hey, look at JK Rowling.  She wrote other books with different settings and different characters, and now, here she is, coming back to the Harry Potter universe again.

Let's hope the same thing happens to Stephenie Meyer.  The Twilight Saga universe is, in my opinion, too epic to kill off.

i am the same way i got so attached to the story and characters i just want more. i understand she wants a break and plus twilight has made her millions of dollars so she can take a break but i would want to keep going with the story. of course i am no writer and i am sure there is a lot of work involved but it would be worth it to me. i hope any new story ideas she has are as interesting if not more so than twilight. 

It's funny how fans (myself included) always want more and more.  It probably gets to be too much if we look at it from her perspective. Stephenie Meyer is probably fed up with people always asking her for more.  Maybe she gave all she had to give as far as the Twilight Saga is concerned and now she just wants to end that chapter of her life and move on to writing other stories.  I know The Host didn't do nearly as well as Twilight, either as a book or as a movie, so we'll have to wait and see what she puts out next.  With all the money she made off of Twilight, she can retire and live off her royalties, but we'll see.  She might just decide to go back to Renesmee after a few years.  

yeah that sounds about right. i am looking forward to any new ideas she has in the future.

I hope Stephenie really wants to tell more of Renesnee's story and that all of the fans' pressure does not affect her. I think that the pressure works against her writing.

I think that the pressure works against her writing.


I second this.

Renesmee does sort of have a flaw in that she drinks a lot of human blood and prefers it to animal blood.

if you meant the dark side as in the Volturi, then that would be interesting.

P.S. I like the picture of adult Renesmee, but the eyes are red, they should be brown, unless she was bitten and thus would have red eyes from the diet of human blood.


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